File Title
1 Modeling the most common form of vision loss in older adults
2 Helping to transport proteins inside the cell
3 Study brings new climate models of small star TRAPPIST 1's seven intriguing worlds
4 'Longevity protein' rejuvenates muscle healing in old mice
5 Scientists developed enzymes with remote control
6 UMN researchers work to improve dermatologic care for sexual and gender minority patients
7 Capturing the frugal beauty of complex natural tessellations
8 DNA Origami full of potent anticancer agents
9 New insight into molecular processes
10 Wild coffee plants, Christmas trees and chocolate's tree are surprisingly poorly protected
11 Researchers defy 19th-century law of physics in 21st century boost for energy efficiency
12 USAMRIID scientists help identify key hantavirus receptor
13 Researchers create new 'smart' material with potential biomedical, environmental uses
14 The genomic keys to the origin of the vertebrates
15 Study calls for shake-up in mental health provision to improve patient outcomes
16 Army scientists revolutionize cybersecurity through quantum research
17 Sex in a world of fear: Scared rodents produce more offspring
18 Screening tools can miss sepsis in pregnancy; study urges action
19 New technique improves efficiency and accuracy of single cell RNA sequencing
20 Climate change predicted to end truffle production
21 Screening for colorectal cancer spares male patients from intense treatments
22 Environmental exposures early in life modify immune responses
23 Dramatic change in seabirds' winter food source over past 30 years
24 Millimeter waves for the last mile
25 Radical approach for brighter LEDs
26 Chinese scientists unlock structural secrets of whale baleen
27 Scientists shed new light on infection process of gastrointestinal pathogen C. difficile
28 Putting a face on a cell surface
29 How low can we go? Nanopore detection of single flu viruses to control outbreaks
30 Neurons process information differently depending on their location
31 Magic trick makes shadows vanish: Projection mapping technique developed to reduce shadow
32 Researchers develop quick and precise method for detecting chemical warfare agents
33 How do flying bees make perfect turns?
34 Discovery of a new gene could shed light on chemical exposure effects in humans
35 Airline food study 2018
36 Keep slapping on that sunscreen and ignore toxic claims
37 Mobile health has power to transform HIV/AIDS nursing
38 UChicago researchers find simple way to massively improve crop loss simulations
39 Professors use whale earwax to reconstruct whale stress levels spanning 150 years
40 Designing a safer building block for drug discovery by harnessing visible light
41 Obesity strongly associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in never-smokers
42 Probiotic no better than placebo for acute gastroenteritis in children
43 Two physicians condemn use of disease and famine as weapons of war in Yemen
44 Treating spinal pain with replacement discs made of 'engineered living tissue' moves closer to reality
45 New China and US studies back use of pulse oximeters for assessing blood pressure
46 Family dinners improve teens' eating habits no matter how well family functions, study finds
47 Removing toxic mercury from contaminated water
48 Do local employment conditions affect women's pregnancy intentions?
49 Negative social cues on tobacco packaging may help smokers quit
50 How Chile accomplished its renewable energy boom
51 Anabolic steroids linked to higher rates of premature death in men
52 Study uncovers link between air pollution and intellectual disabilities in children
53 Cardiovascular disease may increase risk of rapid functional decline in older adult
54 Sleep length may affect risk of falls and fractures
55 Music may improve mood in adults with dementia
56 Psychotic experiences could be caused by trauma in childhood
57 Sugar supplement slows tumor growth and can improve cancer treatment
58 Typically human: Babies recognize nested structures similar to our grammar
59 Smoking during pregnancy increases the likelihood of your baby becoming obese
60 Evolution: South Africa's hominin record is a fair-weather friend
61 What makes vertebrates special? We can learn from lancelets
62 New study reveals probiotics do not help children with intestinal infections
63 Orange juice, leafy greens and berries may be tied to decreased memory loss in men
64 Study identifies how hantaviruses infect lung cells
65 Researchers discover key gene in cells associated with age-related hearing loss
66 Never-before-seen DNA recombination in the brain linked to Alzheimer's disease
67 Night shifts and unhealthy lifestyle linked to particularly high risk of type 2 diabetes
68 Sweetened drinks pose greater diabetes risk than other sugary foods
69 Antibodies from human survivors of Andes hantavirus protect rodents against infection
70 Lake Erie algal blooms 'seeded' internally by overwintering cells in lake-bottom sediments
71 Musical training improves visual timing
72 Study shows skin autofluorescence can predict type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death
73 Making an eye for you
74 Classroom friendships may offset effects of punitive parents
75 Electronic glove gives robots a sense of touch
76 Probiotics no help to young kids with stomach virus
77 MIT engineers fly first-ever plane with no moving parts
78 Smoke-free policies associated with lower blood pressure
79 Canadians' and Americans' Twitter language mirrors national stereotypes, researchers find
80 Checking water quality at the tap
81 New research suggests your imagination really can set you free from fear
82 Imagining sounds is just as good as hearing them for removing negative associations
83 The Center for the Study of Itch reviews what causes chronic itching and scratching
84 Snails become risk-takers when hungry
85 Brain-computer interface enables people with paralysis to control tablet devices
86 New way to ID cognitively aware yet unresponsive people with severe brain injury
87 Advancement in drug therapies may provide new treatment for Cutaneous leishmaniasis
88 Brain-computer interface enables people with paralysis to control tablet devices
89 Making decisions over prolonged periods doesn't diminish accuracy, new study finds
90 Poorest dying nearly 10 years younger than the rich in 'deeply worrying' trend for UK
91 The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology: Hypnotherapy could help relieve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
92 Gigantic mammal 'cousin' discovered
93 Could an anti-global warming atmospheric spraying program really work?
94 Treating COPD patients for anxiety using CBT reduces hospital visits and is cost-effective
95 Corals and their microbiomes evolved together, new research shows
96 Human ancestors not to blame for ancient mammal extinctions in Africa
97 Crowdsourced field data shows importance of smallholder farms to global food production
98 Over half of former ICU patients in the UK report symptoms of psychological disorders
99 ISS microbes should be monitored to avoid threat to astronaut health
100 Establishing a universal forensic DNA database
101 When working ants take a sick day, the whole colony benefits
102 Environmental change, not hominin hunters, drove the demise of African megaherbivores
103 Elephant-sized Triassic creature sheds new light on old theories
104 For ants, unity is strength--and health
105 Revealed: 35 kidney genes linked to chronic kidney disease risk
106 Early human ancestors not to blame for extinctions of giant African mammals
107 The origins of asymmetry: A protein that makes you do the twist