File Title
1 Study suggests lemurs live longer by eating less
2 180 million-year-old ichthyosaur was pregnant with octuplets
3 ESO spies dead star surrounded by a halo of light
4 Trail of glassy beads helps scientists track down missing crater
5 Virgin Galactic completes first rocket-powered Unity space craft launch
6 New source of global nitrogen could help soil store more CO2
7 You'll soon be able to sleep in space for just $792,000 a night
8 ESA: Gaia's second data release to offer details on 1.6 billion stars
9 Hybrid 'mega-pest' could threaten crops across the globe, researchers warn
10 Physicists build 2D platinum magnet
11 Hubble spots Einstein ring surrounding galaxy cluster
12 Antarctica has experienced increased snowfall over the last 200 years
13 Fermilab breakthrough: Scientists record unprecedented neutrino measurement
14 Eyebrows allowed humans to communicate better, outlast other hominins
15 Ancient middle finger found in Saudi Arabia to reshape history of human migration
16 Triassic ichthyosaur was one of the largest animals in history
17 Florida's cities are experiencing shorter, more intense wet seasons
18 Trace Gas Orbiter reaches stable Mars orbit, ready to start science mission
19 NASA sends sperm into space for human reproduction study
20 Marine heatwaves are getting hotter, longer and more frequent
21 Scientists study the brains of bats while they fly
22 NASA's newest planet-hunter, TESS, to survey entire night sky
23 Migrating birds avoid tropical diseases
24 'Cosmic gorilla effect' could distract humans from detecting aliens
25 SPHERE offers sampling of disk diversity surrounding nearby, young stars
26 Solar Dynamics Observatory serves up the sun, three ways
27 Infants recognize links between vocal, facial cues
28 Scientists identify color of ancient fossilized butterfly
29 Formation of Giant's Causeway, Devils Postpile explained in new study
30 Gulf Stream is weakest its been in 1,600 years, study says
31 NASA offers 4K tour of the moon
32 Study pinpoints type of gene regulation essential to evolution
33 Eroding mountains are leaching CO2 into the atmosphere
34 To woo females, diving Costa's hummingbirds 'sing' with their tail feathers
35 NASA's mini ASTERIA CubeSaturday, to study exoplanets
36 Sweet potatoes came to Polynesia before humans did, study suggests
37 More frequent droughts mean fewer flowers for bees
38 Hubble captures glow of giant galaxy cluster
39 ESA's Mars Express finds possible supervolcano remnant
40 ULA Atlas V rocket launched payloads for U.S. Air Force
41 Launch of NASA's newest planet-hunter, TESS, postponed
42 First global CO2 maps published using China's TanSaturday, data
43 Mass extinction paved the way for rise of the dinosaurs
44 Tropical logging harms downstream water quality
45 Miniature human brain implants survive, grow inside mice for months
46 Rising temperatures enabled peatland formation at the end of the last ice age
47 Scientists blast iron with lasers to study the cores of rocky exoplanets
48 Plants fix UV damage to DNA with robust repair system
49 Dogs probably can't predict earthquakes, scientists say
50 Monoculture farming is harming bees' microbiome
51 Study details meteorite diamonds from a lost planet
52 Kitchen cabinets could leach harmful chemical compounds into the air
53 SpaceX launches NASA's TESS spacecraft
54 New species of ancient whale found in New Zealand
55 Inactivity bigger threat to muscles in space than low oxygen, study says
56 Martian moons Phobos and Deimos carved out by violent impact
57 Most Hurricane Harvey deaths happened outside flood zones
58 Exploding ants: Scientist survey fiery species in Southeast Asia
59 Hubble serves up two views of Lagoon Nebula
60 Hole in cow's skull may be proof of early medical experimentation
61 Lyrid meteor shower to peak over the weekend
62 Humans have shrunk the planet's mammals
63 Scientists capture video of cells as they function inside organisms
64 Hominins were walking like Homo sapiens earlier than scientists thought
65 Colorful spiral galaxies collide in new Hubble video
66 Hungry birds are missing out on their favorite insects as a result of climate change
67 New nanoparticle could help solar panels convert unseen light into energy
68 Hubble at 28: Telescope has helped explain mysteries of universe
69 Shift in ocean circulation triggered the end of the last ice age
70 Climate change not the main driver of human displacement, conflict in East Africa
71 Astronomers discover new law of galaxy cluster evolution
72 NASA satellite spots northern lights from above
73 Ancient horse burial offers evidence of regime change in Nile River Valley
74 Scientists observe nanomaterial formation in 4D
75 Data drop: Gaia observations offer new details on billions of stars
76 New Guinea warriors wielded daggers carved from the femurs of their fathers
77 Ancient footprints tell story of a giant sloth hunt
78 Earlier humans used dried fungi as tinder for fires during the Neolithic period
79 NASA celebrates National Parks Week with park photos from space
80 Projectile cannon tests show how water can survive asteroid impacts
81 Study: Horses read, remember human faces
82 Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox seen in multi-particle system for the first time
83 Hubble spots surviving companion to supernova 17 years later
84 Urban fish grow into different shapes than their rural relatives
85 Dead zone in the Arabian Sea is getting bigger, underwater robots confirm
86 EU bans use of three neonicotinoid insecticides blamed for bee decline
87 NASA shares photo from Operation IceBridge flight
88 Google Doodle honors mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss
89 Damselflies are rapidly evolving in response to global warming
90 Climate change, wildfires transforming biodiversity hotspot in Northern California
91 Galileo data offers NASA new scientific insights 20 years after collection
92 Formula can determine ideal type of solar paneling for each installation
93 Fish farming can help relieve pressures on land resources, study shows
94 Underground gas migration can trigger small earthquakes, study finds
95 Scientists: Impact of discarded munitions on ocean ecosystems unclear
96 New research undermines star formation theories
97 Scientists use holographic projection to edit brain activity
98 For reef fish, tolerance for warming waters comes from their parents' DNA
99 Return of SpaceX cargo ship delayed by rough seas
100 Researchers decipher ancient Dead Sea Scrolls with help of advanced imaging
101 Yale scientists observe time crystal signature
102 Stephen Hawking's final paper questions infinite multiverse theory
103 Engraved stones offer proof of Neanderthal symbolism, new study claims
104 Chandra offers a look inside stellar cluster NGC 6231
105 Gorilla poop survey offers insights into evolution of humans' microbiome
106 Scientists levitate water droplets to look for contaminants
107 Study reveals new type of communication between plant cells
108 InSight probe to survey Mars for secrets inside the planet
109 Microscopic roundabout directs light without a magnet
110 Intense exercise can prove fatal to racehorses, study shows
111 Study considers how humans first depicted animals in cave paintings
112 New Greenhouse gas 'feedback loop' found in lakes, ponds
113 Atmospheric CO2 levels in April hit highest average ever recorded
114 ULA rocket launches NASA's Mars lander