File Title
1 Babies given certain meds may have higher odds for allergies later
2 Accelerated aging might occur in cancer survivors
3 Early periods may heighten obesity risk later
4 Pasta doesn't contribute to weight gain, research review says
5 Quick-acting 'injectable bandage' developed from seaweed
6 Safer heart valve replacement developed for high-risk patients
7 FDA forces recall of company's kratom products
8 Study: Major wealth loss tied to increased death risk
9 CDC: 'Nightmare bacteria' showing up in U.S.
10 Genetic score can identify infants at risk for type 1 diabetes
11 Testicular cancer survivors may face heart trouble later, study says
12 Older Americans support medical marijuana, poll finds
13 Rear-facing car seats protect tots in crashes from behind: Study
14 Protein boosts may not maintain muscle mass in older men
15 Tiny changes in facial color telegraph your emotions
16 Vegetables can help keep older women's blood vessels healthy: Study
17 Study: Relaxation may prompt genes to lower blood pressure
18 Stem cell transplant shows promise for macular degeneration
19 Study: Cancer screening underused by indoor tanners
20 Scientists develop way to watch brain cells interact in real time
21 MIT severs ties with startup promising a brain backup, preservation
22 Study: Lung cancer successfully treated with two-drug combo
23 Blood levels of toxic fire retardants declining in kids
24 Obesity can lead to liver damage by age 8: Study
25 Zika infection after birth may require long-term follow-up
26 French surgeons find success with windpipe replacement procedure
27 Surgeon general: More Americans should carry opioid OD antidote
28 Report: Opioid addiction costs big companies $2.6B
29 Study: Diabetes drug metformin may help with nicotine withdrawal
30 Older people can grow new neurons, study finds
31 Smokers' diets worse than nonsmokers, ex-smokers: Study
32 Magnetic pulse device may be new way to prevent migraines
33 Researchers engineer cough suppressant from yeast
34 Stretching can help get seniors moving
35 Major project completes genetic 'map' of 33 cancers
36 Why more people don't walk or bike to work
37 Losing excess weight in childhood cuts risk for diabetes
38 Study: Boys face higher respiratory risk because of one less X chromosome
39 Organoids from bladder cancer could help doctors treat disease
40 Study: Nut, seed proteins more heart healthy than meat
41 Study: City areas with healthy eating, exercise options help control diabetes
42 Second wave of flu season hits U.S.
43 Onset of kids' food allergies linked to infant wipes, genetics: study
44 COPD is an adult killer, but its origins may lie in childhood
45 Heart disease carries huge cost for some families
46 Why Americans' life expectancy is getting longer
47 Kids in low-opportunity areas 1/3 more likely to visit ER
48 Pills, tea preferred over exercise to treat high blood pressure
49 Blood test can detect Alzheimer's years before symptoms
50 Incyte's trial fails to boost Keytruda to treat melanoma
51 Inflammation during pregnancy increases risk for brain development issues
52 Tai chi may help COPD patients breathe easier: Study
53 Study: Breast cancer survival rate better with more muscle mass
54 Researchers dramatically speed up CRISPR's gene editing ability
55 FDA restricts sale, distribution of Essure contraceptive device
56 Belly fat tied to lower kidney cancer survival odds in women
57 Diet, exercise can ease side effects of prostate cancer treatment
58 Sleepless nights show ties to Alzheimer's risk
59 Brain injury test update may help doctors better predict outcomes
60 Adhesive patch can test glucose levels without finger prick
61 'Carolina reaper' causes thunderclap headaches in man who ate one
62 Two genes associated with ALS risk identified
63 Sugar-craving gene helps lower body fat, scientists surprised to find
64 Sex, racial disparities found in cardiac rehab referral
65 Test to rapidly identify Legionnaires' disease designed by researchers
66 Unintended weight loss identified as second highest cancer risk factor
67 FDA approves contact lenses that shade the sun
68 Common gynecologic condition linked to mental health issues
69 Study highlights vast health differences between states
70 Many parents unsure of talking about sex with LGBT kids
71 Brain injuries linked to increased risk for dementia
72 Biomarkers may help predict brain tumor recurrence, study says
73 Study: Staying active may reduce heart disease risk despite genetics
74 Vaccine against peanut allergy works in trial with mice
75 FDA approves sale of device that detects diabetic eye disease
76 Researchers find genetic cause for Alzheimer's, possible method to reverse it
77 Study: Healing after breast cancer surgery may cause tumor reoccurance
78 As menopause symptoms get worse, heart may pay a price
79 U.S. heart disease rates falling, but gains vary by state
80 Cataract surgery on ebola survivors safe for doctors
81 Tax hike on cigarettes could ease poverty worldwide, study says
82 VA study: Ending long-term opioid use doesn't affect chronic pain
83 Study: Tax refunds used to pay for healthcare
84 Study: Blood pressure control may hold off dementia
85 Sitting too much affects brain thickness, study finds
86 Implantable sensor can monitor alcohol use
87 Tough times can leave their mark on the older brain
88 Philly's soda tax is working, study finds
89 Night owls live less than early birds, study finds
90 Study: Viagra may be tested for treatment of rare cancers
91 CDC: Fewer U.S. kids are getting cavities
92 Intellectual disabilities linked to new ID'd gene mutation, study finds
93 Toxins in E-Cigarettes may vary by flavor, study finds
94 One alcoholic drink a day will shorten life, study finds
95 FDA prepares to remove highly concentrated caffeine in supplements
96 Preschool, day care not asthma triggers: Study
97 Minimal air pollution can trigger lung conditions in kids
98 Gene-editing patient applications closer with new technique
99 Yoga can soothe anxious elementary school kids
100 Fish oils no better than placebos at treating dry eye: study
101 Eleven telltale clues that your child is depressed
102 Ketamine shows promise for major depression, suicidal thoughts in study
103 New drug effective against several cancers in early trial
104 Specific education, exercise effective for chronic spinal pain, study says
105 Keytruda may prevent melanoma recurrence
106 Black smokers at higher risk for heart failure than whites, study says
107 BMI higher in type 2 diabetes patients who eat breakfast late: Study
108 Study links pancreatitis to triglycerides, gallstones, alcohol abuse in minorities
109 Study: Coffee safe for many with abnormal heart rhythms
110 Safety info for opioids found lacking