File Title
1 Astronomers discover the giant that shaped the early days of our Milky Way
2 Major corridor of Silk Road already home to high-mountain herders over 4,000 years ago
3 Gaps in understanding European children's nutrient intake levels
4 Stress protein could be used to prevent childhood obesity in males
5 World's last wilderness may vanish
6 WSU researchers discover new clues on how sleep works in the brain
7 Anti-CD47 cancer therapy safe, shows promise in small clinical trial
8 Nanostraws deliver molecules to human cells safely and efficiently
9 LJI investigators discover how protein pair controls cellular calcium signals
10 Controlling future summer weather extremes still within our grasp
11 Older fathers associated with increased birth risks, Stanford study reports
12 Appendix identified as a potential starting point for Parkinson's disease
13 The ESRF cryo-electron microscope bears fruit in its first year
14 The when, where and what of air pollutant exposure
15 New report finds tropical disease causing heart problems in dogs assisting with homeland security duties
16 Off-patent drug appears promising as broad-spectrum antifungal
17 JILA researchers see signs of interactive form of quantum matter
18 Low-fat diet increases cancer survival rate in mice, study finds
19 Is it brain infection or cancer? A new rapid test could hold the answer
20 Review reveals ambiguous understanding of genetic privacy in US study participants
21 Ballistic beetles seek safety in numbers by sheltering with other species
22 Widely used mosquito repellent proves lethal to larval salamanders
23 Researchers discover earliest recorded lead exposure in 250,000-year-old Neanderthal teeth
24 Pessimism around youth suicide prevention approaches is unfounded, study shows
25 New research suggests the imaginary worlds of children reflect positive creativity
26 New quantum criticality discovered in superconductivity
27 MDM2 inhibitors could be promising new treatment for uveitis
28 New images show serotonin activating its receptor for first time
29 Research: heat-resistant enzymes could produce more cost-effective drugs
30 Take a lot of sick days? Who you know and where you live might be partly to blame
31 New study finds unique immunity genes in one widespread coral species
32 Your showerhead slime is alive
33 Army scientist seeks enhanced soldier systems through quantum research
34 Bioluminescent substance discovered in Brazilian cave worm larva
35 New study offers hope for patients suffering from a rare form of blindness
36 eDNA emerges as powerful tool for tracking threatened river herring in Chesapeake Bay
37 Researchers solve the mystery of the bird from Atlantis
38 We all want 'healthy aging,' but what is it, really? New report looks for answers
39 Concurrent chemo-radiotherapy should be a treatment option for elderly patients with LS-S
40 To fight email scammers, take a different view. Literally.
41 Where water goes after fracking is tied to earthquake risk
42 Searching in soil, scientists find a new way to combat tuberculosis
43 Study: Impact of mercury-controlling policies shrinks with every five-year delay
44 Quit rates are low and not increasing among cigarette smokers with mental health problems
45 Zika circulates among wild animals in the Americas, making eradication nearly impossible
46 Drug combination for treatment resistant depression no more effective than single
47 Breakthrough in childhood brain cancer
48 Study finds tennis elbow treatments provide little to no benefit
49 Cancer drug insight tactic could spell double trouble for tumors
50 New tech delivers high-tech film that blocks electromagnetic interference
51 People with Internet addiction react the worst when WiFi fails
52 New study finds evidence of brain injuries in football players at surprisingly young age
53 Strengthening self-regulation in childhood may improve resiliency later in life
54 Supply chain transparency needed to combat soaring insulin costs
55 Cocaine-fentanyl overdoses underscore need for more 'test strips' and rapid response
56 People link body shapes with personality traits
57 Fear of disloyalty drives bias against bicultural immigrants
58 Children who experience violence early in life develop faster
59 Experts call for a targeted approach to cancer prevention
60 A shortcut in the global sulfur cycle
61 Updated European guidance for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in women
62 Zebrafish larvae help in search for appetite suppressants
63 Watching whales from space
64 Making collective sense of brainwaves
65 Bee diversity and richness decline as anthropogenic activity increases, confirm scientists
66 Novel antibacterial drugs developed at University of Eastern Finland
67 The protein Matrin-3 determines the fate of neural stem cells in brain development
68 'Cryptic' interactions drive biodiversity decline near the edge of forest fragments
69 Fatal measles case highlights importance of herd immunity in protecting the vulnerable
70 Seeing cell membranes in a new light
71 Making a map of the brain
72 New report shows viability of reversing cost of diabetes, driving significant savings impact
73 SQZ cell engineering technology shows key advantages for developing cell therapies
74 NIH BRAIN Initiative debuts cell census of mouse motor cortex--for starters
75 End-of-life care preferences of Chinese adults vary based on whether they have children
76 To ward off fatty liver, breast is best for mom
77 Workers without paid sick leave endure significant financial worries
78 Barn swallows may indeed have evolved alongside humans
79 New study takes first step toward treating endometriosis
80 High exposure to radio frequency radiation associated with cancer in male rats
81 Road to cell death more clearly identified for Parkinson's disease
82 Diabetes medications may reduce Alzheimer's disease severity
83 The Lancet Oncology: For new HPV DNA test, study finds there may be little benefit in screening women aged 55 with a negative test
84 How sheep grazing affects the Norwegian mountains
85 Children account for almost half of sport injury-related A&E attendances
86 Plants rely on their resident bacteria to protect them from harmful microbes
87 'Robust' corals primed to resist coral bleaching
88 Dangerous blood pressure caused by specific signalling in the brain
89 Twenty years on, measuring the impact of human stem cells
90 Study buckles down on child car seat use in ride-share vehicles
91 Fishing for new leads in a rare melanoma
92 Women carrying rare breast cancer variants more likely to develop interval breast cancers
93 Observation of blood vessel cell changes could help early detection of blocked arteries
94 Prenatal exposure to malaria may determine disease susceptibility early in life
95 Editing nature: A call for careful oversight of environmental gene editing
96 Farmers market vendors need training to improve food-safety practices
97 Glutamine metabolism affects T cell signaling and function
98 Llama-derived antibodies provide universal flu protection
99 Micro-earthquakes preceding a 4.2 earthquake near Istanbul as early warning signs?
100 In-hospital infections increase odds of readmission for stroke patients
101 Anti-convulsant drug significantly reduced major depression symptoms
102 Poll: Half of women over 50 experience incontinence, but most haven't talked to a doctor
103 Specific CD8 T cell states may indicate response to immune checkpoint therapy for melanoma
104 Stanford, Apple describe heart study with over 400,000 participants
105 Atomic path from insulator to metal messier than thought
106 Insurance-related disparities in timely access to gold standard dialysis procedure
107 Quantum on the edge: Light shines on new pathway for quantum technology
108 How cancer-causing papillomaviruses evolved
109 Lymph nodes are niches for prolonged tuberculosis infection
110 The FASEB Journal: Young plasma restores aged livers
111 Reducing US coal emissions through biomass and carbon capture would boost employment
112 Immigration to the United States changes a person's microbiome
113 Yangtze dams put endangered sturgeon's future in doubt
114 How invading jumping genes are thwarted
115 Long-term prognosis of Chagas patients improved with anti-parasite drug