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1 Sea urchins can drill holes in solid rock with just their teeth
2 Miniature personalised tumours could help you get the best chemo
3 Humans Cared for Sick Puppies Long Ago, Ancient Burial Shows
4 How Did a Man's Rectum End Up 'Falling Out' of His Body?
5 These Are the Most Out-of-This-World Photos Ever Taken--Literally
6 Facts About Fracking
7 Man Who Traveled to Watch Historic SpaceX Launch Found Dead in Motel
8 8 Trillion 'Gallons'! Huge Blob of Magma Found Atop Undersea Volcano
9 A Boy Scrapes His Elbow. One Week Later, Docs Find a Sea Snail in the Wound.
10 If 'Starman' Isn't Headed for the Asteroid Belt, Where's that Dummy Going?
11 Launch of Superfast Russian Cargo Ship Mission Aborted at Last Minute
12 Is this Experimental Japanese Drug the Secret to Stopping the Flu?
13 Watch Elon Musk React to Falcon Heavy Launch in Exclusive National Geographic Video
14 Bizarre 'Spider Stones' Found at Site of Neolithic Sun-Worshipers
15 Scientists Rush to Explore Underwater World Hidden Below Ice for 120,000 Years
16 The 4/20 Effect: Pot Celebration Day Tied to Rise in Fatal Crashes
17 'Vampire' Deer?! 5 South Korean Animals You May See at the 2018 Winter Olympics
18 Why People Get Mean When They're Drunk, According to Science
19 Weird Worm Crawling in Oregon Woman's Eye Has Only Been Seen in Cows
20 Our Universe Isn't as Special as We'd like to Believe
21 Arizona Woman Wakes Up with British Accent
22 NASA Wants to Build a Super Quiet Supersonic Jet
23 Reference: Respiratory System: Facts, Function and Diseases
24 8,000-Year-Old Heads on Stakes Found in Mysterious Underwater Grave
25 Gut Reaction: Does Intense Training Affect Olympic Athletes' Poop?
26 This Electronic Skin May Help Prevent Robots from Crushing Us
27 Something Violent Happened to Our Solar System's First Interstellar Visitor
28 Ant Species Stay Healthy with Self-Made Antibiotics
29 The Happiest States in 2017: Full List
30 This Ancient Society Buried Disabled Children like Kings
31 US Happiness Plummeted in 2017: These 21 States Saw Declines in Well-Being
32 No, Iran, Lizard 'Spies' Can't Detect Uranium
33 Why Is It So Easy to Cheat at the Olympics?
34 China's Secretive Stealth Fighter Is Finally Combat-Ready
35 The 'Screaming Mummy' Was a Murderer Who Killed Himself
36 Monster Antarctic Iceberg Gets Its Big Break in First-of-Its-Kind Video
37 On the Battlefield, Ants Treat Each Other's War Wounds
38 Reference: Chocolate Facts, Effects & History
39 This Underwater WWII 'Cemetery' Is Haunting and Amazing
40 Sea Slime Can Trigger 65-Foot Mega-Tsunamis
41 How Olympic Athletes Fare in Freezing Cold
42 The Key to Surviving Superbugs May Be in the Dirt Beneath Our Feet
43 These Pun-Filled Science Twitter Valentines Are Better than Cherry Pi
44 There's a Reason Roaches Love Banging Their Heads into Walls
45 How a Student Photographed a Single Atom with a Store-Bought Camera
46 Why 'Girls' Actor Lena Dunham Needed a Hysterectomy at 31
47 Reference: Nervous System: Facts, Function & Diseases
48 Enriched Uranium Particle Appears Over Alaska--and No One Knows Why
49 Can You Find Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster Zooming Through Space in New Video?
50 Here's Another Reason You May Gain Back Weight After Dieting
51 What Your Genes Do After Death Can Help Detectives Solve Crimes
52 That Sea Stack from Reddit Didn't Take 'Millions of Years' to Form
53 Ruling Out 'Sonic Attack,' Docs Still Mystified by Brain Damage in US Staff in Cuba
54 Reference: Chinese New Year: Customs & Traditions
55 Will North Korea's Synchronized Cheerleaders Soften the Country's Image?
56 NASA's 'Quiet Supersonic' Plane Could Change Airports Forever
57 The Flu Shot Is More Effective than We Thought this Year
58 The Solar Storm Hitting Earth Today Might Look Awesome
59 Here's What You Can Expect from this Spring's Weather
60 Here's How a Transgender Woman Breast-Fed for 6 Weeks
61 Reference: Endocrine System: Facts, Functions and Diseases
62 This Photo of Earth Reminds Us How Small We Are
63 10 Ways Parents and Schools Can Prevent School Shootings Now (Op-Ed)
64 What's Worse for Your Brain--Alcohol or Marijuana?
65 A Man's Eye Floater Was Actually a Tapeworm--Plus Thousands of Its Eggs
66 This Martian Crater Has a Weirdly Earth-Like Secret
67 How 5,000 Pencil-Size Robots May Solve the Mysteries of the Universe
68 Death Toll Rises in Nigerian Outbreak: What Is Lassa Fever?
69 Can Olympic Figure Skaters Break the 5-Spin Barrier?
70 Strange Infection Strikes Wisconsin Dog Shelter: What Is 'Strep Zoo'?
71 The Brutal Neuroscience of Figure Skating: How Spinning Athletes Overcome Dizziness
72 Hidden Artwork Found Beneath Picasso 'Blue Period' Masterpiece
73 Are Supermassive Black Holes Going to Eat the Universe?
74 Beneath Biblical Prophet's Tomb, an Archaeological Surprise
75 Secret to Great Pyramid's Near-Perfect Alignment Possibly Found
76 1st Video of Dumbo Octopus Hatchling Is Adorbs
77 Ancient Statue of Nubian King Found in Nile River Temple
78 The Real Way Ancient Priests Sacrificed Animals at the Roman 'Gate to Hell'
79 Who Created These Strange, Ancient Sculptures Hidden in the Saudi Desert?
80 These Bacteria Eat Toxic Metal, 'Poop' Gold Nuggets
81 Elon Musk's Company Gets OK to Dig Washington, DC, Hyperloop Tunnel
82 Why You Probably Shouldn't Waste Your Money on DNA-Based Diets
83 NASA's New Spacesuit Has a Built-In Toilet
84 World's Loneliest Tree Records Fallout from Humanity
85 Man Charged with Stealing Terra-Cotta Warrior's Thumb
86 AI-Driven Robot Learns the Meaning of Love, on Paper at Least
87 No, Drinking Alcohol Won't Make You Live Past 90
88 Mysterious Spiral Found in the Tail of Human Sperm
89 Why Physicists Are Planning to Drive Antimatter Around in a Moving Van
90 These Freakish Creatures Were Not Meant to See the Light of Day
91 Here's What Happens When You Leave Surgical Sponges in a Person's Body for Years
92 Does Anesthesia Cause Memory Problems in Adults?
93 No, Medical-Marijuana Legalization Doesn't Make Teens Smoke More Pot
94 Why Elon Musk Is Stepping Down from AI Safety Group He Co-Founded
95 These 7 Animals Would Absolutely Crush It at the Winter Olympics
96 How Do Ski Jumpers Fall Huge Distances Without Breaking Their Legs?
97 This Giant Clock Will Tick for 10,000 Years, but You'll Never Find It
98 The Day Humans Taught Robots to Fight Back
99 Indian Man's Brain Tumor Might Be the World's Largest
100 The World's Luckiest Photographer May Have Proved Astrophysicists Right
101 This Parasite Is a Surprising Cause of Seizures in the US
102 Reference: Facts About Pangaea, Ancient Supercontinent
103 Here's What Happens When You Break Apart a Fidget Spinner & Swallow It
104 Evolution May Make it Harder for Humans to Hold Their Liquor
105 This Week's Strangest Science News
106 Toenail Fungus's Nonexistent Sex Life Is More Interesting than You Think
107 Whoosh! Virgin Unveils Hyperloop that Will Travel 760 Mph
108 Why Scientists Are Rushing to Hunt Down 1.7 Million Unknown Viruses
109 Chinese Scientists Unveil Plans for Weird Hypersonic Jet with Extra Wing
110 A Little Robotic Submarine Could Ply Alien Seas
111 What's Behind Toddler's Extremely Rare Water Allergy?