File Title
1 Where deep learning meets metamaterials
2 Graphene's effects on the lungs
3 Nanocages in the lab and in the computer: how DNA-based dendrimers transport nanoparticles
4 High-performance, flexible, transparent force touch sensor for wearable devices
5 Blue phosphorus--mapped and measured for the first time
6 Bio-inspired nanoreactors
7 Graphene shows unique potential to exceed bandwidth demands of future telecommunications
8 Frances Ross discusses witnessing nanostructure formation
9 Chemist creates nanoreactors to synthesize organic substances under visible light
10 Graphene puts nanomaterials in their place
11 Disorder can stabilize batteries
12 Nanoscale pillars as a building block for future information technology
13 Nanoplatform developed with three molecular imaging modalities for tumor diagnosis
14 Graphene controls surface magnetism at room temperature
15 A novel approach for the study of integral membrane proteins
16 On-chip excitation of nanodiamonds embedded in plasmonic waveguides
17 Part-organic invention can be used in bendable mobile phones
18 Flexible piezoelectric acoustic sensors for speaker recognition
19 New definition returns meaning to information
20 Brain wave device enhances memory function
21 Children as young as seven suffer effects of discrimination, study shows
22 Pancreatic cancer genetic marker may predict outcomes with radiation therapy
23 In 5 to 10 years, gravitational waves could accurately measure universe's expansion
24 How rants on social media can come back to haunt you
25 For the brokenhearted, grief can lead to death
26 In kids with autism, short questionnaire may detect GI disorders
27 Researchers uncover new target of alcohol in the brain
28 Liver transplant survival rate sees improvement among older adults
29 Fracking wastewater accumulation found in freshwater mussels' shells
30 CU researchers find common genetic link in lung ailments
31 Study finds availability of nitrogen to plants is declining as climate warms
32 Special journal issue looks for new clues about old life
33 Study shows volunteering benefits those with lupus
34 Spotlighting differences in closely related species
35 Modern conflict: Screen time vs. nature
36 Would you zap your brain to improve your memory?
37 Protein found in patients with severe asthma can help identify who would benefit from targeted drugs
38 Antibodies linked to heart attacks
39 More than one in ten heavy cannabis users experience withdrawal after quitting cannabis
40 Research finds NJ numerical nutrient criterion used to protect streams is too high
41 Researchers have discovered a new cell structure
42 Refugee girls gain from effort to teach life skills
43 Patients with HPV-positive oropharynx cancer should receive chemoradiation
44 Immunotherapy improves survival in metastatic or recurrent head and neck cancer
45 More than just anatomy: sex differences in the lower urinary tract
46 Short-term ADT with RT improves survival over RT alone up to 10 years
47 When you are unhappy in a relationship, why do you stay? The answer may surprise you
48 Don't offer co-workers help unless asked
49 Study: Dad's exercise before conception impacts child's lifelong health
50 Optoelectronic interface for stimulating neural networks in the brain
51 Immunotherapy effective as first-line treatment for advanced head and neck cancer
52 Study gives new insight into how our brain perceives places
53 Researchers wake-up DNA from soil bacteria to discover novel acid antibiotic
54 Is big-city living eroding our nice instinct?
55 Revealing the molecular mystery of human liver cells
56 Asian elephants could be the maths kings of the jungle
57 New drug combination destroys chemo-resistant blood cancer
58 Electron microscope provided look inside the organic chemical reaction
59 A chemical criterion for rating movies
60 Russian physicists observe dark matter forming droplets
61 Wishful thinking is rewarded
62 Major response to immunotherapy in early-stage mismatch repair deficient colon cancer
63 Cellular trash cans reveal the roles of proteins in disease
64 Social stigma contributes to poor mental health in the autistic community
65 New agent against anthrax
66 Heredity matters: Ancestral protease functions as protein import motor in chloroplasts
67 Researchers discovered a new mechanism of action in a first-line drug for diabetes
68 Financial and non-financial firms need the same strong regulations to protect economies
69 Immunotherapy may become new first line treatment in some metastatic colorectal cancers
70 A topical gel to protect farmers from lethal effects of pesticides
71 Journalism study evaluates emotions on the job
72 Radiation/cisplatin combination established as standard of care for HPV+ oral cancer
73 High-dose, high-precision radiation therapy safe, effective for solitary kidney cancer patients with only one kidney
74 Yale-NUS researchers discover drug cocktail that increases lifespan
75 Men with low-/intermediate-risk prostate cancer benefit from fewer, higher-dose radiation treatments
76 Radiation therapy outcomes better for African-American than Caucasian prostate cancer patients
77 Pelvic lymph node radiation provides significant benefit for prostate cancer patients
78 Ancient enzymes the catalysts for new discoveries
79 Future fertility: Giving hope to men who received childhood cancer treatment
80 Aspirin alone a good clot buster after knee surgery
81 Targeting specific genomic mutation in breast cancer improves outcomes, first study shows
82 Epigenetic therapy worth pursuing in hormone receptor positive advanced breast cancer
83 Zoledronic acid improves disease-free survival in premenopausal HR+ early breast cancer
84 Multi-strain probiotic reduces chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea [ESMO 2018 Press Release]
85 Oncologists demand more education on the use of biosimilars: ESMO takes action
86 AI doctor could boost chance of survival for sepsis patients
87 New tool gives deeper understanding of glioblastoma
88 Structure of spherical viruses aren't as perfect as we thought
89 UTSA creates web-based open source dashboard of North Pole
90 3D bioprinting technique could create artificial blood vessels, organ tissue
91 Distinct systems for recognizing, navigating places
92 How we remember what we read
93 Home-based biofeedback therapy is effective option for tough-to-treat constipation
94 Scientists make new 'green' electronic polymer-based films with protein nanowires
95 Monitoring electromagnetic signals in the brain with MRI
96 New algorithm can more quickly predict LED materials
97 Gravitational waves could shed light on dark matter
98 New protein sequencing method could transform biological research
99 Losing control of gene activity in Alzheimer's disease
100 Nanosized ferroelectrics become a reality
101 The secret to being more likeable on first dates and job interviews revealed
102 Fish give up the fight after coral bleaching
103 Does gut microbiota hold the key to improved diagnosis and treatment of esophageal cancer?
104 New technique reveals limb control in flies--and maybe robots
105 Cells that change jobs to fight diabetes
106 New treatment approach for advanced anal cancer
107 Study shows childhood obesity the major risk factor for serious hip disease
108 Rising temperatures and human activity are increasing storm runoff and flash floods
109 Low-income obesity patients lose weight in new study
110 Community health workers can reduce hospitalizations by 65 percent and double patient satisfaction with primary care