File Title
1 Climate change: UK summers could be over 5C warmer by 2070
2 NASA's Mars InSight mission heads for '7 minutes of terror'
3 New 50 pounds note scientist nominations released
4 Whale stranding in New Zealand leaves 145 dead
5 Tossing dead salmon is good for plants
6 Climate change: Report warns of growing impact on US life
7 Amazon rainforest deforestation 'worst in 10 years,' says Brazil
8 NovaSAR: UK radar satellite returns first images
9 China-backed coal projects prompt climate change fears
10 Humans 'off the hook' for African mammal extinction
11 Staffordshire hoard: Replicas of 'king's helmet' on show
12 Climate change: Warming gas concentrations at new record high
13 Pembrokeshire treasure hunter unearths Celtic chariot
14 The violent solar storms that threaten Earth
15 'Crunchy but sawdust-like': Our verdict on edible insects
16 Palm oil: One woman's fight to save 'the last place on Earth'
17 Mobile faster than wi-fi in many countries
18 Facebook's fiercest foe and the battle over bikinis
19 Apple in court over 30% app commission
20 Kent Police stop using crime predicting software
21 Facebook documents seized by MPs investigating privacy breach
22 GM to slash jobs and close eight plants
23 Cyber Monday and Black Friday: Tips to get the best deals
24 Google finally cleans up its Esta ads after eight years
25 Tech Tent--is it curtains for crypto?
26 Residents revolt over Facebook group 'sale'
27 Samsung apologises to sick factory workers
28 GCHQ warns on Black Friday cyber-threat
29 Sark electricity: The Channel Island that could lose its power
30 Hats, jewellery, coffee: The odd ads popping up on Facebook's 'political' list
31 Why tech is taking a hammering
32 The app that makes writing less lonely
33 Why do billions of people still lack basic sanitation?
34 Would you buy a handbag from Plada or Loius Vuitton?
35 'How Amazon helped me transition to a woman'
36 Streaming wars: Can Disney topple Netflix?
37 Facebook's fiercest foe and the battle over bikinis
38 Mark Zuckerberg, missing in inaction
39 Swansea University vice-chancellor Prof. Richard B Davies suspended
40 Matthew Hedges: British academic pardoned by UAE
41 UWE Bristol project to close race pay gap faced by graduates
42 Half of university tuition fees spent on teaching
43 At least '320,000 people homeless in Britain
44 French boy 'killed for not doing homework' in Mulhouse
45 Payout over schoolboys' sex assaults on girl, 6
46 Parents 'not wholly to blame for child weight gain'
47 Iraqi university rebuilds after IS 'dark age'
48 University 'not for people like us'
49 'My husband ran up a 58,000 pounds debt in my name'
50 Fake news: Can teenagers spot it?
51 University given 1 million pounds bailout from watchdog
52 Safety concerns raised over breast implants
53 China baby gene editing claim 'dubious'
54 Endometriosis: Early diagnosis 'would make huge difference'
55 Medical device rules need 'drastic change' to protect patients
56 The therapy tested on pigs and corpses
57 Transplant patient develops cancer from donated kidney
58 Hyponatraemia Inquiry: Two more doctors investigated
59 Fraud doctor Zholia Alemi: Drowned man's family voiced fears
60 Tube 'junk food' advert ban announced by London mayor
61 'Emergency staff failed my suicidal brother'
62 The friends who giggled their way to an incontinence business
63 Urgent neurology referrals take 68 weeks
64 Matthew Wright says the Wright Stuff gave him PTSD
65 'Plane-spotting helps my autistic son'
66 In charts: Report into children's mental health
67 'I partied all night to hide from my PTSD'
68 Assisted suicide: 'I was devastated by my husband's assisted death'
69 The people shedding the fat through surgery
70 Harvey's gang: Haemophilia patient trades places with doctor
71 Deal gives patients faster drug access
72 'Move More and Sit Less': These Are the New Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
73 Hundreds of Tiny Terracotta Warriors Found Guarding 2,100-Year-Old Chinese Site
74 Ancient Monkey Transformed into a 'Sloth' When It Arrived in Jamaica
75 North America's Oldest Mummy Sheds Light on Ancient Migrations
76 Satellite Images Reveal North Korea's Missile Program Is Very Much Alive
77 Beneath Antarctica's Ice, Intriguing Evidence of Lost Continents
78 Why You Can Blame Your Mom if You're Still Single
79 Biblical-Era Etchings of Ships Discovered in Israeli Desert
80 How the Midnight Sun Gave this Man 'Rotten Zombie Skin'
81 Giant 'Pink Legacy' Diamond Fetches Over $44 Million at Auction
82 Invisible Stew of Plastic Pollution Found in Fur Seal Poop
83 This Octogenarian Is the Oldest Fish in Captivity. And She Likes Belly Rubs.
84 Show-Off Bobcat Walks in Front of Tourists with a Dead Iguana Dangling from Its Mouth
85 Colonizing Mars Means Contaminating Mars--And Never Knowing for Sure if It Had Its Own Native Life
86 Schrodinger's Bacteria? Physics Experiment Leads to 1st Entanglement of Living Organisms
87 Low-Carb Diets May Burn More Calories
88 Where Are All the Aliens? 'Out There' Book Excerpt
89 Scientists Are '99 Percent' Sure There's a Huge Exoplanet Very Close to Our Solar System
90 The Earth Is Eating Its Own Oceans
91 Climate Change Made Recent Hurricanes Wetter. And They May Get Worse.
92 Reference: What Are CT Scans and How Do They Work?
93 Newly Uncovered Greek City May Be Legendary Home of 'Trojan War' Prisoners
94 Do Not Fear the Dark Matter Hurricane (The Dark Matter Hurricane Is Good)
95 Oldest Known Footprints in Grand Canyon Were Left by Mysterious, Sideways-Walking Reptile
96 Paris-Size Crater Found Hidden Under Greenland Ice
97 Einstein Letter Warns of German Anti-Semitism 10 Years Before Nazis' Rise to Power
98 Bacteria May Live (Harmlessly) in Your Brain
99 Ice Age Cave Art Found Under Layers of Centuries-Old Graffiti
100 Coffee Tastes Bitter, So Why Do People Drink It?
101 Lab-Grown Mini Kidneys 'Go Rogue,' Sprout Brain and Muscle Cells
102 Bubbles: Sure, They Look Innocent, but They Can Be Bacteria-Spreading Menaces
103 This Week's Strangest Science News
104 European Researchers Baked Fake Moon Dust into Money and Screws
105 Shocked Squirrel and Shy Owl Shine in Wildlife Comedy Photos
106 Reference: What Is Chickenpox? Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
107 Warmer, Wetter than Usual Winter Headed for Much of US
108 California's Deadliest Fire Is Seen Engulfing Paradise in 'Astonishing' Satellite Images
109 The 2018 Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks this Weekend! Here's What to Expect
110 Voyager 2 Creeps Closer to the Edge of the Solar System
111 How Do Squirrels Remember Where They Buried Their Nuts?
112 Are These Earth's Oldest Fossils of Life? Dispute Has E.T. Implications