File Title
1 Researchers develop tool for speedy diagnosis of bacterial infections
2 Researchers rise to challenge of predicting hail, tornadoes three weeks in advance
3 Whale songs' changing pitch may be response to population, climate changes
4 To replicate physical objects for virtual reality, just turn on your smartphone
5 Baby up at night? Inactivity may be a culprit
6 Vaccine signatures in humanized mice point to better understanding of infectious diseases
7 Swapping bacteria may help 'Nemo' fish cohabitate with fish-killing anemones
8 Virtual library of 1 million new macrolide scaffolds could help speed drug discovery
9 Study shows high costs of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
10 Scientists solve longtime mystery in innate immunity
11 91 percent response rate for venetoclax against newly diagnosed AML in older adults
12 Innate fingerprint could detect tampered steel parts
13 Flounder now tumor-free in Boston Harbor
14 US groundwater in peril: Potable supply less than thought
15 Resilience may be neurobiological
16 Re-programming the body's energy pathway boosts kidney self-repair
17 Views of ideal female appearance in China are changing
18 Ointment to counter the effects of brown recluse spider bites is tested on humans
19 Single cell sequencing sheds light on why cancers form in specific cell types
20 New device widens light beams by 400 times
21 Easy to use 3D bioprinting technique creates lifelike tissues from natural materials
22 A terrible choice: Cancer treatment or hospice care, but not both
23 A new way to provide cooling without power
24 Resource-based communities: Not just all work and no play
25 Fires fueled spread of grasslands on ancient Earth
26 'Stash your trash,' say rat researchers
27 Researchers examine trends in opioid prescriptions in children and adolescents
28 Transfusions with older blood linked to adverse events, death, new study finds
29 American adults have very low rate of metabolic health
30 The secret to better berries? Wild bees
31 Jumpin' droplets! Researchers seek to improve efficiency of condensers
32 Rewriting the brain pathway for consciousness
33 Researchers reveal link between job titles and gender equality
34 The virus detectives
35 New study finds racial disparities in oral anticoagulant use
36 New report calls for health monitoring and research program on Gulf War and post-9/11 veterans
37 UK's reliance on unpaid carers is unsustainable, research warns
38 RCSI research reveals that 1 in 4 suicide attempts are associated with perceptual difficulties
39 Growing pile of human and animal waste harbors threats, opportunities
40 Healthy blood stem cells have as many DNA mutations as leukemic cells
41 New method automatically computes realistic movement with friction from 3D design
42 Antibiotic could protect against neurodegenerative diseases during aging
43 Sharing benefits of digitized DNA
44 Computer hackers could be thwarted by new 'deception consistency' method
45 Authenticating the geographic origin of hazelnuts
46 Flexible electronic skin aids human-machine interactions (video)
47 Intelligent framework aims to optimize data transfer in 5G networks
48 Reading rats' minds
49 The protein with the starting gun
50 Self-assessing back pain by app just as effective as traditional methods, study shows
51 Extract from soursop leaves can prevent the symptoms of fibromyalgia
52 Scientists discovered a set of enzymes to create glowing organisms
53 Why do some plants live fast and die young?
54 Global warming increases the risk of an extinction domino effect
55 Vaccination may reduce the severity of the flu in vaccinated but still infected patients
56 Altering cancer metabolism helps treatments attack tumors
57 Skin cancer rates far higher than previously thought, according to new national database
58 How much do you trust Dr. Google?
59 Despite common obesity gene variants obese children lose weight after lifestyle changes
60 Researchers map light and sound wave interactions in optical fibers
61 A new drug to prevent life-threatening swelling attacks
62 Great apes and ravens plan without thinking
63 The 'Chinese Pyramids' and the pole star
64 New stem-cell therapy to improve fight against leukemia
65 Researchers have found the first risk genes for ADHD
66 Mechanism safeguarding unique epigenome of oocytes and maternal fertility
67 A golden age for particle analysis
68 Post-urban development
69 Special topic: Superconductivity and magnetism in transition-metal compounds
70 Food webs essential for nature conservation efforts in the future
71 Defective protein factories in disease
72 New study explores ecosystem stability
73 Camphorsulfonic acid-catalyzed Michael reaction of indoles with enones
74 Gold nanoparticle microsecond tracking with atomic-level localization precision achieved
75 New HIV diagnoses at high levels in the European Region but progress in EU
76 BU study: Modified malaria drug proven effective at inhibiting Ebola
77 Scientists direct bacteria with expanded genetic code to evolve extreme heat tolerance
78 Platelets grown from stem cells may be alternative to donated platelets
79 AI could help cities detect expensive water leaks
80 Researchers regrow hair on wounded skin
81 At-home HPV tests could be powerful tool for hard-to-reach US women
82 Only 12 percent of American adults are metabolically healthy, study finds
83 Soil tilling, mulching key to China's potato crop
84 Promising new imaging method aids fracture prediction
85 High-throughput platform enables activity mapping of emerging cancer drug targets
86 Genetic mutation drives tumor regression in Tasmanian Devils
87 Parkinson's therapy creates new brain circuits for motor function, study finds
88 Earth's polar regions communicate via oceanic 'postcards,' atmospheric 'text messages'
89 Beyond bone mineral density: Additional bone traits predict risk for fracture
90 Study finds biases in widely used dementia identification tests
91 The potentially deadly bacterium that's on everyone's skin
92 Understanding Down syndrome opens door to Alzheimer's prevention trials
93 When a city feels good, people take more risks
94 Artificial joint restores wrist-like movements to forearm amputees
95 Vapers can avoid relapsing to smoking, even after the odd cigarette
96 Next step towards replacement therapy in type 1 diabetes
97 Hard limits on the postselectability of optical graph states
98 Climate change poses significant threat to nutritional benefits of oysters
99 Nanoscale blood test technique set to springboard cancer discoveries
100 Cultural shift needed to keep trust in use of patient data by health technology
101 Scientists achieve direct electrocatalytic reduction of CO2, raising hopes for smart carbon capture
102 Healthy? Stay fit to avoid a heart attack
103 Atomic jet--the first lens for extreme-ultraviolet light developed
104 A big step toward the practical application of 3D holography with high-performance computers
105 FIONA measures the mass number of 2 superheavy elements: Moscovium and Nihonium
106 Cost and weight-loss potential matter most to bariatric surgery patients
107 Cardiac cells integrated into microneedle patches to treat heart attack
108 Children who start school a year early more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, study shows
109 More Oregonians sharing end-of-life wishes with POLST
110 National data resource proves valuable in protecting nation's health