File Title
1 With these nanoparticles, a simple urine test could diagnose bacterial pneumonia
2 Reproducing paintings that make an impression
3 How viruses hijack part of your immune system and use it against you
4 New methods could improve, expand 3D imaging using X-rays
5 A prosthetic arm that decodes phantom limb movements
6 Stone tools linked to ancient human ancestors in Arabia have surprisingly recent date
7 Austrian-Danish research team discover as many as 22 new moth species from across Europe
8 Facility-level variations in diabetic kidney disease care within the VA health system
9 Breathlessness treatments do reduce patient distress
10 Aid recipients call for more dignity and diversity in INGO campaigns
11 Media portrayals of black men contribute to police violence, Rutgers study says
12 Clemson scientists measure all of the starlight ever produced by the observable universe
13 Effective new target for mood-boosting brain stimulation found
14 33-million-year-old whale from Oregon had neither teeth nor baleen
15 Getting older adults to be more active
16 Whales lost their teeth before evolving hair-like baleen in their mouths
17 How prions invade the brain
18 Soil compound fights chronic wasting disease
19 How HIV DNA is blocked from entering the cell nucleus
20 Climate change risks 'extinction domino effect'
21 Youth football changes nerve fibers in brain
22 Snoring poses greater cardiac risk to women
23 Light pollution may cause insomnia in older adults
24 To image leaky atmosphere, NASA rocket team heads north
25 How microscopic machines can fail in the blink of an eye
26 Study sheds light on alcohol misuse among never-deployed reservists
27 Researchers alleviate Schizophrenia symptoms in new mouse models
28 IAU astronomers show exceptional involvement in outreach activities
29 Patients with cancer are more at risk of complications following heart procedure
30 The physics of extracting gas from shale formations
31 A new way to see stress--using supercomputers
32 Light triggers gold in unexpected way
33 Tracing iron in the North Pacific
34 Study shows rising rates of hospitalization in the homeless
35 Study reveals new information about infant brain structure
36 New research questions fish stocking obligations
37 Towards a treatment for gluten intolerance
38 Trees for bees
39 Is being a night owl bad for your health?
40 Study discovers over 6,000 antibiotic resistance genes in the bacteria that inhabit the human gut
41 New knowledge of pubertal growth
42 Altered microbiome after caesarean section impacts baby's immune system
43 A bastard seal from the past reveals the potential for human hybrids
44 Falls are more likely when you've had a bad night sleep
45 Historical climate important for soil responses to future climate change
46 Great strides for carbon capture using earth-abundant elements as photocatalytic system
47 Brilliant iron molecule could provide cheaper solar energy
48 How you respond to drama depends on if you are a holistic or analytical thinker
49 Many diseases increase the risks of hip fracture surgery
50 Switch for the regeneration of nerve cell insulation
51 More sensitive MRI diagnostics thanks to innovative 'elastic' contrast media
52 Can a smart app encourage HIV-self testing in Canada?
53 Black hole 'donuts' are actually 'fountains'
54 Table-top experiment flips current understanding of solutal convection
55 Immune checkpoints could be key to treating autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis
56 Searching an artificial bee colony for real-world results
57 Focus on resistance to HIV offers insight into how to fight the virus
58 Rates of chronic kidney disease, deaths outpace other diseases
59 'Sudoku' X-Ray uncovers movements within opaque materials
60 Babies kicking in the womb are creating a map of their bodies
61 Ambulance response times are worse for low-income people
62 Virtual reality could serve as powerful environmental education tool
63 Why patients lie to their doctors
64 Divers Surprised by Gorgeous 'Feather Boa' of the Sea. And the Video Is Glorious.
65 Why Don't Animals Turn into Zombies in 'The Walking Dead'?
66 First-Ever All-Female Antarctic Expedition Busts Women's Endurance Myth
67 There's Something Hot Hidden Under East Antarctica
68 'Ravenous, Hairy Ogre' Microbe May Represent Entirely New Branch on the Tree of Life
69 Scientists Finally Know How Wombat Butts Make Cube-Shaped Poops
70 This Spinning, Snakelike Star System Might Blast Gamma Rays into the Milky Way When It Dies
71 Reference: What Is Virotherapy?
72 Ancient Skeletons of Woman and Fetus Hint at Childbirth Death 3,700 Years Ago
73 Middle East Looters Turn to Spirit Possession to Find Gold Treasure
74 Half of the Year's Rain Falls on Earth in Just 12 Days
75 These Ancient Termite Mounds Are as Old as the Egyptian Pyramids. And They're Visible from Space.
76 MDMA Makes People More Cooperative...But that Doesn't Mean More Trusting
77 Aspirin Can Help Your Heart. Omega-3s Might. But Together? Maybe Not.
78 Reference: What Is Brain Freeze?
79 536 Was a Garbage Year for Mankind (So Give 2018 a Break)
80 Two Turkeys Got a Presidential Pardon Today. How Did this Thanksgiving Tradition Start?
81 4 Infant Botulism Cases Linked to Honey-Dipped Pacifiers
82 Don't Eat Romaine Lettuce...Again
83 Ugh, When These Stars Die They're Probably Gonna Get Sand Everywhere
84 Reference: Ochre: The World's First Red Paint
85 What Do Shrink-Wrapped Thanksgiving Turkeys and the Higgs Boson Have in Common?
86 Mom's Phone Call Helps Uncover Oldest Long-Necked Dinosaur on Record
87 950-Mile-Long Cloud Spotted Over Martian Volcano. And It Has Staying Power.
88 Infectious 'Prions' Found in the Eyes of Patients with Fatal Brain Disease
89 The Strange History of the Turkey Tail
90 No More 'BFR': Elon Musk Changes Name of Mars Rocket
91 Here's How Smoke from California Wildfires Affects the Human Body
92 Found, Inside Dead Sperm Whale: 100 Plastic Cups, 4 Plastic Bottles, 25 Plastic Bags, 2 Flip-Flops
93 Your 'Fat-Toothed' Relative May Not Make It for Thanksgiving. He Vanished from Earth 300 Million Years Ago.
94 Creepy 'Smiling' Worm Pulled from Bottom of the Sea
95 Can Lip Balm Make Your Chapped Lips Worse?
96 The Real Reason the Pilgrims Survived
97 Weighted Blankets: How They Work
98 Can You Get a Sunburn in Winter?
99 See the Apollo Moon Missions like Astronauts Did--In 3D
100 Get Ready for InSight Mars Landing's '6 Minutes of Terror'
101 Many Kids Are Given Probiotics for Stomach Bugs. But They May Not Help at All.
102 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
103 Why Do I Get Sore Days After I've Worked Out?
104 Here's How to Watch the Insight Landing on Mars on Monday
105 Journey to the Center of the Red Planet: NASA's InSight Lander to Reveal the Secrets Inside Mars
106 Why NASA's Mars InSight Landing Zone Is a Big Weird Oval
107 Scientists Wrote an Equation to Find the Funniest Word in English. The Results Will Make You Fart.
108 No, Mars InSight Won't Be Searching for Alien Life. Here's What It IS Looking for.
109 Why Is NASA Looking for 'Marsquakes'?
110 Twitter Erupts with Mars Madness as Lander Touches Down Safely on Red Planet
111 Touchdown on Mars! NASA's InSight Lands to Peer Inside the Red Planet