File Title
1 West Pomerania/ Weapon have been sunk in the lake in Lubanowo for nearly two thousand years
2 The debate over people's pathway into the Americas heats up
3 Archaic building found at Despotiko island's Apollo sanctuary in Greece
4 Lost Norse of Greenland fueled the medieval ivory trade, ancient walrus DNA suggests
5 Pebble mosaic dating to 4th century BC discovered in Greek city of Arta
6 Archaeologists Discover Ancient Greek Ship in Black Sea
7 Amateur Archaeologist Discovers 1,800-Year-Old Golden Ring from Rome
8 Dating the ancient Minoan eruption of Thera using tree rings
9 New Finds Reveal More of Greek Goddess' Sanctuary
10 Animal fat on ancient pottery reveals a nearly catastrophic period of human prehistory
11 Farmer Discovers Rare Tombstone from Late Minoan III Period on Crete (Photos)
12 New Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Discovered in Luxor
13 Rediscovering the sources of Egyptian metals
14 Unpublished Egyptian texts reveal new insights into ancient medicine
15 Inscription Granting Roman Man 'Front Row Seat Right,' Main Facade of Antiquity Odeon Discovered in Bulgaria's Plovdiv
16 Easter Island's society might not have 'collapsed' as previously thought
17 Ancient Octagon-Shaped Tomb Reveals Morbid Tales from Mongol-Ruled China
18 Trophy Heads and Mummies Discovered in Ancient Peruvian Pits
19 Archaeology: Remnants of ancient fortress found underwater off Bulgaria's St. Thomas Island
20 DNA analysis of 6,500-year-old human remains in Israel points to origin of ancient culture
21 That Massive Black Sarcophagus Contained 3 Inscriptions. Here's What They Mean.
22 Carbon reserves in Central American soils still affected by ancient Mayan deforestation
23 Roman Magistrate's Statue from ca. 100 AD Found by Archaeologists in Ancient City Heraclea Sintica in Southwest Bulgaria
24 Were there two routes into North America? Genetics meets archaeology
25 Never-Before-Seen Megalithic Mass Grave from 5,000 Years Ago Discovered in Kenya
26 Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges
27 Archaeologists unearth 3,800-year-old wall relief in Peru
28 Seen from the air, the dry summer reveals an ancient harvest of archaeological finds
29 Iznik's submerged basilica to be underwater archaeological museum
30 Salt of the Alps: ancient Austrian mine holds Bronze Age secrets
31 Intact tomb of Bronze Age Minoan man discovered in Ierapetra, Crete
32 Ancient Egyptian mummification 'recipe' revealed
33 Initial analysis shows skeletons from huge Egyptian sarcophagus are two men, one woman
34 Turkish archeologists unearth 3,000-year tomb
35 Massive Pyramid, Lost City and Ancient Human Sacrifices Unearthed in China
36 Robots Reveal Possible 3,000-Year-Old Human Sacrifices in Peru
37 Vestige of Cham towers unveiled in Da Nang
38 Blue-Eyed Immigrants Transformed Ancient Israel 6,500 Years Ago
39 Neanderthal mother, Denisovan father!
40 Scientists find perfectly preserved ancient foal in Siberia
41 Archaeologists Find Thracian, Byzantine Settlements, Medieval Monastery on Bulgaria's St. Thomas Island in Black Sea
42 Student discovers writing on pieces of ancient Egyptian mummy case
43 Palace of Holyroodhouse artifacts date back 800 years
44 Hidden medieval door to Culzean Castle caves discovered
45 Sicilian amber in western Europe pre-dates arrival of Baltic amber by at least 2,000 years
46 Italian archeological dig at Hellenistic Nigde temple
47 Archaeologists dig Native American fort found in Connecticut (Update)
48 Sicilian amber in western Europe pre-dates arrival of Baltic amber by at least 2,000 years
49 5th century BC Pafos Acropolis of Cypro-Classical period discovered
50 Statue Head of Roman Emperor Aurelian, Unknown Colonnade Found in Ancient Rome's Danube Colony Ulpia Oscus in North Bulgaria
51 Lead Poisoning Wasn't a Major Factor in the Mysterious Demise of the Franklin Expedition
52 Rare 1,500-year-old arrowhead found near the Dempster Highway in Yukon
53 Evidence of 7,200-year-old cheese making found on the Dalmatian Coast
54 Second Century Roman Watermill Not What Researchers Have Thought
55 Revealed: Genetic Secrets of High-Ranked Warriors at a Medieval German Burial Site
56 Two rich burials discovered in excavations at Petras cemetery on Greek island of Crete
57 Decline of Bulgarian, Byzantine Empires before Ottoman Conquest Revealed by Tatar Plunder Treasure Pot from Black Sea Fortress Kaliakra
58 Greece's New Archaeological Discovery: The Ancient City of Kythnos (photos)
59 Did the people buried at Stonehenge come from Wales?
60 Greek Farmer Stumbles onto 3,400-Year-Old Tomb Hidden Below His Olive Grove
61 Spike Island dig uncovers First World War training trench
62 Grisly ancient Stone Age woolly mammoth 'kill site' discovered
63 The remains of a victim of the Lithuanian invasion of 1354 discovered in the "Pompeii of Warmia"
64 Turkey: Eye cream jar found in historical tomb
65 Neolithic and Bronze Age finds at the Prasteio-Mesorotsos archaeological expedition in Cyprus
66 Ancient Remains Discovered Under a Frio County Bridge
67 Archaeologists make surprise discovery in old car park in Lincoln that offers glimpse into city's medieval history
68 Anglo Saxon baby teeth could shed light on obesity, diabetes
69 Hundreds of Roman gold coins found in basement of old theater
70 Understanding 6th-century barbarian social organization & migration through paleogenomics
71 What Otzi the Iceman's Tattoos Reveal About Copper Age Medical Practices
72 Archaeologists voice alarm over Artemis Agrotera temple in Athens
73 14th Century 'Poor People's Quarter' Discovered in Ancient, Medieval Rock City Perperikon in Southern Bulgaria
74 Thousands of objects discovered in Scandinavia's first Viking city
75 Cross-Legged Woman's Tomb Reveals Ancient Maya Kept Jaguars in Cages
76 Wild animals were routinely captured and traded in ancient MesoAmerica
77 Ancient altar reveals Mayan 'Game of Thrones' dynasty
78 ASI discovers 254 copper coins dating to medieval era in Khirki Mosque premises in Delhi
79 Archaeologists celebrate spectacular discovery of Iron Age treasure
80 Mushroom picker finds precious helmets from late Bronze Age
81 Grinding stone dating back 2,700 years found in eastern Turkey
82 How the Remnants of Human Poop Could Help Archaeologists Study Ancient Populations
83 The Identity of this Remarkably Well-Preserved Egyptian Mummy Remains a Mystery
84 Traces of Iron Age wars found on double-skin wall
85 Research proves South East Asian population boom 4,000 years ago
86 International study suggests ancient globalization
87 Casting Archaeological Doubt on the Meghalayan Age
88 Roman cemetery found at North Lincolnshire building site
89 Ancient Egyptian 'Magic Spell' Deciphered
90 Archaeologists find 60 Roman burials in Lincolnshire field--one skeleton is even buried with a leg of lamb
91 Amazingly Preserved Wolf Pup Mummy Discovered in Yukon Gold Mine
92 Joint Saudi-French expedition uncovers new archaeological sites in southern Riyadh
93 Archaeologists discover ancient settlement of 6th century B.C. in Albania
94 Smallest Ancient Thracian Brick Tomb Found near Bulgaria's Rozovo, Thoroughly Looted by Treasure Hunters
95 Early Christian finds above Ancient Pagan Temple at Paphos-Toumballos in Cyprus
96 The way hunter-gatherers share food shows how cooperation evolved
97 Roman-era home discovered near Giza's Mit Rahina
98 Violence in pre-Columbian Panama exaggerated, new study shows
99 First Ever Gold Coin Found in Bulgaria's Lyutitsa Fortress, of Byzantine (Nicaean) Emperor John III Ducas Vatatzes
100 Thousands of medieval trinkets discovered underneath Scandinavian churches
101 An Iconographic Treasure Unearthed in Jordan
102 This major discovery upends long-held theories about the Maya civilization
103 Bulgaria/ Polish archaeologists discover rich graves from the Roman period
104 Remains of 13th Century friar identified by belt buckle
105 Painted tomb discovered in Cumae (Italy): A banquet frozen in time
106 Ancient Greek Pithos Burials discovered in city of Antandros of western Turkey
107 Minoan palace of Zominthos in Crete yields exciting Bronze Age finds