File Title
1 Discovery of new material is key step toward more powerful computing
2 Why a robot can't yet outjump a flea
3 A polymer that puts plastic on a better path toward recyclability
4 'Infinitely' recyclable polymer shows practical properties of plastics
5 Hidden costs of skin cancer caused by workplace sun exposure revealed
6 Europe's current approach to food, agriculture, and the environment is not sustainable
7 Respect indigenous ancestors: Scholars urge community engagement before research
8 Metastatic cancer gorges on fructose in the liver
9 Weighing single molecules with light
10 100-million-year-old liverwort mimicry in insects
11 Repurposed medications enhance tuberculosis treatment in mice
12 Molecular culprit behind virus-mediated chronic inflammation and cancers identified
13 Key differences in young, older people's immune cells attributed to environment
14 Dinosaurs' tooth wear sheds light on their predatory lives
15 The complicated biology of garlic
16 Surveillance of livestock could detect Rift Valley fever disease before human transmission
17 New computational model enables personalized simulation of exercise's metabolic effects
18 Research improves prospects for imperiled Devils Hole Pupfish in captivity
19 Ancient quids reveal clues about genetic ancestry of early Great Basin inhabitants
20 A first for quantum physics: Electron orbitals manipulated in diamonds
21 A potential new weapon in the addiction battle: FDA-approved diabetes and obesity drugs
22 Scientists project a drier Amazon and wetter Indonesia in the future
23 Size matters when fighting cancer, groundbreaking UTHealth study finds
24 Hearing screening for public safety professionals--new method for 'fitness for duty' assessments
25 Gene transfer alters the neurodegenerative course of GM2 gangliosidosis
26 Parents may help prep kids for healthier, less violent relationships
27 TACC builds seamless software for scientific innovation
28 Scientists calculate radiation dose in bone from victim of Hiroshima bombing
29 Catching mantle plumes by their magma tails
30 New technology for measuring brain blood flow with light
31 UAB-led study shows drug effectiveness in reducing glucocorticoid-induced bone loss
32 The digital transformation of news media and the rise of online disinformation
33 86 million workdays lost to migraine in the UK every year
34 Study reveals how bacteria communicate in groups to avoid antibiotics
35 Researchers map the potential spread of yellow fever virus to cities around the world
36 Black-oriented films can be highly profitable when marketed to all audiences, study finds
37 Glioma subtypes determine how the dangerous tumors spread, evade anti-angiogenic treatment
38 Online reviews of plastic surgeons--study looks at differences between happy and unhappy patients
39 A powerful laser breakthrough
40 Platelet-rich plasma for cosmetic facial procedures--promising results, but evidence has limitations
41 City fish evolve different body forms than country fish
42 Why cereal is better
43 Protein responsible for leukemia's aggressiveness identified
44 Partial mechanical unfolding may regulate protein function
45 Artificial intelligence helps soldiers learn many times faster in combat
46 FAST's first discovery of a millisecond pulsar
47 Capturing of the rare Yanbaru whiskered bat
48 More cases of cancer can be discovered early at a health center
49 Scientists verify a way of how to improve resolution of most powerful microscopes
50 New way of producing intense radiation could offer less harmful alternative to X-rays
51 Research gives new ray of hope for solar fuel
52 Bristol researchers use gene editing to improve red blood cell transfusion compatibility
53 Helmholtz researchers get to grips with a herpesvirus
54 Introduced species overlooked in biodiversity reporting
55 Bright future for solar cell technology
56 Solanine in potatoes: Green and strongly germinating potato tubers should be sorted out
57 New catalyst turns ammonia into an innovative clean fuel
58 A shape to remember
59 Mouse study identifies new target for human accelerated aging syndrome
60 Growing 'dead zone' confirmed by underwater robots in the Gulf of Oman
61 NUS-led study: Beltway to divert diesel trucks in Sao Paulo improved public health
62 Contemporary update to PROGRESS-CTO International Registry shows successful outcomes
63 Culprit vessel-only strategy has lower mortality rates compared to routine MVI
64 First ever risk tool predicts readmission rates for patients after undergoing TAVR
65 First results announced for the AVIATOR 2 international multicenter registry
66 In multiple myeloma, different types of blood biopsies match up well with bone marrow tests
67 Music activates regions of the brain spared by Alzheimer's disease
68 Multiple sclerosis drug could reduce painful side effects of common cancer treatment
69 Get off the golf cart if you have knee osteoarthritis
70 If pigs could fly
71 Researchers find that lipid accumulation in the brain may be an early sign of Parkinson's disease
72 The rhythms of the night?
73 UC Davis researchers discover how antiepileptic drugs induce birth defects
74 Study identifies new target for treatment of pulmonary hypertension
75 Proximity to fracking sites affects public support of them, study finds
76 La Nina-like ocean cooling patterns intensify northwestern Pacific tropical cyclones
77 BU: Smoking, alcohol consumption increase lifetime risk of atrial fibrillation
78 Research brief: Freshwater ecosystems filter pollutants before they reach oceans
79 Farming fish saves land
80 New details of molecular machinery that builds plant cell wall components
81 Malaria-carrying parasites spread more when they can jump into multiple birds--study
82 Proximity to books and adult support enhance children's learning opportunities
83 Study finds very few pages devoted to climate change in introductory science textbooks
84 Going beyond 'human error'
85 Research track multiplies proportion of researchers
86 Laser frequency combs may be the future of Wi-Fi
87 Man vs. machine?
88 Researchers move toward understanding deadly citrus disease
89 Ultrafast compression offers new way to get macromolecules into cells
90 An AI for deciphering what animals do all day
91 A new formula for creating chemical reactions--with carbs
92 New models could uncover important answers for Alzheimer's researchers
93 Daily photography improves wellbeing
94 UMD researcher discovers mechanisms and epigenetic markers with implications for diseases ranging from cancers to infertility
95 SPIE Journal of Applied Remote Sensing article reports comprehensive estimate of oil spill
96 Water-repellent surfaces can efficiently boil water, keep electronics cool
97 Climate change study finds New Hampshire's warmer weather will bring warmer streams
98 Using mathematical modeling and evolutionary principles important in treatment decisions
99 Horses get the flu, too
100 Lonely and non-empathetic people more likely to make unethical shopping decisions
101 Study: How to assess new solar technologies
102 Therapeutic RNA corrects splicing defect that causes familial dysautonomia
103 High wildfire severity risk seen in young plantation forests
104 Old data, new tricks: Fresh results from NASA's Galileo spacecraft 20 years on
105 Personal care products contribute to a pollution 'rush hour'
106 Study suggests ample warning of supervolcano eruptions
107 Better care of sickest patients can save hospitals money, says largest study of its kind
108 State-of-the-art HIV drug could curb HIV transmission, improve survival in India
109 Stagediving with biomolecules improves optical microscopy
110 T cell biomarker predicts which CLL patients will respond to CAR T cell therapy