File Title
1 Undercover investigation: Socio-economic survey of pangolin hunting in Assam, India
2 Billions of nanoplastics accumulate in marine organisms within six hours
3 Discovery may lead to safer drugs to save more women in childbirth
4 Why a curious crustacean could hold secret to making renewable energy from wood
5 The Lancet: Personalized ultrasound scan showing atherosclerosis helps reduce cardiovascular risk
6 Children perform better when parents are involved in school life
7 Prescribed burning not as damaging as previously thought
8 Personalised ultrasound scan showing atherosclerosis helps reduce cardiovascular risk
9 Stentrode developed for brain treatments without major surgery
10 Opioid prescriptions from dentists linked to youth addiction risk, Stanford study finds
11 Prenatal exposure to chemicals in personal care products may speed puberty in girls
12 In death, Lonesome George reveals why giant tortoises live so long
13 Uneven rates of sea level rise tied to climate change
14 Chemicals in personal care and household products linked to earlier puberty in girls
15 Investigators discover compounds that block reactivation of latent HIV-1
16 Study discovers 40 new genetic variants associated with colorectal cancer risk
17 Running a marathon can increase cardiac strain in amateur runners
18 New machine learning method predicts additions to global list of threatened plant species
19 Modelling study suggests that statins may be significantly overprescribed [plus other topics]
20 Reproductive cycle may foreshadow Alzheimer's disease
21 Combination immunotherapy shows high activity against recurrent Hodgkin lymphoma
22 High-strength opioid formulations: The case for the federal minister of health to recall them
23 Tool identifies which patients with COPD are at risk of death, serious complications
24 Life has a new ingredient
25 Nanoscale tweezers can perform single-molecule 'biopsies' on individual cells
26 Science proves vaccines are helpful, not harmful, to society
27 The irrational consumer: Decision making based on feelings rather than facts
28 Coping with threats from hurricanes, wildfires and rising sea levels
29 Mystery of color patterns of reef fish solved
30 Scientists consider climate change-resistant crops
31 Researchers use a virus to speed up modern computers
32 Money ills add to cancer struggle
33 Men with chronic kidney disease have worse outcomes than women
34 Understanding the current rise of the far right using Marx and Lacan
35 Researchers classify Alzheimer's patients in 6 subgroups
36 'Unfinished agenda' in preventing lead poisoning
37 New study shows that fish oil does not increase bleeding risk in surgery patients
38 Study finds increased long-term mortality in pediatric firearm injury survivors
39 Maternal stress at conception linked to children's stress response at age 11
40 Study shows low-income women in Texas are not getting contraception after childbirth
41 Forget 'needle in a haystack'; try finding an invasive species in a lake
42 Flint, Mich., lead crisis should have buried the city in water bottles--so, why didn't it?
43 'Error Neurons' play role in how brain processes mistakes
44 Is the pancreas regeneration debate settled? An original theory renewed
45 High lead levels found in some spices purchased abroad
46 Spinal cord injury could throw off body's internal clock, study shows
47 Spinal injury throws body clocks off schedule
48 A missed opportunity
49 Institute of Human Virology researchers discover that a bacterial protein promotes cancer
50 New Zika vaccine effective in preclinical trials
51 Navigation system in rodents akin to ancient, open ocean direction-finding
52 How young women view men affects how they imagine their future selves
53 SWOG shares trio of studies at San Antonio breast cancer symposium
54 Oral cancer prognostic signature identified
55 Single workout can boost metabolism for days
56 Young black gay men have vastly higher HIV rates yet fewer partners
57 So cute you could crush it?
58 Human actions impact wild salmon's ability to evolve
59 Fasting for lab tests isn't good for patients with diabetes
60 Biologists show inner workings of cellular 'undertaker'
61 Gut microbiome differs among ethnicities, researchers find
62 Promising research shows blood vessel growth key to healthy fat tissue
63 Immunotherapy pioneers reveal updated efficacy data of tisagenlecleucel CAR T-cell therapy
64 NASA's IMERG measures heavy rainfall in California wildfire areas
65 Novel approach improves understanding of the formation of new neurons in the mammalian adult brain
66 Lack of preparedness and insecurity hampered response to cholera epidemic in Yemen
67 New cancer immunotherapy approach turns immune cells into tiny anti-tumor drug factories
68 Researchers demonstrate new building block in quantum computing
69 A toxin that travels from stomach to brain may trigger Parkinsonism
70 Gene therapy for blood disorders
71 New graphene-based sensor design could improve food safety
72 A step closer to fusion energy
73 African maroon resistance at Hispaniola heavily challenged European conquest
74 Realistic exposure study supports the use of zinc oxide nanoparticle sunscreens
75 Sex-specific effects of DHEA on bone mineral density and body composition
76 Yumanity Therapeutics announces publication of paper in Cell Reports
77 Vaping cannabis produces stronger effects than smoking cannabis for infrequent users
78 Natural selection in the womb can explain health problems in adulthood
79 Team converts wet biological waste to diesel-compatible fuel
80 Negative views of flexible working prevalent, especially among men
81 Algae testbed experiment yields data useful for future projects
82 Inactivating genes can boost crop genetic diversity
83 Immune health in space
84 Study shows how mussels handle microplastic fiber pollution
85 Microscopic 'sunflowers' for better solar panels
86 The distance of microbial competitions shapes their community structures
87 Black Americans' life expectancy decreasing due to firearms
88 More diversity than before
89 Eliminating microglia prevents heightened immune sensitivity after stress
90 Toxic chemicals calling: Cell phones as a source of flame retardants
91 How microbial interactions shape our lives
92 Global review finds consumption of children's antibiotics varies widely
93 A study describes the dynamics of chromatin during organ and tissue regeneration
94 Enhancing our vision of the past
95 How parenting affects antisocial behaviors in children
96 Volcanoes fed by 'mush' reservoirs rather than molten magma chambers
97 What are the cost-effective implants in hip replacement surgery?
98 Social marketing campaigns can help threatened wildlife species recover
99 Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, December 2018
100 The 'wrong' connective tissue cells signal worse prognosis for breast cancer patients
101 Portsmouth researchers make vital contribution to new gravitational wave discoveries
102 Niosomes, efficient DNA delivery vehicles for gene therapy of the central nervous system
103 High salt diet may increase the risk of developing heart arrhythmia
104 New catalyst achieves unprecedented activities
105 New study sheds light on medication administration errors leading to death--omission is a common cause
106 Structure of electrolyte controls battery performance
107 Russian scientists developed a new drug for cancer diagnostics and treatment
108 Gene that lets you eat as much as you want holds promise against obesity
109 Study counts the high cost of infidelity for swift parrots
110 How becoming a manager can be a double-edged sword