File Title
1 When light Causes a Photoinduced Phase Transition
2 Scientists to Debate Mars 2020 Landing Site for Next Rover
3 Wind Farms Cause More Environmental Impact than Previously Thought
4 Physicist Details the Shape of a Symmetrical Wormhole
5 SOFIA Observations Reveal Possible Key to Black Hole Activity
6 ACME Collaboration Sets Size Limit for Undiscovered Subatomic Particles
7 Counting Down to the Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) Launch
8 Kes 75: The Youngest Known Pulsar in the Milky Way
9 Fermi Energizes the Sky with Gamma-Ray Constellations
10 Spitzer Observations of Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua
11 Hubble Program Views Superflares from Young Red Dwarf Stars
12 Hubble Views Glittering Star Cluster in Nearby Galaxy
13 Probiotics and Antibiotics Eradicate Drug-Resistant Bacteria
14 Hubble Image of the Week--Unbarred Spiral Galaxy NGC 5033
15 Scientists Find Missing-In-Action Multiple Sclerosis Genes
16 AI Controlled Quantum Error Correction System Capable of Learning
17 NASA CubeSaturday, Captures Its First Image of Mars
18 Measuring the Age of the Universe with Gravitational Waves
19 Dendrites Help Explain the Unique Computing Power of Our Brain
20 Gravitational Waves May Provide an Extremely Precise Measurement of the Universe's Rate of Expansion
21 Spitzer Views Newborn Stars Blowing Bubbles in the Cat's Paw Nebula
22 Operation IceBridge Spots 2 Strangely Shaped Icebergs
23 Ancient Parasites Unlock Secrets of Human History
24 Astronomers Discover Ultra-Close Stars Inside Planetary Nebula M3-1
25 NASA's JunoCam Detects Atmospheric Wave Trains on Jupiter
26 New NASA Podcast Brings Listeners a Side of NASA They Never Heard of Before
27 ESO's Very Large Telescope Captures Amazing Image of the Skull and Crossbones Nebula
28 New Telescopes Are Beginning to Zero in on Habitable Planets
29 Hubble Space Telescope Captures the Ghost of Cassiopeia
30 Juno Views Swirling White Cloud in Jupiter's South South Temperate Belt
31 Mars Express Observes the Evolution of a Cloud Formation Hovering Over Arsia Mons
32 Mars 2020 Parachute a Go, Third ASPIRE Test Sets Record
33 Hubble Uses Gravitational Lensing to View Galaxy Cluster SDSS J0915+3826
34 Astrophysicists Complete Polarimetric Investigation of Near-Earth Asteroid 3200 Phaethon
35 Mathematical Relationship Sheds Light on the Rate at Which Cancer Cells Mutate
36 Light Echoes in Eta Carinae Nebula Reveal Two-Stage Shock-Powered Event
37 Astronomers Reveal Small Planetary Systems Around Metal-Poor Hosts
38 New Research Explains How LSD Changes Perception
39 Parker Solar Probe Becomes Closest Spacecraft to Sun
40 Kepler Space Telescope Retired, Planet-Hunting Torch Passed to TESS
41 MIT Develops New Way to Help Blood Cells Regenerate Faster
42 Researchers Train AI Bot to Recognize Galaxies
43 GRAVITY Instrument Captures Observations of Material Orbiting Close to a Black Hole
44 Sea snail shells are dissolving as the ocean gets more acidic
45 Light melts matter differently than heat, study shows
46 Movement of the tropics altered human history during the last 800 years
47 Scientists probe how dogs process words
48 Climate models fail to predict air pressure shift above Greenland
49 Evolution can't keep up with the human-caused extinction crisis
50 Forest carbon stocks overestimated for half-century due to flawed formula
51 Climate change could disrupt global beer supply
52 Scientists record Antarctica's singing ice shelf
53 ULA launches military comms satellite on Atlas V rocket
54 Satellite monitoring could help curb illegal fishing in shark sanctuaries
55 Astronomers locate gravitational wave source's cosmic cousin
56 Rising seas threaten dozens of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
57 Virtual reality can boost empathy
58 Dandelion seeds use a novel form of flight to get around
59 Too much biodiversity can be bad for some ecosystems
60 Scientists want to blast holes in clouds with laser to boost satellite communication
61 Paleontologists identify world's earliest-known flesh-eating fish
62 National Weather Service predicts wetter, milder winter for much of the U.S.
63 Chemists design world's first high-temperature single-molecule magnet
64 Earth's core is definitely solid, study finds
65 Human neurons are electrically compartmentalized, study finds
66 People with good spatial memory are better at smelling
67 Study: Air pollution deaths in U.S. dropped by half between 1990, 2010
68 Students help scientist ID the sonic signatures of solar storms
69 Hotter temps, human activity explain increase in storm runoff, flash floods
70 Reef fish become less aggressive after coral bleaching
71 Asian elephants are very good at math, study shows
72 450 million-year-old enzyme recreated to catalyze chemical reactions
73 As temperatures, CO2 levels rise, plants get less nitrogen
74 Oldest intact shipwreck discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea
75 Shrinking snow coverage threatens Arctic biodiversity
76 Scientists identify new cell structure
77 Labrador color may determine lifespan, researchers report
78 Your pets know what time it is, study shows
79 Salmon graveyard gives rise to forest in Alaska
80 Researchers detail the many benefits of 'rewilding'
81 Breathing through your nose can boost memory consolidation
82 New Caledonian crows combine small tools to build bigger compound tool
83 Bible helps scientists develop more sophisticated translation algorithm
84 Parker Solar Probe image shows Earth from 27 million miles away
85 Scientists discover first new species of crocodile in 85 years
86 Scientists ID new 'missing link' species between dinosaurs, birds
87 U.S. has 18 'very high threat' volcanoes, USGS says
88 Smoke alarm with mother's voice wakes children faster
89 New process could reduce cost of manufacturing plastic
90 Two Milky Way satellite galaxies collide
91 Rice scientists say nanotube film could make for better batteries
92 Fish evolved near shorelines, not in deep waters, study says
93 Two radio telescopes give clues on energy bursts outside galaxy
94 Chocolate's origin 1,500 years earlier than thought, archaeologists find
95 Report: European air pollution remains at deadly levels
96 Sulfur regulations on coal power plants could improve air quality, study says
97 Newly discovered toxic pollutant found in homes, environment
98 Parker Solar Probe breaks speed record, becomes closest spacecraft to sun
99 Study: World vertebrates population down 60 percent in 40 years
100 Russia to resume ISS launches in November after failed mission
101 Researchers: Elephant birds were noctural, blind
102 Astronomers confirm black hole inside Milky Way
103 Tiny beetle gives clues for continental drift
104 Study: Oceans warming 60 percent more than previously thought
105 Study: Colored bird eggs come from dinosaurs
106 Two-thirds of remaining wilderness on Earth located in five countries
107 Chemicals used in Deepwater Horizon spill were ineffective, study says
108 Russia to hold 2 new space launches in wake of Soyuz failure
109 'Robust' coral produces amino acids to defend against bleaching