File Title
1 U.S. women less likely than men to get statins after heart attack
2 'Mono' may increase risk for other immune system diseases
3 Study: Drug, chemo combo double survival in metastatic lung cancer
4 Drug-reminder app didn't improve blood pressure, study finds
5 Kids bombarded with junk-food advertising, research finds
6 FDA staff backs epilepsy drug made from cannabis plant
7 FDA approves Opdivo, Yervoy combination for kidney cancer
8 NYC house mice may carry superbugs, researchers say
9 Some blood pressure meds tied to pancreatic cancer risk in women
10 States should help struggling teen moms, poll finds
11 Exercise in, vitamin D out for preventing falls: U.S. panel
12 Four in 10 Americans live in areas with unhealthy air, report says
13 Gene mapping can help doctors pick most appropriate chemotherapy
14 Class of type 2 diabetes drugs doesn't cut death risk compared to placebo
15 Brain blamed for male mice gaining more weight than females
16 Compound treats psoriasis, may curb autoimmune diseases, researchers say
17 Pot may not pose risk teen brain development as previously thought: Study
18 Device helps blind, low-vision users better browse web pages
19 Americans toss out tons of fruits and vegetables
20 Gene twist can make your blood pressure spike from salt
21 Add muscle weakness as another cost of type 1 diabetes
22 Single concussion can raise risk for Parkinson's disease: study
23 New migraine drug might succeed where others failed
24 Study: Medical marijuana users likely to use other drugs
25 Youths unaware popular e-cig JUUL contains nicotine, survey says
26 Study explains link between high-fat diet and arthritis
27 FDA panel approves marijuana-based epilepsy drug
28 Fall 2018 flu vaccine will be 20 percent effective, study predicts
29 Report: Opioid prescription volume declined 12% last year
30 As younger men's smoking rises, so does their stroke risk
31 Drinking may worsen hearing loss at loud concerts
32 Tattoos may someday spot cancer
33 Doctors overprescribe opioids after surgery, study says
34 Potential male contraceptive stops sperm, doesn't affect hormones
35 WHO: Limit dengue vaccine to people already infected
36 Dementia patients being given unnecessary drugs, study says
37 Researchers ID protein that can be activated to treat heart disease
38 Teaching teens to cook sets table for healthy eating as adults
39 Study links vitamin D deficiency, higher diabetes risk
40 Injectible drug shown to be effective against lupus in clinical trial
41 Contact sports may alter brain, scans suggest
42 Study: Big belly bad for your heart even if not obese
43 Even organic cotton tampons can cause toxic shock: Study
44 Wrist device could help people with hand, arm tremors
45 Report details U.S. readiness for health emergencies
46 Artificial sweeteners linked to obesity, diabetes in study
47 Study: Heart patients who walk briskly hospitalized less
48 Survey links insomnia to workplace incivility
49 Despite false positives, most patients get future screenings: Study
50 New technique helps injured hearts regenerate via stem cells
51 Breakfast fans gain less weight over time: Study
52 Don't wait to take MS drugs
53 Hydration may be key to a beneficial workout
54 Positioning during cancer radiation may be key to heart risks
55 Half of people with diabetes never screened, researchers say
56 Study links PMS symptoms, level of alcohol consumption
57 Childhood weight gain linked to caffeine levels in womb
58 Researchers develop non-addictive pain reliever
59 FDA cracks cracks down on JUUL e-cigarette sales to minors
60 Light effectively relieves chronic pain in study with mice
61 Asthma, hay fever, eczema linked to higher psychiatric disorders risk in study
62 Cognitive behavioral therapy helps control autistic kids' emotions, study says
63 Meditation can ease anxiety with as little as one session
64 Medical marijuana may not help your sleep apnea
65 Heavy drinking could raise your gum disease risk
66 Common colon cancer screen may help men more than women
67 Obese men as likely as women to suffer 'weight stigma'
68 Heartburn drugs linked to pneumonia in older people
69 Studies: Dark chocolate can lower stress and inflammation, improve memory
70 'Fourth trimester' care for new mothers recommended
71 Advil, Tylenol better for dental pain than prescription opioids
72 3D printer creates sensors on hand to detect chemicals, charge devices
73 Exercise leads to generation of new heart cells in study with mice
74 Race now plays smaller role in Americans' risk of dying young
75 Cases rise in E. coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce
76 HIV drug appears safe during pregnancy
77 Regular exercise can reduce risk for depression
78 Older surgeons have lower patient death rates: Study
79 European Commission pushes vaccine cooperation to curb preventable diseases
80 Antidepressants, incontinence drugs linked to dementia in research
81 Study: Poor quality of life after day surgery linked to inadequate health literacy
82 CDC: Autism prevalence rises to 1 in 59 children
83 Many Ground Zero rescue workers battling cancer years later
84 Breast cancer genes a real risk for men, too
85 Another opioid epidemic downside: More heart infections
86 Controller gives steady sensory feedback to prosthetic arms
87 Study in mice identifies way to prevent premature aging disease
88 Study: MS drug may diminish side effects in myeloma treatment
89 Drinking soda during pregnancy could affect baby's brain
90 Consortium identifies 44 genetic risk factors for major depression
91 Study: VA care on par with other health providers
92 Gene engineering lowers cholesterol in mice
93 Bill Gates launches $12 million challenge for universal flu vaccine
94 Outdoor job? Skin cancer can take hefty toll
95 Get fit to cut diabetes risk during pregnancy
96 Report: Many in U.S. getting wrong antibiotic regimen for gonorrhea
97 New liver able to self-regulate immune response after transplant
98 Study: College students can still learn while on cellphones
99 Hearing aids linked to fewer hospital trips for seniors with hearing loss
100 Study: Online reviews of plastic surgeons are unreliable
101 Posting vacation info online may make you forget it
102 Obesity, weight loss linked to worse rheumatoid arthritis in study
103 Laser light system measures brain blood flow inexpensively
104 Seniors visit ER's more frequently after nurse's home care visit
105 Exercise may help seniors with word, memory problems
106 Music may help alleviate anxiety in Alzheimer's patients
107 Changes to tiny blood vessels may help diagnose traumatic brain injuries
108 African-American heart failure patients less likely to see doctor: Study
109 'Bad' flu vaccine could still save tens of thousands of lives, study says
110 Study: Epilepsy does not interfere with chance for pregnancy
111 Mid-life stresses linked to higher late-life risk for dementia
112 Research: Acupuncture helps ease dental anxiety
113 Pill lights up breast cancer in test with mice, may improve disease diagnosis
114 Synthetic protein helps restore breathing capacity of rat's injured lungs
115 CDC: Illnesses from mosquito, tick, flea bites triple in 13 years