File Title
1 Cloud seeding for snow: Does it work? Scientists report first quantifiable observations
2 Lab-grown horns and tusks could stop poaching--or not
3 New biosensor could monitor glucose levels in tears and sweat
4 Rare traces of a volatile gas
5 State of US science enterprise report shows US leads in S&E as China rapidly advances
6 Novel device and staff education lead to lower blood culture contamination rates
7 Pearly material for bendable heating elements (video)
8 Tidal cycles could help predict volcanic eruptions, study suggests
9 Advances in lasers get to the long and short of it
10 Is your sandwich bad for the environment?
11 Artificial sweetener could someday provide cancer treatments with fewer side effects
12 Decoding the axolotl genome
13 Working in female-dominated workplaces means worse access to flexible working arrangements
14 Augmented and virtual reality will involve human senses in verifying the operations of information systems
15 New technology standard could shape the future of electronics design
16 Star-gazing on the reef
17 How expectations impact actual exam scores
18 How smelly is your rubbish?
19 Adipose tissue depots compromise heart health
20 Imagining a successful future can help students overcome everyday difficulties
21 Is species richness increasing? Insight into an intense ecological debate
22 European-Russian space mission steps up the search for life on Mars
23 A new genome for regeneration research
24 How wind turbines annoy residents and how to reduce it
25 Researchers from Basel and Bochum achieve resolutions in the 30 nanometer range
26 Which bone measures predict fractures in postmenopausal women?
27 Feelings determine from which side we embrace each other
28 Scientists reveal the fundamental limitation in the key material for solid-state lighting
29 Vitamin C in the body can be tracked by fluorescence
30 Scientists culture human placenta stem cells for first time
31 Unexpected helpers in wound healing
32 Decision support systems may improve quality of patient surgical care
33 Optimizing recycling of scrap car parts yields big savings
34 Ultralow power consumption for data recording
35 Researchers use wild rice to predict health of Minnesota lakes and streams
36 For global invasion, Argentine ants use chemical weapons
37 Implantable medical devices bolstered by next-gen surface modification
38 Study links gut-homing protein levels with HIV infection risk, disease progression
39 New discovery could improve organic solar cell performance
40 Guidelines support telemedicine as an effective tool for allergists
41 Discovery may advance neural stem cell treatments for brain disorders
42 Scientists create a 3-D model of molecules in yeast linked to enzyme that lengthens chromosome tips
43 Infants recognize foreign languages as a form of communication
44 Vitamin D supplements could ease painful IBS symptoms
45 Earth's core and mantle separated in a disorderly fashion
46 Chasing dark matter with the oldest stars in the Milky Way
47 Targeting bladder cancer's Achilles heel: stem cells
48 Study provides first systematic survey of metabolites across tumor types
49 Viral gene therapy could improve results from breast reconstruction after cancer treatment
50 Leprosy's drug resistance and origin revealed by genome analysis
51 Simple breathing training with a physiotherapist before surgery prevents postoperative pneumonia
52 Substantial inequalities in cesarean births persist in many countries
53 Just one cigarette a day carries greater risk of heart disease and stroke than expected, warn expert
54 Racism linked to uptake of smoking in young people
55 Study provides new guidelines for assessing severity of head and neck cancers
56 New type of virus found in the ocean
57 Medicaid expansion linked with better, more timely surgical care
58 Scientific breakthrough could lead to better antipsychotic drugs
59 ACA's Medicaid expansion associated with greater likelihood of patients receiving optimal care for serious surgical conditions
60 Ultrathin needle can deliver drugs directly to the brain
61 Tracking wastewater's path to wells, groundwater
62 Making milestones against non-small cell lung cancer
63 Nanoparticle vaccine offers universal protection against influenza A viruses, study finds
64 Positive attitude toward math predicts math achievement in kids, Stanford study finds
65 'Smart' contact lenses monitor glucose levels in tears
66 Previously unknown ocean virus family may also populate the human gut
67 Four in 10 cardiomyopathies--a major cause of sudden death in young people--are genetic
68 People with tetraplegia gain rapid use of brain-computer interface
69 Mitigation techniques fall short of preventing electrocution of golden eagles on power poles
70 New study sheds light on teenagers' online habits
71 Better data needed to monitor the impact of air pollution on health and climate
72 Researchers modify common flu virus to attack pancreatic cancer
73 Teenagers are sophisticated users of social media, study finds
74 High-res imaging gives an unparalleled view of how fungi grow
75 Drug may help those with dementia with Lewy bodies
76 Viral replication discovery could spur new broad-spectrum antivirals
77 15 years later, PEPFAR continues to save lives
78 A new ecosystem approach to fight antibiotic resistance
79 New 'big-armed fly' species named after former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
80 Physicists have learned to change the wavelength of Tamm plasmons
81 A new 'atmospheric disequilibrium' could help detect life on other planets
82 Lyosomes and mitochondria chat each other up in cell
83 Coyotes and red foxes may coexist within urban landscapes
84 Researchers confirm link between flu and heart attack
85 Wisdom at the end of life
86 Meet Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, the first monkey clones produced by method that made Dolly
87 Finances may be barrier to calling 9-1-1 for stroke symptoms in minority neighborhoods
88 Air pollution may shorten telomeres in newborns--a sign of increased health risks
89 tRNA fragments in mosquitos may play role in spreading disease
90 Endangered woodpeckers persist, but still struggle, on private land
91 Warming temperatures may cause birds to shrink
92 Many stroke survivors don't receive timely rehab
93 Rare type of stroke increasing among pregnant women
94 Genetic ancestry test beats self-reports in predicting bleeding stroke risk
95 Sleep apnea after stroke heightens risk of another stroke; death
96 Less than one in 100 stroke survivors meet heart health goals
97 Brain stimulation plus adult neural stem cells may speed stroke recovery
98 The Bottom of the Ocean Is Sinking
99 Why Are So Many Pets Overweight?
100 Why Israelis Are Excited About this 2,700-Year-Old Piece of Clay
101 Can Gene Editing Save the World's Chocolate?
102 Does It Snow in Space?
103 Why Does Cold Weather Drain Your Phone Battery?
104 Surf's Frozen? Slurpee Waves Spotted on Nantucket Beach
105 E. Coli Outbreak: Should You Really Avoid Romaine Lettuce?
106 How Do You Survive Nuclear War? The CDC Is About to Tell You
107 The Ocean Is Suffocating, and It's Our Fault
108 1,000-Year-Old Stone Structure in Mexico May Depict Creation of Earth
109 Cutting-Edge Camera Deciphers Messages Written on Mummy Wrappings
110 Real-Life 'Game of Thrones' Tale Told in Medieval Scroll