File Title
1 'Universal' blood test for earlier cancer diagnosis ready to go to market
2 Hospital-acquired bloodstream infections traced to patients' own bodies
3 Study: Non-inherited dementia linked to DNA 'spelling mistakes'
4 3D mammography detects 34 percent more breast cancers
5 Push-button pain meds curb need for opioids after C-section: Study
6 Hip-hop loaded with pot, cigarette references
7 Despite opioid crisis, most patients want the drugs for post-op pain
8 Teen violence down in countries that ban spanking, study says
9 'Longevity' vitamins may slow chronic diseases, prolong healthy aging
10 Study: Age-related increases in estrogen linked to men's hernias
11 Fish oil may curb breast cancer cells growth, spread
12 Study: Bariatric surgery weight gain percentage linked to health risks
13 Researchers determine how contraction leads to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
14 Gluten-free craze not entirely helpful for celiac patients, study says
15 Nerve stimulation technique may deliver relief from back pain
16 Xanax, Valium tied to higher suicide risk in COPD patients with PTSD
17 Head blows without concussion may not damage brain, study claims
18 Cataract surgery, hearing aid may boost the aging brain
19 Study: Protein marker ID'd that can predict whether metastatic cancer will turn deadly
20 Study shows how father's experiences pass to offspring via sperm
21 FDA seeks to strengthen cybersecurity of medical devices
22 Study: Antiobitics, probiotics together eradicate bacteria that infect wounds
23 Hospital laundering fails to kill diarrhea spores, study finds
24 Self-lubricating condom may boost user satisfaction, scientists say
25 Better treatments for acute myeloid leukemia sought with largest dataset
26 Preeclampsia tied to tripling of dementia in later life
27 Scientists closer to drug that cuts nicotine dependence
28 U.S. birth rates continue to drop as new moms get older
29 150-year-old drug might improve cancer radiation therapy, study says
30 Study: Simple test may help predict recovery after stroke
31 Triple-drug therapy may be 'breakthrough' for cystic fibrosis treatment
32 Omega-3 fatty acids in seafood could help maintain health over time
33 New genetic cause of severe childhood epilepsy identified
34 First esophagus grown from stem cells transplanted into mice
35 Physical activity lowers death risk from heart disease, study says
36 Test strips for fentanyl may help prevent overdoses
37 Antiviral med fuels rapid decline in new HIV infections in gay men: Study
38 E-cigarettes slowed wound healing in animal study
39 Experts issue warning about 'baby boxes'
40 Researchers find link between Alzheimer's, herpes
41 Study shows higher rate of stroke among pot smokers
42 CDC: Half of all Americans trying to lose weight
43 Study suggests skin creams may be safe during radiation for cancer
44 Young Juul users may not know they're addicted to nicotine
45 Study: Nearly a quarter of Juul's Twitter followers are under 18
46 Study: Breastfeeding may help keep babies safe from dangerous bacteria
47 Corruption, environment, death are U.S. adults' greatest fears
48 Hormonal changes might lead to hernias, mouse study suggests
49 More than 3,000 people hurt carving pumpkins in 2017
50 Trial: Chemo, antibody drug combo treats aggressive breast cancer
51 Adding radiotherapy to prostate cancer treatment improved survival in trial
52 Grown stem cells may help men infertile from childhood cancer treatment
53 Gum disease could make blood pressure problems worse
54 Common genetic link found in lung conditions, study finds
55 Machine learning may help identify ideal dementia treatments
56 Widely used antipsychotics may not ease delirium in ICU
57 Stroke risk persists for months after heart attack, study says
58 Opting for organic foods may reduce risk for some cancers
59 Stiff arteries increase risk for dementia, study says
60 OCD symptoms could be reduced with 'brain-training' app, study says
61 Study: Lavender's smell, not absorption in lungs, relaxes mice
62 Study: Short questionnaire may detect GI disorder in autistic children
63 Nerve on a chip may improve prosthetic design
64 Study: Gut bacteria nearly recovers after antibiotics regimen
65 Microplastics found in feces of all participants of small study
66 One in ten frequent pot users experience withdrawal symptoms
67 Brisk walks may decrease need for replacement of arthritic knees
68 Study: Poorer care at for-profit nursing homes than nonprofits, private homes
69 FDA too quick to call BPA chemical safe, health experts say
70 Uncontrolled blood pressure may indicate high lead levels in shin bones
71 Medical bills 'toxic' for some breast cancer patients
72 Whole-brain radiation procedure preserves cognitive function in trial
73 FDA approves first new flu drug in 20 years
74 Study: Mice lose weight from simulation of cold, nicotine
75 Study: Antibiotics trigger bowel disease but fiber minimizes effects
76 ACE inhibitors linked to increased risk for lung cancer
77 Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease symptoms shows promise
78 Compound from Rhodiola plant improved memory in mice in study
79 Repeated head blows may contribute to football concussions
80 Obesity shouldn't rule out kidney transplant, new study suggests
81 Study: Newer shingles vaccine far more effective
82 New epilepsy warning device detects severe nighttime seizures
83 Moss-like plant may help with pain more than medical marijuana
84 New vaginal ring to prevent HIV, pregnancy safe in study
85 In Massachusetts, nearly 5 percent of people over 11 abuse opioids
86 Gene linked to dyslexia associated with lower concussion risk
87 Paid leave mainly boosts breastfeeding rates for affluent moms
88 Study: Annual flu shot won't cut effectiveness for kids
89 Experts stress caution at seeking ADHD diagnosis
90 Experimental vaccine may reduce risk of post-stroke blood clot
91 FDA considers labeling sesame for food allergies
92 Loneliness pushes up dementia risk by about 40 percent
93 Dogs may be able to sniff out malaria, study says
94 Births less than a year apart increase risk for baby, older moms
95 Common chemical linked to language delay in children
96 Four in 10 mistakenly believe alternative therapies cure cancer
97 Study: Salt consumption factors in multiple sclerosis development
98 No benefit to treatment for low-risk mild hypertension, analysis suggests
99 Safety concerns are main reason parents hesitate on HPV vaccine
100 U.S. should lower standard for donor kidneys, experts say
101 FDA outlaws lead in hair dye
102 Vegan diet may boost mental, physical heath of diabetics
103 New study shows marijuana may harm teen brain
104 Prenatal exposure to antidepressants, antipsychotics not linked to autism risk
105 Blood donations spike after mass shootings, but some may not be used
106 Spinal cord stimulation breakthrough helps paralyzed patients walk
107 Removal of appendix may lower risk for Parkinson's disease
108 Minimally invasive surgery less effective than open surgery for cervical cancer
109 Half of older women have incontinence, many don't tell their doctor
110 Anti-seizure drug may be effective against depression for some patients
111 First FDA-approved drug containing marijuana extract goes on sale in U.S.
112 Fentanyl showing up in crack cocaine, causing overdoses
113 Risk of picking up infection at hospital in U.S. going down
114 Diabetes drugs may help curb development of dementia