File Title
1 Suppression of DKK3 protein thwarts pancreatic tumor progression and prolongs survival
2 The Lancet: Rates of premature mortality are two times higher in the most deprived areas of England, compared to most affluent
3 Study reveals how gene activity shapes immunity across species
4 Anti-aging molecule NAD+ gets a boost from blocking an enzyme
5 New guidance recommends minimal oxygen use for most people in hospital
6 A healthy lifestyle cuts stroke risk, irrespective of genetic profile
7 Certain blood pressure drugs linked to increased risk of lung cancer
8 Insulin discovery a game-changer for improving diabetes treatments
9 Complex and rapidly changing payment models challenge physician practices, study finds
10 New regulators of nitrogen use in plants identified
11 Researchers identify three distinct stages in infant microbiome development
12 Data does the heavy lifting: Encouraging new public health approaches to promote the health benefits of muscle-strengthening exercise (MSE)
13 Scientists identify genes and proteins plants use to redirect nitrogen
14 Flipped cells cause blood vessels to leak in diabetes and other diseases
15 Helping blood cells regenerate after radiation therapy
16 Gene network lets plant roots handle nitrogen
17 Heat, weekends, aggression and Chicago summer shootings
18 Small flying robots haul heavy loads
19 Skeletal stem cells regress when tasked with extensive regeneration
20 Study reveals how the brain overcomes its own limitations
21 The pirate of the southern skies
22 New projectile point style could suggest two separate migrations into North America
23 Loss of first baby tooth a positive experience for children
24 Significant increase in mental health conditions among US students
25 New Caledonian crows can create compound tools
26 Sensitive tests suggest low risk of drug resistance with dapivirine ring
27 First trial of dapivirine ring with both ARV and contraceptive finds no safety concerns
28 Stressed out? Study suggests it may affect memory, brain size in middle age
29 New CRISPR tool opens up more of the genome for editing
30 Air pollution leads to millions of ER visits for asthma attacks worldwide
31 A first 'snapshot' of the complete spectrum of neutrinos emitted by the sun
32 A type of moss could prove to be more medically effective than hemp
33 Lead accumulation in shin bone may be associated with resistant high blood pressure
34 Landmark study reveals no benefit to costly and risky brain cooling after brain injury
35 A new model for how working memory gets you through the day
36 Persistence of glass sponge in face of climatic variability
37 Male humpback whales change their songs when human noise is present
38 ACS NSQIP demonstrates a sustained benefit on colorectal surgical outcomes
39 Homebody tendencies put Hawaiian gallinules at risk
40 Plant polymers do not always act together to make beautiful shapes
41 A new therapeutic avenue for treating insomnia
42 The body weight bias in sales
43 Rice U. scientists uncover relationship between tremors, water at the Cascadia margin
44 Whiskers, surface growth and dendrites in lithium batteries
45 IUPUI biologists use 'mini retinas' to better understand connection between eye and brain
46 Nanotubes may give the world better batteries
47 What makes a good working dog? Canine 'aptitude test' might offer clues
48 Biologists gain new insights into surface, acoustic behaviors of endangered right whales
49 Not enough fruits, vegetables grown to feed the planet, U of G study reveals
50 New tools for creating mirrored forms of molecules
51 Older adults with strong grip, good memory may avoid or delay disability
52 One size doesn't fit all, when using hormone therapy to treat endometriosis
53 CCNY study breaks Forster resonant energy transfer (FRET) distance limit
54 CCNY finds K-core as a predictor of structural collapse in mutualistic ecosystems
55 Offering employees a helping hand can backfire
56 Spinning the light: The world's smallest optical gyroscope
57 Unique patterns of neural communications found in brains of children with autism
58 Tooth loss can indicate malnutrition, Rutgers study says
59 Scientists discover biological ultraviolet protection 'timer'
60 Medicaid expansion linked to reduced mortality among dialysis patients
61 Researchers observe novel bat behavior in Panama
62 OU meteorologist expects severe drought and heavy rain events to worsen globally
63 At last, a simple way to solve the complex mysteries of the microbiome
64 Researchers find gene that makes some susceptible to middle ear infections
65 Systematic review of clinical studies suggests newer shingles vaccine far more effective
66 The ghost of Cassiopeia
67 Late night snacker? Make it cottage cheese
68 Head and neck cancer survivors at increased risk of suicide
69 DNA 'dances' in first explanation of how genetic material flows through a nucleus
70 New role for protein could lead to novel treatments for cancer and vascular disease
71 Probiotics are not always 'good bacteria'
72 Do neonicotinoids inhibit the development of anti-predatory behaviors in wood frogs?
73 Research shows pretend porpoise sounds are helping conservation efforts
74 Wearable tech becomes top fitness trend for 2019, says survey of health and fitness professionals
75 Fighting mosquitoes in your backyard with scientists' help
76 Study: 4.6 percent of Massachusetts residents have opioid use disorder
77 Borexino experiment: analysis of ten years of neutrino signals
78 Surprising network activity in the immature brain
79 Students in health enrichment programs benefit from early team-based exposure
80 Why relationships--not money--are the key to improving schools
81 Non-invasive stent monitoring techniques tested
82 Artificial intelligence controls quantum computers
83 People overestimate benefits, and underestimate risks, of medical interventions
84 Bacteria: Protein researchers decipher resistance mechanism
85 Targeted Facebook ads shown to be highly effective in the 2016 US Presidential election
86 Biomarkers facilitate early detection of glaucoma
87 The formation of large meteorite craters is unraveled
88 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
89 Belgian researchers discover a novel method to block immunosuppression in cancer
90 Can tiny doses of magic mushrooms unlock creativity?
91 The world's largest campodeid dipluran named after the mythological giant Daidarabotchi
92 Can we limit global warming to 1.5íC?
93 The incidence of gastrointestinal disease increases with heat and cold
94 Weight loss surgery for obese women prevents womb cancer
95 Scientists uncover key brain mechanism in salience processing
96 Discovery of new superconducting materials using materials informatics
97 Keeping phosphorus under control to improve the quality of patients with renal failure
98 Repeated interferon stimulation creates innate immune memory
99 Scientists uncover why knee joint injury leads to osteoarthritis
100 Invention by NUS chemists opens the door to safer and less expensive X-ray imaging
101 The body's defense mechanisms: Teamwork is key for cancer-fighting proteins
102 Machine learning identifies antibiotic resistance genes in tuberculosis-causing bacteria
103 How sleeping mammary stem cells are awakened in puberty
104 Novel combination therapy promotes wound healing
105 New epigenetic drug strategy to treat cancer
106 Binary bias distorts how we integrate information
107 Survey: Few women told by doctor that breastfeeding can reduce cancer risk
108 Experimental drug more effective in treating rare kidney disease
109 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: New investigational antibiotic effective against drug-resistant bacteria in phase 2 trial
110 Midlife women transitioning to menopause have a higher risk of metabolic syndrome, which predisposes to heart disease and type 2 diabetes