File Title
1 Archaeology: rare Roman sculptures discovered in Jerash
2 A 90,000-year-old bone knife hints special tools appeared early in Africa
3 Intriguing 13th Century Church with Surviving Frescos of Jesus Christ Discovered in Trapesitsa Fortress in Medieval Bulgarian Capital Veliko Tarnovo
4 Cuisine of early farmers revealed by analysis of proteins in pottery from Catalhoyuk
5 Stone Engravings of Famous Warrior Pharaoh Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple
6 Peru's last Inca city reveals its secrets: 'It's genuinely a marvel'
7 Skeleton of a prehistoric hunter printed in 3D
8 Lower Silesia/ Medieval burial mounds discovered near a prehistoric tomb
9 Infamous Wreck of Ill-Fated Franklin Expedition Yields More Artifacts, but No Ship's Log
10 Eighth-century skeleton found at Torcello
11 Egypt unearths 2 ancient sandstone paintings in Aswan
12 Rich finds by excavation at Ancient Greek Sanctuary of Great Gods on Samothrace island
13 Prehistoric art hints at lost Indian civilisation
14 Tomb of a Pharaoh's 'Sole Friend' and 'Keeper of the Secret' Found in Egypt
15 Study shows people died from body fluid vaporization due to pyroclastic flows from Vesuvius
16 500-Year-Old Scroll Reveals King Henry VII's Extraordinary Support of Travelers to New World
17 Scientists discover the oldest human remains in Poland; they are over 100,000 years old
18 Ancient Maya: Astronomers, Farmers...And Salt Entrepreneurs?
19 Easter Island inhabitants collected freshwater from the ocean's edge in order to survive
20 Archaeology can help us prepare for climates ahead--not just look back
21 City of Koh Ker was occupied for centuries longer than previously thought
22 'Vampire burial' reveals efforts to prevent child's return from grave
23 Ancient beheading site found in Jerusalem, evidence of 'holy' king's bloody rule
24 Important new finds discovered at Akrotiri prehistoric settlement on Santorini island
25 Underwater Archaeologists May Have Discovered the Oldest Shipwreck in Lake Erie
26 Archaeologists find 'vampire burial' site of a child feared capable of rising from the dead
27 Archaeologists to solve mystery in ancient city of Hadrianapolis
28 Viking Ship and Cemetery Found Buried in Norway
29 900-Year-Old 'Grand Lady' Skeleton Emerges from Watery Coffin
30 Mount Vesuvius murdered its victims in more brutal ways than we thought
31 Archaeologists from Krakow discovered a Neolithic settlement in Jordan
32 Wildfire destruction leads to re-discovery of ancient Indigenous sites in B.C.
33 Ancient Andean genomes show distinct adaptations to farming and altitude
34 Ancient Palaestra Discovered in Greece's Eretria
35 Archaeologists uncover rare Celtic remains
36 What Contributed to the Downfall of the Ancient City of Angkor in Modern Cambodia?
37 Archaeologists uncover Viking ship remains in Norway
38 Archeological find changes date of Pompeii's destruction
39 More ancient wrecks and pottery discovered in Greek ships' graveyard
40 Do Canadian Carvings Depict Vikings? Removing Mammal Fat May Tell
41 Extensive trade in fish between Egypt and Canaan already 3,500 years ago
42 Egyptian archaeologists find parts of pharaoh's booth
43 5 skeletons found at Pompeii
44 Excavation of King Ramses II shrine in Matariya complete
45 New projectile point style could suggest two separate migrations into North America
46 What Ancient Maize Can Tell Us About Thousands of Years of Civilization in America
47 3,200-Year-Old Cyclopean Masonry Fortress Found in South Bulgaria, Shows Ancient Thrace Was Part of Mycenaean Civilization
48 Excavation of Lord Elgin's shipwrecked brig "Mentor" off Kithira yields more passenger items
49 New Projectile Point Style Could Suggest Two Separate Migrations into North America
50 Olive tree piece found on Thirasia alters Santorini volcano explosion dates
51 Ancient seal discovered in mound
52 Archeologists find statues of ancient Peruvian culture
53 World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered in Black Sea
54 Arizona Parks Flattened Native Antiquities Site, State Archaeologist Says
55 Seagrass meadows: an underwater time capsule for archaeology
56 Peruvian archeologists discover pre-Columbian statues
57 Bronze-Age wall discovered in northeast Iran
58 Archeological mission discovers how stones were transferred in Khufu era
59 Discovery of 8,000-Year-Old Veiled Mother Goddess near Bulgaria's Vidin 'Pushes Back' Neolithic Revolution in Europe
60 This 4,500-Year-Old Ramp Contraption May Have Been Used to Build Egypt's Great Pyramid
61 The Indians of the Ecuadorian Amazon were using cocoa 5,300 years ago
62 Lost Kingdom DISCOVERED: Archeologists unearth Biblical era town
63 Interior northwest Indians used tobacco long before European contact
64 Shipwreck found in Black Sea is 'world's oldest intact'
65 New evidence of human presence in Poland in Late Antiquity
66 Ancient artifacts uncovered
67 These 2,000-Year-Old Embalmed Heads Show How Ancient Celts Celebrated Victory
68 Long-lost 325-year-old Quebec City fortifications found by archeologists in near perfect condition
69 Slavs, Avars Burned Down Byzantine City Chrisosotira in Early 7th Century, Digs on Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast Reveal
70 Ancient Ceremonial Complexes Revealed in World's Driest Desert
71 2,500-Year-Old 'Metallurgical Plant' at Ancient Copper Mine Discovered near Bulgaria's Black Sea Town Sozopol
72 Archaeologists unearth stunning ancient statues by farmer planting olive trees in Greece
73 Students discover 6,000-year-old stone ax at Mount Vernon
74 Lessons in the Decline of Democracy from the Ruined Roman Republic
75 Archeologists discover ancient painting, coffin in Egypt's Luxor
76 Egypt says archeologists found more artifacts at Cairo dig
77 US veterans to conduct NY battlefield archaeology project
78 Reinterpretation of Tulan-52 excavation suggests social complexity among late hunter-gatherers
79 Ancient Egyptians discovered Algol's variability 3,000 years before western astronomers
80 The new face of South American people
81 Russian archaeologists unearthed ancient Greek settlement in Crimea peninsula
82 Ancient Egyptian tombs yield rare find of mummified scarab beetles
83 3,700-year-old skeletons of woman, fetus discovered in Egypt's Aswan
84 Archaeologists discover 15th century indigenous tombs in Bolivia
85 Roman amphorae found at ancient port of Akrotiri-Dreamers Bay in Cyprus
86 7,500-year-old footprints discovered in northwestern Turkey's Bursa
87 A lost ancient city built by Trojan War captives has been found, Greek officials say
88 Ancient city of Tenea unearthed in Greece--its prosperity to Roman times confirmed
89 Climate change likely caused migration, demise of ancient Indus Valley civilization
90 Hundreds of Tiny Terracotta Warriors Found Guarding 2,100-Year-Old Chinese Site
91 Ice Age Cave Art Found Under Layers of Centuries-Old Graffiti
92 Historic 180-year-old boat uncovered in excavations for Sydney Metro station at Barangaroo
93 World's First Medieval Gold Cross Reliquary with Holy Cross Particle Discovered in Trapesitsa Fortress in Bulgaria's Veliko Tarnovo
94 Archaeological research in Filakovo brought about discoveries of European importance
95 Dozens of Ancient Greek shipwrecks discovered looted off Albanian coast
96 Middle East Looters Turn to Spirit Possession to Find Gold Treasure
97 Evidence of Sodom? Meteor blast cause of biblical destruction, say scientists
98 Blocks found in Egypt bear name of famed pharaoh's builder
99 Archeologists find Viking sword in southern Turkey
100 Sensual goddess fresco discovered in ancient Pompeii bedroom
101 Prison Inmates Find Hoard of 7,000 Ottoman Silver Coins Hidden in 2 Treasure Pots in Bulgaria's Pleven
102 Polish archaeologists unveil large Neolithic settlement in southern Jordan
103 Evidence may push back history of Tehran by 6,600 years
104 Exploring the watery remains of France's sunken Roman port of Olbia
105 Malopolskie/ Bird skull found in the mouth of a child buried in a cave
106 Prehistoric cave art reveals ancient use of complex astronomy
107 Hidden history of Rome revealed under world's first cathedral
108 New archaeological site revises human habitation timeline on Tibetan plateau
109 Archaeologists Are Looking for Dead Sea Scrolls Inside 2 Newfound Qumran Caves
110 Early Byzantine City Palmate with Huge Christian Basilica Was Pillaged Twice by Avars, Slavs, Bulgarian Archaeologists Find
111 First ancient DNA from mainland Finland reveals origins of Siberian ancestry in region
112 9,000-year-old stone mask excavated in Israel's Hebron Hills
113 8 coffins uncovered at archaeological area of Dahshour
114 Archaeologists find the oldest burials in Ecuador