File Title
1 UNC researchers identify promising delivery method for immunotherapy combination
2 Sunlight reduces effectiveness of dispersants used to clean up oil spills
3 Endangered petrels and trawl fishing clash in Tasman sea
4 Targeting telomerase as therapeutic strategy for melanoma
5 After a volcano erupts, bird colonies recover
6 Nuclear radiation detecting device could lead to new homeland security tool
7 Researchers develop new tools in the fight against diabetic blindness
8 Novel technique achieves 32-fold increase in nanometric bactericide's activity
9 SCAI updates consensus on length of stay for percutaneous coronary intervention
10 Brain folding provides researchers with an accurate marker to predict psychosis
11 Labeling alcoholic drinks as lower in strength could encourage people to drink more
12 The equine herald of a new age
13 Millennial men value altruism and self-care above traditional male qualities
14 SCAI releases consensus guidelines for PVD device selection
15 Why we need erasable MRI scans
16 Research identifies easier way to predict how chemical compounds will interact
17 Mediterranean diet boosts beneficial bacteria
18 Bacteria boost antifungal drug resistance in severe childhood tooth decay
19 Back in black for singletons trying to find love
20 Generic drug manufacturers see new opportunities ahead
21 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope could potentially detect the first stars and black holes
22 Rabies trick could help treat Parkinson's disease
23 Rice U. turns deep-learning AI loose on software development
24 Inducing labor at 39 weeks reduces risks of C-section and other complications
25 Researchers create precision optical components with inkjet printing
26 New link between sleep arousals and body temperature may also be connected to SIDS
27 Move over Tupac! Life-size holograms set to revolutionize videoconferencing
28 When the weather is good, we are happier on social networks
29 E. coli--are we measuring the wrong thing?
30 BU: Obese patients underrepresented in cancer clinical trials
31 Common class of drugs linked to dementia even when taken 20 years before diagnosis
32 JFK was not shot from the grassy knoll, suggests new research
33 Molecular evolution: How the building blocks of life may form in space
34 Turning graphene into light nanosensors
35 Retirement transition increases sitting during free time
36 MSU scientists found the seeds of domestic plants in the burial sites of ancient nomads
37 World's smallest optical implantable biodevice
38 Maternal binge drinking linked to mood problems and alcohol abuse in offspring
39 Agent 007: Organic molecules as bearers of secrets
40 Who (really) wants gaydar to be accurate anyway?
41 We still don't know how strange celibate animals evolve
42 Belief in fake causes of cancer is rife
43 Efficient universal quantum channel simulation in a cloud quantum computer
44 What happens to stolen guns?
45 TERRAs, the non-coding RNAs that protect telomeres, are important epigenetic regulators
46 Geologists assist in solving the mystery of a gold treasure
47 Study links night exposure to blue light with breast and prostate cancer
48 No future for egoists--that's what their brain says!
49 Children of youngest and oldest mothers at increased risk of developmental vulnerabilities
50 Influence of aquatic plants on long chain n-alkanes in lake sediments
51 Oxidative stress makes difference between metabolically abnormal and healthy obesities
52 How does urban-induced warming in Beijing interact with air temperature in summer?
53 Culprit in reducing effectiveness of insulin identified
54 Massive study across western equatorial Africa finds more gorillas and chimpanzees than expected
55 Protect forest elephants to conserve ecosystems, not DNA
56 New breath and urine tests detect early breast cancer more accurately
57 To see the first-born stars of the universe
58 Cheaper and easier way found to make plastic semiconductors
59 Drinking baking soda could be an inexpensive, safe way to combat autoimmune disease
60 Bento browser makes it easier to search on mobile devices
61 Positive Phase 2 results of NovaDigm TX's NDV-3A vaccine published in Clinical Infectious Diseases
62 Transparent eel-like soft robot can swim silently underwater
63 Switch controls light on a nanoscale for faster information processing
64 Telemedicine aided people hit by hurricanes Harvey and Irma
65 Skewed sex ratios causes single fathers to bring up the young
66 Consuming protein supplements with meals may work better for weight control
67 Astronomers witness galaxy megamerger
68 Implantable islet cells come with their own oxygen supply
69 Looking past peer influence: Genetic contributions to increases in teen substance use?
70 Indications of psychosis appear in cortical folding
71 Should doctors recommend e-cigarettes to help smokers quit?
72 Certain drugs for muscle conditions may be linked to increased risk of dementia
73 Emergency treatment by older surgeons linked to slightly lower death rates
74 Students' social relationships in the last year of secondary education
75 Antidepressants and bladder medicines linked to dementia in landmark study
76 Statistical designs accelerate the optimization of layered 2-D crystals
77 Researchers redefine the origin of the cellular powerhouse
78 Synaptic communication controls neuronal migration
79 Risks to babies of mothers with HIV from three antiretroviral regimens appear to be low
80 New uses for existing antiviral drugs
81 Long-sought structure of telomerase paves way for new drugs for aging, cancer
82 Assembly of massive galaxy cluster witnessed for the first time
83 Exercise could make the heart younger
84 Corn with straw mulch builds yield, soil carbon
85 Brain structure linked to symptoms of restless legs syndrome
86 Fetal immune system rejects the mother in preterm labor
87 Inadequate health literacy associated with poorer postoperative recovery for patients undergoing day surgery
88 In China, traits related to traditional rice or wheat farming affect modern behavior
89 Breaking bottlenecks to the electronic-photonic information technology revolution
90 Many low-lying atoll islands could be uninhabitable by mid-21st century
91 How do marine mammals avoid the bends?
92 Sunlight reduces effectiveness of dispersants used in oil spills
93 Lab-on-a-chip delivers critical immunity data for vulnerable populations
94 Ancient galaxy megamergers
95 Watching nanomaterials form in 4-D
96 New study: What happens when sea levels rise and coastal land gets flooded?
97 One in every six deaths in young adults is opioid-related: Study
98 Brain cell's Achilles' heel may prompt hydrocephalus
99 Media representations of cancer neglect an important risk factor: Age
100 Want new medicines? You need fundamental research
101 Ultrahigh-pressure laser experiments shed light on super-Earth cores
102 Purdue archaeologists on ancient horse find in Nile River Valley
103 As tellurium demands rise, so do contamination concerns
104 Sunlight works against oil clean-up efforts
105 Nanowires could make lithium ion batteries safer
106 Racial disparity in premature deaths has narrowed since 1990
107 Einstein's 'spooky action' goes massive
108 Hospital staff experience 'sea change' in addressing substance use disorder
109 Preventive use of common antibiotic reduces child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa
110 Weather associated with sentiments expressed on social media