File Title
1 Improved understanding of the pathology of dwarfism may lead to new treatment targets
2 Rice plants that grow as clones from seed
3 Combining three treatment strategies may significantly improve melanoma treatment
4 Unlocking the secrets of how cells communicate offers insights into treating diseases
5 Study finds insidious and persistent discrimination among physician mothers
6 Higher risk of heart attack on Christmas Eve
7 Delayed high school start times in Seattle increase sleep, grades and attendance
8 Calories in popular restaurant chain meals 'excessive' warn experts
9 Faster, cheaper test can help predict risk of metastasis in prostate cancer patients
10 Large restaurant portions a global problem, study finds
11 Moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with fewer hospitalizations
12 3D-printed reconstructions provide clues to ancient site
13 A new strategy for brain regeneration after stroke
14 Indian Ocean may be more disruptive to tropical climate than previously believed
15 Risk of dementia increased among female veterans with TBI, PTSD, depression
16 Excess body weight responsible for nearly 4 percent of cancers worldwide
17 What's behind smelly wine
18 College textbooks largely overlook the most common animals
19 Length of eye blinks might act as conversational cue
20 First-ever look at complete skeleton of Thylacoleo, Australia's extinct 'marsupial lion'
21 Teens get more sleep with later school start time, researchers find
22 Legal system may lead many UK parents abroad to find a surrogate
23 Skin game
24 To repair DNA damage, plants need good contractors
25 Protein involved in nematode stress response identified
26 NSU researchers uncover genetic marker, predictor of early relapse in pediatric ALL
27 Mass spectrometry sheds new light on thallium poisoning cold case
28 Face masks may protect hog farm workers and their household members from staph bacteria
29 Study scrutinizes hidden marketing relationships on social media
30 In search of missing worlds, Hubble finds a fast evaporating exoplanet
31 Collagen nanofibrils in mammalian tissues get stronger with exercise
32 Genetically modified pigs resist infection with the classical swine fever virus
33 Plants' defense against insects is a bouquet
34 Unpredictable food sources drive some bats to cooperatively search for food
35 Study finds sewage bacteria lurking in Hudson river sediments
36 Computer chip vulnerabilities discovered by WSU researchers
37 Researchers peel off slimy biofilms like old stickers
38 Megacity traffic soot contributes to global warming
39 Data use draining your battery? Tiny device to speed up memory while also saving power
40 Snow over Antarctica buffered sea level rise during last century
41 Fitness instructors' comments shape women's body satisfaction
42 NYU researchers pioneer machine learning to speed chemical discoveries, reduce waste
43 MON 810 and NK603 GM Maize: No effects detected on rat health or metabolism
44 Watching brain cells fire
45 Life expectancy for blacks in US driven down by guns
46 Tangled magnetic fields power cosmic particle accelerators
47 Johns Hopkins researchers find the cause of and cure for brain injury associated with gut condition
48 Neuroscientists uncover sensory switches controlling infanticide and parental behavior
49 UA chemical biologists unearth cause of a rare brain disorder
50 Hubble finds far-away planet vanishing at record speed
51 The home healthcare frontier: new study explores nurses' knowledge attitudes toward infection control
52 New drug seeks receptors in sarcoma cells, attacks tumors in animal trials
53 Death near the shoreline, not life on land
54 The 'greying' of T cells
55 Impairment rating of injured workers depends on the when and where of assessment
56 Study shows prevention, treatment of ICU acquired delirium requires personalized approach
57 New study: Average outpatient visit in US approaching $500
58 Argonne scientists maximize the effectiveness of platinum in fuel cells
59 Study shows massage helps ease arthritis pain, improve mobility
60 Magic number colloidal clusters
61 IPCC to take greater account of carbon storage by agroforestry systems
62 How teens deal with stress may affect their blood pressure, immune system
63 The immune system's supercell--how it matures
64 The splendid generative potential of the Sierpinski triangle
65 New study investigates treatments for prurigo nodularis
66 Research team discovers oldest known plant virus at ancient settlement
67 Researchers identify widespread brain alterations in children with callousness
68 Physical activity in the evening does not cause sleep problems
69 New discovery improves use of optical tweezers
70 Amyloid pathology transmission in lab mice and historic medical treatments
71 Recent advances and challenges of the drugs acting on monoamine transporters
72 Mountain birds declining in Europe
73 Regular trips out guard against depression in old age
74 The parable of universal health cover for people on the move
75 Gold recycling
76 Septin proteins act as cellular police to identify, imprison and kill 'superbug' Shigella
77 Organic food worse for the climate
78 For a longer battery life: Pushing lithium ion batteries to the next performance level
79 When heat ceases to be a mystery, spintronics becomes more real
80 More than air: Researchers fine-tune wind farm simulation
81 Tale of two trees: New web tool estimates gene trees with ease
82 Operation mechanism of ferroelectric HfO2-based transistor and memory has been elucidated
83 Drug targets for Ebola, Dengue, and Zika viruses found in lab study
84 New findings on concussion in football's youngest players
85 Researchers uncover molecular mechanisms linked to autism and schizophrenia
86 Cancer patients face higher risk for shingles, new vaccines hold promise for prevention
87 Inability to perform basic activities delays mental health patients' discharge
88 Scientists identify 66 alien species that pose greatest threat to European biodiversity
89 Swarming behavior discovered in fish-dwelling parasite
90 High-efficiency discovery drives low-power computing
91 Santa Claus take note: Winter is coming, but get yourself a raincoat
92 Scientists create genomic resource to explore biological underpinnings of brain disorders
93 Noncoding mutations contribute to autism risk
94 New genetic clues to early-onset form of dementia
95 The Lancet Neurology: Cannabis-based drug in combination with other anti-spasticity
96 Where did the hot Neptunes go? A shrinking planet holds the answer
97 Study reveals how Chinese travellers use technology abroad
98 First line immunotherapy combination fails to improve overall survival in lung cancer
99 Puzzle solving in school-level mathematics studied in cross-regional project
100 Ionosphere plasma experiments reviewed in a new Kazan University publication
101 Slicing optical beams: Cryptographic algorithms for quantum networks
102 Book publications still going strong in humanities and social sciences
103 The long dry: why the world's water supply is shrinking
104 Mobile device by UCLA makes the detection of parasitic infections faster and more sensitive
105 Ebola-fighting protein discovered in human cells
106 Video game players frequently exposed to graphic content may see world differently
107 An energy-efficient way to stay warm: Sew high-tech heating patches to your clothes
108 USC researchers discover abundant source for neuronal cells
109 Ingestible capsule can be controlled wirelessly
110 Study confirms role of brain's support cells in Huntington's, points to new therapies