File Title
1 Fossil algae reveal 500 million years of climate change
2 Going from negative to positive in the treatment of osteoarthritis
3 UK has higher death rates from respiratory illnesses than other developed nations
4 Number of diagnostic tests ordered by GPs rises more than threefold in 15 years
5 Potential arthritis treatment prevents cartilage breakdown
6 Surgical adhesions can be treated, prevented in mice, Stanford researchers find
7 Got menopause? Healthy lifestyle now is crucial for heart health
8 Marine species quickly revealed by new 'Go Fish' tool, highlights potential of emerging eDNA science
9 North American checklist identifies the fungus among us
10 Mental health care increasing most among those with less distress
11 The Lancet: Proportion of population vulnerable to heat exposure is rising globally
12 Proportion of population vulnerable to heat exposure is rising globally
13 NIST atomic clocks now keep time well enough to improve models of Earth
14 Researchers discover why some parts of the body have hair and others don't
15 25-year study shows that incidence of type 1 diabetes is increasing by more than 3 percent per year in Europe
16 Climate refugee cod
17 Microscope measures muscle weakness
18 'Mini-placentas' could provide a model for early pregnancy
19 Study reveals why older women are less healthy than older men
20 Frequent sauna use associated with lower cardiovascular death rate in men and women
21 Global food systems are failing humanity and speeding up climate change
22 Blue Brain Project releases first-ever digital 3D brain cell atlas
23 Study shows regions increasingly suffer hot, dry conditions at the same time
24 People with more knowledge about benefits of physical activity may also exercise more
25 Increasing staffing levels could reduce cesarean delivery use
26 Indian peafowls' crests are tuned to frequencies also used in social displays
27 Checkmating tumors
28 Cryoablation shows promise in treating low-risk breast cancers
29 Online gaming addiction in men affects brain's impulse control
30 New study supports mammography screening at 30 for some women
31 How the devil ray got its horns
32 Triple combination cancer immunotherapy improves outcomes in preclinical melanoma model
33 Neighborhoods influence Chicagoans' transportation decisions
34 USC scientists find a way to enhance the performance of quantum computers
35 Weight cycling is associated with a higher risk of death
36 NASA's Fermi traces the history of starlight across cosmos
37 Quirky glacial behavior explained
38 New tools illuminate mechanisms behind overlooked cellular components' critical roles
39 Some blood cells have a surprising source: Your gut
40 When good macrophages go bad
41 Researchers produce six antibodies to combat Zika virus
42 Oldest-known ancestor of modern primates may have come from North America, not Asia
43 Artificial magnetic field produces exotic behavior in graphene sheets
44 What happens when materials take tiny hits
45 Revealing hidden information in sound waves
46 Ending the HIV epidemic: Where does Europe stand?
47 Curry spice boosts exercise performance in mice with heart failure
48 It's not a shock: Better bandage promotes powerful healing
49 Thriving reef fisheries continue to provide food despite coral bleaching
50 Climate change and air pollution damaging health and causing millions of premature deaths
51 When it comes to using birth control, both intention and attitude matter
52 Discovering a new compound
53 New research could fine-tune the gene scissors CRISPR
54 Hospital-wide scores underestimate readmission risk in neurocritical care patients
55 UA team uncovers promising lead in genetic approach to treating glioblastoma
56 Balneo-phototherapy: Studies now show greater benefit also in atopic eczema
57 Making it easier to transform freeform 2D sketching into 3D Models
58 Adoption of mobile payment shifts consumer spending patterns, habits
59 Hubble uncovers thousands of globular star clusters scattered among galaxies
60 Functional nasal surgery relieves chronic headache for some patients
61 Age alone doesn't increase complications of free-flap breast reconstruction in older women
62 Study finds sexual trauma survivors have clear preferences in obstetric care
63 Wetland experts explain role of vital carbon sinks carbon cycle in new report
64 Even if doing a good job, women CEOs more likely to be fired
65 Venetoclax combination approved for elderly AML
66 Gas clouds whirling around black hole form heart of distant astronomical object
67 An important step towards completely secure quantum communication networks
68 Fruit flies can transmit their sexual preferences culturally
69 Fruit flies can transmit their sexual preferences culturally
70 Expert warns over 'little room for complacency' over fall in twin stillbirth rates
71 HIV in liver cells found to be inactive, narrowing potential treatment targets
72 Latest Cochrane review looks at pyrethroid-PBO nets for preventing malaria in Africa
73 Lizards adapt to invasive fire ants, reversing geographical patterns of lizard traits
74 High-contrast imaging for cancer therapy with protons
75 How to detect signs of neurodegeneration earlier and more accurately
76 A new way to create Saturn's radiation belts
77 Sweet lysine degradation
78 The polar regions communicate via 'postcards' and 'text messages'
79 The German Bundesliga: Are the players worth the money?
80 How skin cancer cells sidestep the immune system
81 Association of area deprivation and regional disparities in the treatment of T1 diabetes
82 First study of terahertz radiation in liquids
83 Ancient populations from different Caucasus regions had strong social connections
84 Study could lead to safer and cheaper 3D medical imaging
85 Big results from small solutions: new method for analyzing metalloproteins
86 Insight into the catalytic activity of MXenes for hydrogen evolution reaction
87 Mammal-like milk provisioning and parental care discovered in jumping spider
88 New archaeological site revises human habitation timeline on Tibetan plateau
89 New catalyst produces cheap hydrogen
90 Interfacial electronic state improving hydrogen storage capacity in Pd-MOF materials
91 How a rat and bat helped heal a 90-year cultural rift
92 Majority of Canadians view physical inactivity as a serious public health issue
93 Meeting the challenge of engaging men in HIV prevention and treatment
94 Inconspicuous protein key to deadly blood cancer
95 Forest fragmentation disrupts parasite infection in Australian lizards
96 Moviemaking mimics nature for creative control and a more realistic look
97 Decoding sleeping sickness signals could aid quest for treatments
98 Central mechanisms of salt-induced hypertension
99 Study unlocks full potential of 'supermaterial' graphene
100 An opioid epidemic may be looming in Mexico--and the US may be partly responsible
101 Shape-shifting protein protects bacteria from invaders
102 Stop--hey, what's that sound?
103 Switching identities: Revolutionary insulator-like material also conducts electricity
104 What seabirds can tell us about the tide
105 Stuck in a loop of wrongness: Brain study shows roots of OCD
106 Study: Rise in meth and opioid use during pregnancy
107 First UK estimates of children who could have conditions caused by drinking in pregnancy
108 New study reveals common table salt may have been crucial for the origins of life
109 Brain stimulation relieves depression symptoms
110 State lawmakers want to loosen childhood vaccine requirements, but legal barriers persist