File Title
1 Can cities ban e-scooters in the name of public safety? Bird says no way
2 Cultural barriers still stand in the way of HPV vaccine uptake
3 States will vote on these energy and environment issues in midterm elections
4 Intel announces Cascade Lake Xeons: 48 cores and 12-channel memory per socket
5 China still having trouble staffing up its mega-telescope
6 iPhone XR review: Keeping compromises to a minimum
7 Samsung teases mythical smartphone with foldable display
8 Feature erosion watch: Xbox One loses broadcast TV streaming on iOS/Android
9 Supreme Court rejects industry challenge of 2015 net neutrality rules
10 Donut-shaped BEC might be key to fault-protected quantum logic
11 Llama "nanobodies" might grant universal flu protection
12 Gab is back a week after Pittsburgh shooting controversy forced it offline
13 Stuxnet 2.0? Iran claims Israel launched new cyber attacks
14 Chrome 71 will block any and all ads on sites with "abusive experiences"
15 File-sharing software on state election servers could expose them to intruders
16 With no evidence, Georgia's top voting official accuses Dems of "cyberattack"
17 Spanish scientists: EnChroma glasses won't fix your color blindness
18 On eve of US elections, Facebook pulls down 115 "inauthentic" accounts
19 Hybrid theory: Lockheed Martin, Boeing pitch upgraded F-22, F-15
20 Strange snafu misroutes domestic US Internet traffic through China Telecom
21 Predictably, online media go nuts over 'Oumuamua and Harvard scientists
22 Blockchain-based elections would be a disaster for democracy
23 Ajit Pai slams Sprint, Charter, and CenturyLink for poor robocall effort
24 The ugly truth about voting security: States won't fix it
25 AMD outlines its future: 7nm GPUs with PCIe 4, Zen 2, Zen 3, Zen 4
26 Forget lap times; this car control class makes teen drivers safer
27 AT&T steps up copyright enforcement, kicks customers off network
28 Kazakhstan chooses SpaceX over a Russian rocket for satellite launch
29 Lawyer: My client didn't steal 5,000 bitcoins, "Period"
30 Russian space leader issues decree against trash, "sloppy" work attitudes
31 Kindle Paperwhite 2018 review: A more premium e-reader at the right price
32 Physicists report electron is round--what does that mean?
33 Tesla battery will power unusual community storage project in Western Australia
34 Lawmaker who wants paid fast lanes on Internet wins US Senate seat
35 Riot Games sued over allegations of sexual harassment, pay disparity
36 Low-caste men in India cooperate like college students
37 As PUBG for PS4 looms, Xbox unofficially responds: have the game for free
38 Microsoft's special Costco Surface Go is now available to all
39 2018 iPad Pro review: "What's a computer?"
40 Apple walks Ars through the iPad Pro's A12X system on a chip
41 Why does flat Earth belief still exist?
42 Police decrypt 258,000 messages after breaking pricey IronChat crypto app
43 Samsung's foldable phone is real, and it launches next year
44 Variable-compression engine meets crossover: Infiniti QX50 review
45 Tesla replaces Elon Musk as chair--he'll stay CEO
46 Why I use a 20-year-old IBM Model M keyboard
47 Why millions of lasers on a chip could be the future of lidar
48 Gab cries foul as Pennsylvania attorney general subpoenas DNS provider
49 Acer Swift 7 review: Thinness above all else demands many compromises
50 Borderless shows us the tech-fueled nightmare that we've all created
51 California's cap-and-trade dollars are building a hydrogen fuel cell boat
52 Genetics play less of a role in lifespan than we thought
53 Google ends mandatory arbitration in sexual harassment cases
54 Elon Musk's Tesla roadster reaches its farthest point from the Sun
55 The media-starved Nintendo Switch just got a YouTube shot in the arm
56 Windows 10 users finding their legit installs are being deactivated
57 Get your code in RunCode, the online programming and pwning extravaganza
58 Rocket Report: Kazakhstan picks SpaceX, SLS cost savings, Minuteman test
59 Nine things I learned from driving a supercar for three days
60 Forget movie villains--it's the "good" superheroes that are the most violent
61 Judge to Winklevoss twins: You can't seize $31 million in allegedly stolen assets
62 What you need to know before importing that exotic Chinese Android phone
63 AP: Video expert says White House clip of CNN reporter was likely doctored [Updated]
64 Chimps have different cultural norms about friendliness, too
65 Tetris Effect review: The puzzle game of my dreams--literally
66 Negotiating with ISPs: Don't accept broadband price hikes without a fight
67 Sony using open source emulator for PlayStation Classic plug-and-play
68 Awesome tiny gyroscope promising but not ready for prime time
69 As if heroin weren't dangerous enough, it may come with lead poisoning
70 Rough-and-ready quantum memory may link disparate quantum systems
71 iFixit tears down the Mac mini and MacBook Air
72 Russian officials: Nope, we can't finish fixing the carrier Kuznetsov
73 Delivering drugs directly to the eye using microneedles that dissolve
74 The world's oldest figurative drawing depicts a wounded animal
75 Facebook joins Google, halts mandatory arbitration in sexual harassment cases
76 Amazon must give up Echo recordings in double murder case, judge rules
77 A trip through the peer-review sausage grinder
78 Understanding the Brain is a catalog of all we don't know about the brain
79 Westworld's Main Street shooting set at Paramount Ranch burns down
80 How bicycles have changed in the last 25 years
81 Some good came out of 2018: Astronomy photos
82 Elon Musk on double-decker freeways, permitting, and building sewers
83 Three high-flying birds soar together for the first time since the 1970s
84 The sounds of a Martian sunrise inspire short musical composition
85 Apple to replace unresponsive iPhone X touchscreens for free
86 Keyboard and mouse controls finally hit Xbox One this week
87 New year, same story: Cost of wind and solar fall below cost of coal and gas
88 Samsung's foldable smartphone reportedly costs $1,770, launches in March
89 Volkswagen plans to make 50 million electric cars, CEO says
90 VA's software so SNAFU'd that vets were made homeless waiting for benefits
91 Dems to probe whether Trump retaliated against CNN, Washington Post
92 Surface Go with integrated LTE available for preorder now, from $679
93 Rocket Lab now has a fully operational small satellite launcher
94 Comcast uses NBC to harm other cable companies, rivals say
95 Behind-the-scenes audio from Apollo 11 mission made public for first time
96 Tinkerers, repair shops will have mixed feelings about this iPad Pro teardown
97 Legendary Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee has died
98 Making light twist into a bowtie may reveal dark matter
99 A 100,000-router botnet is feeding on a 5-year-old UPnP bug in Broadcom chips
100 Being a morning person might have some health advantages
101 The next version of HTTP won't be using TCP
102 French investigators to work directly with Facebook to monitor hate speech
103 Cats, beetles, other mummified animals found--along with a sealed door
104 A new "fuzzy Pikachu" debate headlines a trailer-filled Monday
105 Report: Amazon chooses New York City neighborhood, DC suburb for HQ2
106 Google goes down after major BGP mishap routes traffic through China
107 The Ars Holiday Gift Guide 2018--tech and gear for travel that we'd buy
108 Apple's T2 chip will block some third-party repairs of new devices
109 Russian space leader suggests engineers test spacecraft Stalin's way
110 AT&T CEO: State net neutrality and privacy laws are a "total disaster"
111 PUBG's "console exclusivity" ends, PS4 version out on December 7 [Updated]
112 Google adds always-on VPN to its Project Fi cellular service
113 Bay Area: How can we integrate e-scooters into our cities?
114 Amazon is getting more than $2 billion for NYC and Virginia expansions
115 Indonesia 737 crash caused by "safety" feature change pilots weren't told of
116 Windows October 10, 2018 Update is back, this time without deleting your data