File Title
1 Birds startled by moving sticks
2 Bonobo: great ape with a tiny voice
3 The role of the Atg2 protein in tethering pre-autophagosomal membranes to the endoplasmic reticulum
4 Ferroelectricity--an 80-year-old mystery solved
5 Genetic flaw causes problems for many with hypothyroidism
6 Breakthrough test screens for all known bacterial infections
7 Mutation in common protein triggers tangles, chaos inside brain cells
8 Biomarkers can predict whether women with endometriosis will respond to the first-line treatment
9 HPV blood test shows promise for tracking head and neck cancer after treatment
10 Inexpensive chip-based device may transform spectrometry
11 New kind of compound shows early promise against prostate cancer
12 Black men have higher rates of recidivism despite lower risk factors
13 Gut microbiota of infants predicts obesity in children
14 Covert tactics used by bacteria to trick human immune system
15 First study of its kind identifies differences in pediatric mortality after MVCs
16 Bullying and harassment in the NHS could be costing billions
17 Trauma researchers identify characteristics of communities where mass shootings occur
18 High-dose influenza vaccine linked with lower hospitalization rates in dialysis patients
19 How to reverse memory loss in old mice
20 Researchers connect the current mix of soil bacteria to climate conditions from 50 years ago
21 ASU team unravels key mysteries of spider silk
22 The smell of lavender is relaxing, science confirms
23 Asian catfish genome decoded
24 Deaths due to tainted herbal medicine under-recorded
25 Mexico's 2017 Tehuantepec quake suggests a new worry
26 Hospitals differ widely in providing safe vaginal delivery after cesarean
27 Study associates stress with impaired memory, reduced brain size in middle age
28 Antibiotic explorers
29 Serotonin neurons contribute to fail-safe mechanism that ensures recovery from interrupted breathing
30 UMass Amherst research shows spider eyes work together to track stimuli
31 SwRI team makes breakthroughs studying Pluto orbiter mission
32 Researchers discover directional and long-lived nanolight in a 2D material
33 Hispanics face significant racial discrimination in New York City's rental housing market
34 Ice-age climate clues unearthed
35 Study finds glyphosate in cat and dog food
36 Elephant trunks form joints to pick up small objects; research could translate to robotics
37 MRI tool watches how electrical stimulation could cure digestive disorders
38 New test measures men's fertility
39 Cannabis pain relief without the 'high'
40 VIMS issues annual dead-zone report card for the Chesapeake Bay
41 New study shows advertizing for alcohol is prevalent in UK television
42 Researchers develop new devices to test retinal cells
43 New air-filled fiber bundle could make endoscopes smaller
44 New genetic pathways linked to severe lung disease in preemies
45 Cluster of factors could help predict C. diff
46 Could wearable technology help patients monitor blood pressure?
47 FSU researchers find low resilience puts men at risk for depression
48 Anti-Trump women's group used Facebook & email to secretly organize in rural Texas
49 Individual stress susceptibility and glucose metabolism are linked to brain function
50 Flu virus could evolve resistance to pandemic drug
51 Nuclear fusion: wrestling with burning questions on the control of 'burning plasmas'
52 Digital device overload linked to how first impressions are formed
53 New nurses with bachelor's degrees feel better prepared than nurses with associate degrees
54 Neurology: Space travel alters the brain
55 Drug improves survival in metastatic breast cancer
56 New tool streamlines the creation of moving pictures
57 Giant flying squirrel fossil from a Barcelona landfill clarifies the squirrel family tree
58 Army scientists develop computational model to predict human behavior
59 Golf course managers challenged by fungicide-resistant turf grass disease
60 Augmented reality may assist cardiologists plan and perform complex procedures
61 New Caledonian crows can create compound tools
62 Wood sponge soaks up oil from water (video)
63 Growing noise in the ocean can cause dolphins to change their calls
64 Spanish-speakers experience barriers when receiving dense breast notifications
65 Fighting mutant influenza
66 Researchers develop an operative complex scheme for short-range weather forecasts
67 Scientists unravel the mysteries of polymer strands in fuel cells
68 Chemotherapy drug paclitaxel also acts as an immune response modulator
69 New clinical protocol after general surgery cuts opioid prescribing in half
70 Brain-eating amoebae halted by silver nanoparticles
71 How people power can track alien species--Study
72 Abdominal obesity common among women in rural Indonesia
73 The HPV vaccine: Why parents really choose to refuse
74 Marine algae bloom-derived biotoxins alter development of zooplankton and ocean food web
75 Study: Racism, sexual assault contribute to college mental health challenges
76 Importance of infant diet in establishing a healthy gut
77 Choice architecture for architecture choices
78 Bacterial imaging probe is safe for patient use, study finds
79 Chemists disproved the universal nature of the mercury test
80 Air pollution and noise increase risk for heart attacks
81 Mathematicians propose new hunting model to save rhinos and whales from extinction
82 At least 57 negative impacts from cyber-attacks
83 Autonomous vehicles and moral decisions: What do online communities think?
84 Bioengineered human cardiac models spur disruptive innovation in disease research
85 Largest census of cancer genes to help understand drug targets
86 Experts call for health system change to tackle the challenge of multimorbidity in the NHS
87 'Cellular dust' provides new hope for regenerative medicine
88 Studying cellular fats reveals how to protect cells from the common cold
89 More rules for the intelligent household
90 Polymers offer a better view
91 Researchers make mice lose weight by imitating effects from cold and nicotine
92 More goals in quantum soccer
93 Mucus, cough and chronic lung disease: New discoveries
94 Normal function of ALS and dementia linked gene determined for the first time
95 Investigating glaciers in depth
96 Climate change: US desert areas to become even drier
97 New study uncovers the interaction of calcium channels
98 Peptide engineered by NTU Singapore successfully exploits Achilles' heel of Zika virus
99 New technology to allow 100-times-faster internet
100 Political competition is hurting our charitable giving
101 Plump songbirds more likely to survive migration over Gulf of Mexico
102 Breeding beans that resist weevils
103 Complementary approaches such as meditation help patients manage chronic pain
104 Free online casino games linked with higher risks of gambling problems for young people
105 Crater that killed the dinosaurs reveals how broken rocks can flow like liquid
106 How should autonomous vehicles be programmed?
107 Some planetary systems just aren't into heavy metal
108 Researchers design 'smart' surfaces to repel everything but targeted beneficial exceptions
109 Volcanic ash impact on air travel could be reduced says new research
110 HPTN 075 study demonstrates high rate of HIV infection among African MSM and TGW