File Title
1 New antibiotic shows promise against 'super gonorrhea'
2 Calcified eye spots linked to progession of macular degeneration
3 Study: Burn victims' cells regrow skin up to 30% faster
4 Cigarette smoking in U.S. reaches all-time low
5 Marijuana use linked to diabetic ketoacidosis
6 Cocaine cut with anti-worming drug can cause brain damage
7 Number of Americans practicing yoga, meditation surged in last six years
8 Tennis elbow treatments generally ineffective, study says
9 Study finds link between brain activity and depressed mood
10 Study: Calories burned depend on time of day
11 FDA approves new version of Primatene Mist for mild asthma
12 Study confirms zinc deficiencies' link to early development of autism
13 Study: Infant girls fed soy formula more often develop severe menstrual pain risk
14 Nearly 1 in 10 Americans struggles to control sexual urges
15 Tiny pacemaker prototype avoids open chest surgery for infants
16 Fertility rates have fallen worldwide, while populations boom
17 FDA OKs new Ebola test for use in remote areas
18 Fish, omega-3 may lower heart attack risk, studies find
19 Diabetes drug might also ease heart failure risk
20 Two minutes of walking counts for new Physical Activity Guidelines
21 Biomarker panel can detect autism earlier in children using saliva
22 Genetic factors link Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, study says
23 Phone calls more effective than mail at encouraging cancer screenings
24 Most simple ovarian cysts require no treatment, surveillance
25 Most COPD patients never go to rehab, despite health benefits
26 Cancer to overtake heart disease as leading killer of affluent Americans
27 Tough-to-treat UTIs more likely to recur
28 Breast milk, formula affect baby's microbiome in different ways
29 3rd blood pressure drug recalled in recent weeks over impurity
30 Bypass more effective than stents for diabetics with heart trouble, study says
31 Bad sleep habits can cause obesity, poor diet in kids
32 New study links high body mass index to depression
33 Study: Fathers favor sons, mothers favor daughters, across economic scales
34 Juul to end social media campaigns, stop selling flavored pods in some stores
35 Many U.S. pharmacies don't offer opioid overdose antidote
36 Heart failure patients must keep taking meds despite improvement, study says
37 Number of patients with paralyzing illness increasing, CDC reports
38 Race-, gender-based bullying does more harm than normal bullying
39 CDC doubles recommended weekly exercise time for Americans
40 Celiac disease vaccine shows promise in early trials
41 Exercise may help beat drug addiction, study says
42 Study: Radiation causes cognition damage in brain cancer patients
43 Teenage obesity may raise pancreatic cancer risk years later
44 Social media usage may boost loneliness, not banish It
45 Must blood pressure rise with age? Remote tribes hold clues
46 Kids, parents agree some medical care should be confidential
47 FDA announces sweeping new regulations on e-cigarette sales
48 Reported tick diseases hit all-time high
49 Brand name prescriptions make up 80 percent of drug sales, study says
50 NIH pinpoints cause for fatal hepatitis b-related liver disease
51 Love of coffee may be genetic, study says
52 Gay 'conversion therapy' often starts at home, with devastating consequences
53 One in 5 U.S. high school students uses e-cigarettes, CDC says
54 Men in construction, women in arts at highest risk for suicide
55 Money, phone line curbed smoking among California Medicaid recipients
56 EpiPens still work after being frozen, researchers report
57 New immunotherapy brings hope in fight against fatal cancers
58 Marijuana companies may have broken laws in social media posts
59 Study: Surgery best treatment for appendicitis, not antibiotics
60 Vapers may influence smokers to quit lighting up, study says
61 Fla. attorney general sues Walgreens, CVS in sale of opioids
62 Nearly 1 in 12 kids has a food allergy
63 Well-known PTSD drug may worsen symptoms
64 Peanut powder could prevent peanut allergy, study says
65 Late-night social media time bad for NBA players' performance
66 Health education produces better results for chronic disease treatment, study says
67 Smartphone technology can spot breast cancer tumors
68 Study: Impaired vision raises risk of falls in older adults
69 Prenatal exposure to air pollution increases autism risk in children
70 Smoking fatigue increases after six weeks of quitting
71 New model could show which animal diseases can cause human epidemics
72 CDC launches task force for disease that causes paralysis in kids
73 U.S. officials recommend use of PrEP pills to stop spread of HIV
74 Obesity linked to COPD in nonsmokers
75 New device removes mercury from drinking water
76 Study: Brexit anxiety led to spike in U.K. anti-depressant prescriptions
77 DNA vaccine reduces Alzheimer's-associated brain toxins
78 CDC: U.S. abortions have fallen by 24 percent since 2006
79 Half of the world's diabetics won't have insulin by 2030, study says
80 Give thanks for foods that help preserve aging memory
81 E. coli-tainted romaine lettuce threatens frail, sick most
82 How long will your teen live? Personality might tell
83 Study: Music therapy can help autistic kids' communication skills
84 Holidays a challenge for those with food allergies
85 Sweetened drinks greater diabetes risk than other sugar-filled foods
86 New HIV vaccine candidate shows promise in animal tests
87 Children around the world not getting enough exercise, report says
88 Trazadone linked to more falls, major fractures in dementia patients
89 Chemotherapy, radiation accelerates aging, reduces body function, study says
90 Breast cancer tumors may recruit bone marrow cells for growth
91 U.S. autism rate up to 1 in 40 children, CDC says
92 Study suggets ADHD is genetic, may help lead to new treatments
93 Many patients with polyps delay follow-up colonoscopy
94 Nurse practitioners just as good for diabetes as doctors, study says
95 Google honors pediatrician Fe del Mundo with new Doodle
96 Stress-related blood flow problems affect men, women differently
97 Pulse radiofrequency therapy may ease back pain, sciatica
98 Study: Medicaid expansion improves pre-pregnancy health coverage
99 Scientists stimulate breathing, forelimb movement in rats with spinal injuries
100 Lose-dose aspirin may help fight MS, study with mice says
101 CMS launches tool that prices surgeries for patients
102 Freeze-dried vaccine may help rid world of polio
103 Health surrogates often unsure about wishes of loved ones
104 Vitrakvi approved for cancers with specific genetic biomarker
105 Growing new discs from patients' stem cells could be future back pain solution
106 NIH tests three Ebola drugs in clinical trial in Congo
107 Study: Healthy living during menopause can slow narrowing arteries
108 Antibiotic may slow or prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, study says
109 Obamacare signups down 13 percent from 2017
110 Mammograms should start at 30 for some women, study says
111 First biosimilar to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma drug approved by FDA
112 Study: Endurance exercise may slow aging, but not strength training
113 Climate change increases heat-related disease, death, new report warns
114 Sleep apnea, snoring in women increases risk for heart problems
115 Time in sauna may lower risk of death from heart disease