File Title
1 BU: Guns used in cross-border crimes originate from states with more lax laws
2 Caregivers can help assess whether older adults are dealing with delirium
3 Size, structure help poziotinib pose threat to deadly exon 20 lung cancer
4 Organic solar cells reach record efficiency, benchmark for commercialization
5 Sense of control and meaning helps protect women from anxiety
6 What the oldest peace treaty in the world teaches us
7 Five new blanket-hermit crab species described 130 years later from the Pacific
8 How to hijack degrading complexes to put cancer cells asleep
9 Just one more ash dieback spore could push European ash trees to the brink
10 Galaxies grow bigger and puffier as they age: New study
11 Measles vaccination gaps in teenagers and young adults highlighted in ECDC's report
12 Six in 7 women at high risk of breast cancer shun tamoxifen as a preventative measure
13 Attosecond physics: Molecules brilliantly illuminated
14 Could eating moss be good for your gut?
15 Physicists gain control over transitions between different states of matter
16 Saving a penalty: How science helps predict the score
17 Scientists create innovative new 'green' concrete using graphene
18 Depressed, inactive and out of work--study reveals lives of lonely young adults
19 Promising cell study provides hope of effective treatment of Parkinson's disease
20 Scientists identify genetic catalysts that speed up evolution of antibiotic resistance
21 A blood test when it is safe to return to play after a sports-related concussion
22 New guideline: Start taking MS drugs early on
23 Translating elephant seal data into a symphony provides surprising insights
24 Animal cyborg: Behavioral control by 'toy' craving circuit
25 New research modernizes rammed earth construction
26 Odd one out: Protein goes against the family to prevent cancer donate
27 What do Uranus's cloud tops have in common with rotten eggs?
28 Why freeloader baby-eating ants are welcomed to the colony
29 Researchers identify brain mechanism linking PTSD and opioid addiction
30 Fight against Zika, dengue get boost from reliable spread of bacteria
31 New UTSA study shows wearable technology also contributes to distracted driving
32 How your brain learns to expect mud puddles in the park (and other things)
33 Hungry birds as climate change drives food 'mismatch'
34 Earth BioGenome Project aims to sequence DNA from all complex life on Earth
35 IBS patients obtain robust, enduring relief from home-based treatment program
36 Applying network analysis to natural history
37 Audit finds biodiversity data aggregators 'lose and confuse' data
38 What learning looks like in the brain
39 Trees with grassy areas soften summer heat
40 Hacking human 'drug trafficking' network could make diabetes treatments more effective
41 Antibiotic resistance can be caused by small amounts of antibiotics
42 Alcohol intake may be linked to premenstrual syndrome
43 Vigorous physical activity may be linked to heightened risk of motor neurone disease
44 Fetal exposure to moderate/high caffeine levels linked to excess childhood weight gain
45 People with false-positive cancer screening results may be more likely to receive future screening
46 Vitamin A derivative selectively kills liver cancer stem cells
47 Did last ice age affect breastfeeding in Native Americans?
48 Let it go: Mental breaks after work improve sleep
49 Nanoparticle breakthrough could capture unseen light for solar energy conversion
50 CRISPR used to genetically edit coral, Stanford researchers report
51 What effect do new guidelines have on prevalence of high blood pressure in children?
52 Study: Health benefits will offset cost of China's climate policy
53 Young athletes interested in healthy protein, not French fries
54 Swirling liquids work similarly to bitcoin
55 Carbon capture could be a financial opportunity for US biofuels
56 Suicide and homicide rates show large racial disparities across US states
57 First genetic evidence of ongoing mating between 2 distinct species of guenon monkeys
58 A common anti-inflammatory therapy may help reduce risk of developing Parkinson's disease
59 Eating more fish could prevent Parkinson's disease
60 Found: A new form of DNA in our cells
61 Why have all Western-owned digital firms failed in China?
62 Climate change intensifies droughts in Europe
63 Nanomedicine: Drugs can be made 'smarter'
64 Earth BioGenome Project aims to sequence genomes of 1.5 million species
65 Black parents can help bridge cultural divide between students and white teachers
66 Fear of losing status, not economic hardship, drove voters in 2016 presidential election
67 Virulence switch in 'Iraqibacter': Potential Achilles heel?
68 Drinking affects mouth bacteria linked to diseases
69 Potential gender bias against female researchers in peer review of research grants
70 Opioid use linked to increased risk of falls, death in older adults
71 Sigmoidoscopy reduces colon cancer risk for men, but not women [plus other topics]
72 Asthma and hay fever linked to increased risk of psychiatric disorders
73 MSU scientists rolled 2-D cadmium telluride up into nanoscrolls
74 Pediatric obesity, depression connected in the brain, Stanford study finds
75 Liquid nicotine used in e-cigarettes still a danger to children despite recent decline in exposures
76 Spider venom to treat paralysis
77 Researchers see promise for safer opioid pain reliever
78 Hemp shows potential for treating ovarian cancer
79 Wiping out the gut microbiome could help with heart failure
80 Even a single mindfulness meditation session can reduce anxiety
81 Scientists use rocket scanner to learn how whales hear
82 Magma ocean may be responsible for the moon's early magnetic field
83 The Matryoshka effect: USU researchers describe underwater phenomenon
84 New study explains antibiotic resistance in apple, pear disease
85 Exposure to domestic violence costs US government $55 billion each year
86 'Incompatible' donor stem cells cure adult sickle cell patients
87 Feelings of ethical superiority can lead to workplace ostracism, social undermining: Study
88 Experimental arthritis drug prevents stem cell transplant complication
89 More than 1 in 20 US children and teens have anxiety or depression
90 Commonly prescribed heartburn drug linked to pneumonia in older adults
91 Hospital patients are eager to play a role in tracking health data, researchers find
92 Engineers create social media infrastructure for emergency management
93 Blinded by the light: Climate change, the sun, and Lake Superior
94 Mammary stem cells challenge costly bovine disease
95 Frontier of science: Planet's smallest microbes examined at nation's largest aquarium
96 Bariatric surgery successes lead to type 2 diabetes treatment
97 Organoids reveal how a deadly brain cancer grows
98 Burning tumors away
99 Billions of gallons of water saved by thinning forests
100 Millennials aren't getting the message about sun safety and the dangers of tanning
101 Electrode shape improves neurostimulation for small targets
102 Killer whale genetics raise inbreeding questions
103 Study identifies overdose risk factors in youth with substance use disorders
104 Airborne dust threatens human health in Southwest
105 Brain activity linked to stress changes chemical codes
106 What can a tasty milkshake teach us about the genetics of heart disease?
107 Opioid prescribing at veterans hospitals varies widely in treating chronic pain
108 New model could help build communities of climate change-defying trees
109 Patients in major prostate cancer study older, sicker than average patient population
110 Study shows newspaper op-eds change minds