File Title
1 Ozone hole in northern hemisphere to recover completely by 2030
2 Radar reveals likely Holocaust mass grave site
3 One-third of threatened plant species unfit for seed bank
4 Use of monkeys for medical research hits all-time high
5 Satellite data offers enhanced view of Earth's tectonic structures
6 Inbreeding may be to blame for abnormalities among early humans
7 Laser technology could be used to attract attention from aliens
8 Researchers discover new snail species in Panama
9 Natural climate variability explains almost half of Arctic sea ice loss
10 Climate change has greater effect on species in tropical mountains
11 Sound-absorbing fur helps moths avoid bat predation
12 Scientists built an electricity-producing bionic mushroom
13 Modern slavery is fueling overfishing
14 Scientists design bioreactor to regrow amputated frog's legs
15 East Antarctic Ice Sheet has fewer lakes underneath it than scientists thought
16 Ornithologists discover three-species hybrid warbler
17 Survey reveals 49 new bee species in Utah
18 Illegal emissions threaten to undermine UN's optimistic ozone report
19 The Amazon is evolving, but not adapting as fast the climate is changing
20 MIT researchers develop window coating to deflect most of sun's heat
21 Fossilized dinosaur proteins and burnt toast feature similar chemical compounds
22 Exposure to pesticides makes bees less social, reduces colony size
23 South Asian Monsoon affects more people than once thought
24 Fruit, vegetable shapes controlled by newly discovered genetic mechanism
25 Planned flying fox cull will harm endangered species, scientists warn
26 Archaeologists can determine a person's sex by analyzing a single tooth
27 Scientists turn Martian sunrise into a piece of music
28 Hotter, drier climate explains increase in size, severity of California's fires
29 Global warming is cooking sperm and could threaten male fertility
30 Near-complete fossil reveals evolution of advanced flight among early birds
31 Climate change, mild winters inspire rising crime rates
32 Unintended consequences of dams, reservoirs worsen water shortages, study finds
33 Astronomers find exoplanet orbiting Barnard's star, fourth closest stellar neighbor
34 Ancient DNA reveals two new migrations from North to South America
35 Scientists find massive, ancient crater buried beneath Greenland's ice sheet
36 SpaceX successfully launches Qatari communications satellite
37 Portrait of interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua gets clearer in new NASA study
38 Humpback whales travel to the Mediterranean to feed
39 Graphene to power higher resolution, energy-efficient electronic displays
40 Auroras help scientists study energy instabilities in space
41 Florida ant species collects skulls, uses chemical weapons to kill prey
42 Mice raised communally fare better as adults
43 World's smallest dinosaur tracks reveal new sparrow-sized raptor
44 Cygnus headed to Space Station with supplies after liftoff
45 There are giant viruses lurking in the woods
46 Scientists share black hole virtual reality simulation
47 Air could replace silicon in the next generation of nanochips
48 Astronomers find star system on the verge of a massive supernova explosion
49 Robotic arm links cargo craft to International Space Station
50 Prehistoric 'Swiss Army knife' suggests stone tool technology emerged early in East Asia
51 Glaciers and volcanoes combine to release large amounts of methane
52 New study details the genetic evolution of domesticated animals
53 Rolling stones paved grooves across Martian moon
54 Frogs get stressed out by traffic, too
55 Scared rodents have more babies
56 The location of neurons within the cortex affects how they process information
57 Lancelets help scientists uncover the secrets of vertebrate gene regulation
58 Report outlines problems U.S. will likely face from climate change
59 January 7 date set for first SpaceX unmanned capsule to International Space Station
60 NASA's InSight spacecraft lands on Mars
61 Ancient viruses inspired THC production in marijuana plants
62 Silent glider: First airplane powered by ionic thrust technology takes flight
63 Researchers locate carbon reserve six feet below the soil's surface
64 Eurasian ice age wiped out the Siberian unicorn
65 Termites fart methane, but their mounds filter it from the air
66 UN: World far from limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius
67 DNA analysis suggests people migrated from Siberia to Finland 3,500 years ago
68 SpaceX to carry more than 20 new experiments to ISS
69 9,000-year-old stone mask excavated in Israel's Hebron Hills
70 SpaceBok robotic hopper being tested at ESA's Mars Yard
71 Mushroom enzymes help scientists make other organisms glow in the dark
72 Lockheed, Draper among NASA partners for new lunar payload services
73 When cities are in good moods, their inhabitants take more risks
74 Traffic report: To curb congestion, stop building roads
75 Stone tools suggest humans were in Arabia as recently as 190,000 years ago
76 Graphene, jute fibers combine to create strong, sustainable building material
77 All of Africa served as the cradle of humankind
78 Current efforts to save coral reefs are insufficient, report finds
79 Very Large Telescope details gas clouds at the center of the first quasar
80 Environmental groups criticize Trump approval of seismic blasting in the Atlantic
81 Survey explains strange glacial behavior in Greenland
82 SpaceX calls off launch of satellites
83 Ancient pot of gold found in Israel
84 Soyuz carries astronauts to space station for first time since accident
85 FDA recalls test strips over inaccurate warfarin test results
86 Instant-soup burns send nearly 10K kids to ER every year
87 Blood pressure drug recalled due to potentially cancerous impurity
88 'Alarming' number of U.S. parents share leftover antibiotics, survey says
89 Antibiotics during infancy may increase childhood risk for obesity
90 FDA approves powerful new opioid despite ongoing epidemic
91 Sleep helps young athletes recover from concussions, study finds
92 Stricter gun laws linked to fewer kids killed by firearms
93 Soft furniture no cushion against falls for young kids
94 Researchers identify possible botulism antidote
95 Specific gene variant linked to severe symptoms of CTE
96 Children's use of electronic devices don't affect sleep much, study says
97 Nasal spray provides universal, long-lasting flu protection in study with mice
98 Bystanders less likely to give CPR to women
99 Researchers restore vision in rats after retinal cell transplant
100 Study: Hookah may be as damaging to health as smoking cigarettes
101 Pediatricians group strengthens recommendation against spanking
102 Melanoma deaths up among men globally, but not women
103 One energy drink enough to harm blood vessels, study says
104 FDA plans to beef up use of mandatory food recalls
105 Study: EEG tests measure pain, may help researchers develop medication
106 Computer model more accurately IDs unsafe restaurants than inspections
107 Study: Morning people less likely to develop breast cancer
108 Study: Proton therapy better than radiation for children's brain tumors
109 Most tonsillectomies performed on children no benefit to health
110 PTSD patients do best when they choose their own treatment
111 HPV vaccination rates lagging in United States, experts say
112 CDC: Opioid use helping drive spread of hepatitis C
113 High blood pressure among young adults linked to earlier strokes
114 Recognizing mental health red flags can help prevent school shootings
115 Showerheads may be source of bacteria behind lung infections
116 Study: Surgical patients typically use a quarter of opioids doctors prescribe