File Title
1 Healthcare costs for adults with autism more than double those for general population
2 Cognitive behavioral therapy can improve emotion regulation in children with autism
3 Milky Way's supermassive black hole may have 'unseen' siblings
4 Future wearable device could tell how we power human movement
5 Surgery recovery program slashes opioid use, benefits patients, cuts costs, study finds
6 Land use and pollution shift female-to-male ratios in snapping turtles
7 Leading genetics study method may need reconsideration, significant distortions discovered
8 Rheumatology leaders respond to Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance proposed rule
9 In Huntington's disease, heart problems reflect broader effects of abnormal protein
10 A wearable device intervention to increase exercise in peripheral artery disease
11 High immune function tied to stunted growth
12 Evolving cooperation
13 Novel pathway identified in development of acute myeloid leukemia with poor prognosis
14 Fruit fly study identifies new gene linked to aortic aneurysms
15 The dispute about the origins of terahertz photoresponse in graphene results in a draw
16 What if you could know that your mild cognitive impairment wouldn't progress?
17 Graphene origami as a mechanically tunable plasmonic structure for infrared detection
18 Carbon consumers
19 Significant advances detected in knowledge about renal cancer
20 Heart disease may only be a matter of time for those with healthy obesity
21 Getting a better look at living cells
22 Aging: The natural stress reliever for many women
23 Munster researchers identify factors promoting physical activity in childhood
24 Five ways to help cancer patients avoid the emergency room
25 Cheap 3-D printer can produce self-folding materials
26 Natural barcodes enable better cell tracking
27 Ride-sharing platforms may be taking the place of managers in the gig economy
28 User control and transparency are key to trusting personalized mobile apps
29 Comments on social networks also reinforce socialization during adolescence
30 Artificial leaf as mini-factory for medicine
31 Controlled nuclear transition will make clocks hugely more precise than atomic ones
32 New mechanism of radio emission in neutron stars revealed
33 Stricter gun control could stop violent men killing their partners and themselves
34 Power of negative example
35 Stem cells from adults function just as well as those from embryos
36 2.7 billion tweets confirm: Echo chambers on Twitter are very real
37 Biophysics--lighting up DNA-based nanostructures
38 Thousands of mobile apps for children might be violating their privacy
39 Music lessens pain and anxiety in patients undergoing surgery
40 Scientists unearth vital link between fat, immunity and heat regulation
41 A non-coding RNA lasso catches proteins in breast cancer cells
42 Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers
43 Commonly prescribed heartburn drug linked to pneumonia in older adults
44 Technology used to map Mars now measuring effect of treatment on tumors
45 Potential for sun damage should be carefully balanced with need for vitamin D in children, say scientists
46 Escalation of competition leads to conflict in competitive networks of F1 drivers
47 Uncovering the secret law of the evolution of galaxy clusters
48 Availability of orphan medicines varies between European countries
49 New studies show dark chocolate consumption reduces stress and inflammation
50 Researchers use smart phone to make a faster infection detector
51 Imagining a positive outcome biases subsequent memories
52 By 2040, artificial intelligence could upend nuclear stability
53 Research explains link between exercise and appetite loss
54 Winter wave heights and extreme storms on the rise in Western Europe
55 Reconstructing what makes us tick
56 Climate change not the key driver of human conflict and displacement in East Africa
57 Hospitals often missing dementia despite prior diagnosis
58 Rhythm crucial in drummed speech
59 Early treatment for leg ulcers gets patients back on their feet
60 Malaria study reveals gene variants linked to risk of disease
61 How can animals sense danger?
62 Research shows possible new target for immunotherapy for solid tumors
63 Effect of a home-based exercise program with wearable activity monitor, telephone coaching on walking endurance for peripheral artery disease
64 Use of 2 anti-clotting medications following bypass surgery improves outcomes for grafted veins
65 How colorectal cancer cells spread to the liver
66 Managing chronic pain with light
67 Getting electrons to move in a semiconductor
68 Engaging in physical activity decreases people's chance of developing depression
69 Girls with type 2 diabetes have a high rate of irregular periods
70 Changes in breast tissue increase cancer risk for older women
71 Soccer heading--not collisions--cognitively impairs players
72 The 'missing link' in conducting molecules, butadiene--solved
73 AWI researchers measure a record concentration of microplastic in Arctic sea ice
74 Engineered Chinese shrub produces high levels of antimalarial compound
75 Children are as fit as endurance athletes
76 Radiotherapy offers new treatment option for liver cancer
77 Fungus senses gravity using gene borrowed from bacteria
78 When hypothalamic cells warm up, feeding goes down: Exercise-induced appetite suppression
79 Children of youngest and oldest mothers at increased risk of developmental vulnerabilities
80 Early childhood interventions show mixed results on child development
81 Attacks on healthcare in Syria are likely undercounted
82 Preconception zinc deficiency could spell bad news for fertility
83 Age-related decline in mid-back and low back muscle mass and quality is not associated with kyphosis
84 Mental, not physical, fatigue affects seniors' walking ability
85 New app could make cannabis use safer
86 3-D printed food could change how we eat
87 Soaking in hot tub improves health markers in obese women
88 Cell membrane inspires new ultrathin electronic film
89 Study suggests older surgeons produce lower mortality rates in emergency procedures
90 There is more than just saving money when it comes to fake goods
91 Noninvasive spinal stimulation method enables paralyzed people to regain use of hands
92 UCLA research may explain some causes of infertility and miscarriage
93 Novel ecosystems provide use for some native birds
94 Antibody 'cocktail' can prevent Zika infection but is not effective for treatment of fetuses
95 Analyzing insect performance
96 A Yellowstone guide to life on Mars
97 Napping can help tired teens' performance in school
98 NIH study: No chronic wasting disease transmissibility in macaques
99 Engineers get a grip on slippery surfactants
100 New testing provides better information for parents of children with form of epilepsy
101 UTA researcher participates in Nature paper on early human survival
102 Hair products for black women contain mix of hazardous ingredients
103 Study shows a new approach to treating patients with stage IV Wilms tumor
104 An ionic black box
105 Study: Drug-filled, 3-D printed dentures could fight off infections
106 When do problems with memory and decision-making affect older adults' ability to drive?
107 Russian Arctic glacier loss doubles as temps warm
108 Will warm-water events in the Gulf of California reduce seabird populations?
109 Balancing nuclear and renewable energy
110 Researchers 3-D print electronics and cells directly on skin