File Title
1 Tying the knot: New DNA nanostructures
2 Online program helps prevent teen depression
3 Molecular virologist fights influenza at the molecular level
4 Food for thought
5 Spaced-out nanotwins make for stronger metals
6 Study: Culture strongly influences coping behaviors after natural disasters
7 Ozone hole modest despite optimum conditions for ozone depletion
8 Unraveling a genetic network linked to autism
9 Study finds hospital communication-and-resolution programs do not expand liability risk
10 Physicists explain how large spherical viruses form
11 Researchers explore division of public opinion on Black Lives Matter
12 New insights on comet tails are blowing in the solar wind
13 What's in the air? There's more to it than we thought
14 Fleets of drones could aid searches for lost hikers
15 Gene PPM1D gives stem cells a 'winning boost' after chemotherapy
16 Key gene find could enable development of disease-resistant crops
17 Researchers identify additional inoculation source for lambic beer production
18 How one tough shrub could help fight hunger in Africa
19 For older adults, does eating enough protein help delay disability?
20 First discovery of adventive populations of Trissolcus japonicus
21 Ring-shaped protein complex wrangles DNA
22 One step closer to complex quantum teleportation
23 Voters' preexisting opinions shift to align with political party positions
24 New studies on student alcohol use can inform interventions to reduce blackouts
25 Genetic factors tied to obesity may protect against diabetes
26 Disorder plays a key role in phase transitions of materials
27 Russian physicists upgrade cheap diode laser for use in precise measurements
28 Astrophysics: First detailed observations of material orbiting close to a black hole
29 Researchers at IRB Barcelona explain the origin of the periodicity of the genome
30 Molecular biology: Phaser neatly arranges nucleosomes
31 Bohr scientists figure out how to measure electrical activity in a fetal heart
32 HKUST-Beijing Tiantan Hospital scientists bring new hope to brain tumor patients
33 NUS researchers turn plastic bottle waste into ultralight supermaterial
34 Exploring the structure and properties of new graphene-like polymers
35 Alcohols as carbon radical precursors
36 Training with states of matter search algorithm enables neuron model pruning
37 Shortening the rare-earth supply chain via recycling
38 Scientists find a 'switch' to increase starch accumulation in algae
39 Researchers discover potential antidote to botulism
40 Nature of immune cells in the human brain disclosed
41 Lateral inhibition keeps similar memories apart
42 Seed banking not an option for over a third of threatened species
43 Can chocolate, tea, coffee and zinc help make you more healthy?
44 Racial, ethnic minorities face greater vulnerability to wildfires
45 Lax state gun laws linked to more child, teen gun deaths, Stanford study finds
46 African-American caregivers report better mental health outcomes than white caregivers
47 Risk of cancer mortality may increase for successive generations of Latino immigrants
48 Oncologists' LGBT-related knowledge & practices improved after cultural competency training
49 A culturally tailored intervention increased HPV vaccination of Asian-American adolescents
50 Coverage of hormonal breast cancer therapies increased in states that expanded Medicaid
51 A prognostic model may predict survival in African-American women with breast cancer
52 Biomarkers may predict Zika-related birth defects
53 Kids' firearm-related injuries differ: Younger kids are more likely to be injured accidentally
54 Racial and ethnic differences in emergency pain relief for kids with broken bones
55 Physical activity should be a vital sign of children's overall health
56 Injury to a parent can lead to sleep issues in children and teens
57 Instant soups and noodles responsible for burning nearly 10,000 children each year
58 Study suggests childhood obesity linked to poor school performance and coping skills
59 Emergency department visits by uninsured patients drop in Illinois after Medicaid expansion
60 Differences in intent of pediatric injuries underscore importance of safe firearm storage
61 Are children's television programs too cool for school?
62 Good sleep quality encourages better recovery after sport-related concussion
63 ACL re-injury appears to be a subject of 'relative risk'
64 Half as many US children die from firearm injuries where gun laws are strictest
65 'Good guys' in superhero films more violent than villains
66 Survey finds 'alarming' percentage of families share leftover antibiotics
67 Grandparents: Raising their children's children, they get the job done
68 Distance to nearest pediatric surgeon a potential barrier for millions of US children
69 Most children surveyed couldn't tell real guns from toy guns
70 Soft furniture doesn't cushion risk of falls by young children
71 Traumatic brain injuries can lead to long-term neurological and psychiatric disorders
72 Mental health diagnoses among US children, youth continue to rise at alarming rate
73 A carbon neutral solution for desalination? Maybe so by tapping into geothermal
74 Evidence of outburst flooding indicates plentiful water on early Mars
75 Disarm Therapeutics presents new data validating role of SARM1 in axonal degeneration
76 Genetic risk factor for CTE detected
77 Fluorescent marker can help guide surgeons to remove dangerous brain tumor cells more accurately
78 Griffith precision measurement takes it to the limit
79 New genetic cause of liver fat uncovered
80 Trial finds diet rich in fish helps fight asthma
81 Patients with low risk thyroid cancer can receive lower doses of radiation treatment
82 Men with prostate cancer willing to accept lower survival odds to avoid side effects
83 Melanoma death rates are rising in men but static or falling in women
84 WSU researchers see cognitive changes in offspring of heavy cannabis-using rats
85 New glimpses into brain uncover neurological basis for processing social information
86 Solitary confinement puts brains at risk
87 Realizing the potential of gene therapy for neurological disorders
88 Studies highlight lasting effects of early life stress on the genome, gut, and brain
89 Recreating the sound of the Islamic past of the Mosque of Cordoba
90 Borexino sheds light on solar neutrinos
91 Health professionals need support to help children of terminally ill patients
92 New epilepsy warning device could save thousands of lives
93 A hypocaloric Mediterranean diet and daily exercise maintain weight loss
94 Could rising CO2 trigger return of eradicated mosquito-related disease?
95 Enhanced views of Earth tectonics
96 Prejudice against women in power is greater than we think
97 Breakthrough for treatment of fibrotic diseases
98 Wealthier people do less in the struggle against climate change
99 Is foraging behaviour regulated the same way in humans and worms?
100 The reasons for hemispheric dominance in the brain
101 Peers, student attitudes, and student deviance in Japan and the United States
102 Air pollution linked to autism: study
103 Stroke survivors and those at risk urged to focus on yoga and tai chi
104 Sitting is NOT the new smoking, contrary to popular myth
105 Saber-toothed cats with oral injuries ate softer foods
106 A faster, cheaper path to fusion energy
107 Flying focus: Controlling lasers through time and space
108 A stellar achievement: Magnetized space winds in the laboratory
109 Inside job: A new technique to cool a fusion reactor
110 'Dust up' on International Space Station hints at sources of structure