File Title
1 Online sperm donors more agreeable: QUT study
2 Model paves way for faster, more efficient translations of more languages
3 NUS study: RNA defects linked to multiple myeloma progression in high risk patients
4 OSU helps establish roadmap for filling the gaps in forest pollinator research
5 UCSC chemists develop safe alternatives to phthalates used in plastics
6 Investigators study how a protein factor contributes to cancer cell migration
7 New method peeks inside the 'black box' of artificial intelligence
8 Hot brew coffee has higher levels of antioxidants than cold brew
9 New study found deep sea chemical dispersants ineffective in Deepwater Horizon oil spill
10 Virtual program successful in linking adult protective services, geriatric specialists
11 Researchers find the origin of an isolated bird species on South Atlantic island
12 Empathetic machines favored by skeptics but might creep out believers
13 Shape-shifting robots perceive surroundings, make decisions for first time
14 Lyme disease predicted to rise in United States as climate warms
15 Biomarker discovered for most common form of heart failure
16 2D magnetism: Atom-thick platforms for energy, information and computing research
17 Gut bacteria may control movement
18 PAPPA2: A genetic mystery
19 A record-long polymer DNA negative
20 Location of wastewater disposal drives induced seismicity at US oil sites
21 Hubble reveals cosmic Bat Shadow in the Serpent's Tail
22 Diagnosing and treating personality disorders needs a dynamic approach
23 Kent scientists unlock secrets of falcon DNA
24 High-resolution MRI imaging inspired by the humble antenna
25 A wilderness 'horror story'
26 Machines that learn language more like kids do
27 UA targeting rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare pediatric cancer with few treatment options
28 Neuroscientists find molecular clue in ALS, suggesting potential new drug target
29 Too many fishers in the sea: The economic ceiling of artisanal fisheries
30 Domestic violence is widely accepted in most developing countries, new study reveals
31 Inflammation can lead to circadian sleep disorders
32 Best practices in palliative care supported by growing evidence base, study finds
33 Cytokine levels could predict immunotherapy problems
34 Important biomedical microscopy technique can now image deeper into tissue
35 Large cells for tiny leaves
36 Time-lapse shows thirty years in the life of supernova 1987A
37 Study links cottonseed oil with lower cholesterol
38 Muscle-building proteins hold clues to ALS, muscle degeneration
39 Genes that could lead to improvement of beef cattle are identified
40 Neonatal birthweights increase in direct proportion to number of births
41 Oxygen levels impact on species' ability and willingness to fight
42 Could bariatric surgery make men more virile?
43 CNIO finds the origin of a type of thrombocytopenia caused by an oncogene
44 Earth's oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought
45 Understanding endometriosis
46 Baby-naming trends reveal ongoing quest for individuality
47 A bullet-proof heating pad
48 The materials engineers are developing environmentally friendly materials
49 Pain sensitization increases risk of persistent knee pain
50 New insight into the mechanism of the drug against sclerosis and psoriasis
51 Photos in social media reveal socio-cultural value of landscapes
52 Hard cider, with a shot of sugar
53 Previously jailed vets at increased risk of suicide
54 Machine learning improves accuracy of particle identification at LHC
55 Scholars: Estonian soil is surprisingly rich in species
56 Bose-Einstein condensate generated in space for the first time
57 Trading sex for sleep--Aging dormice shorten their hibernation for more reproduction
58 Sussex breakthrough prepares quantum computers to leave the lab
59 Mycoplasma pathogens sneaking past our line of defense
60 Dolutegravir, an alternative first-line HIV treatment for low and middle-income countries
61 Physical and human capital rather than military spending key for economic growth in Russia
62 Colectomy associated with increased risk of diabetes
63 Is there a risk to human health from microplastics?
64 Microplastics in food--Many unanswered questions among scientists and the general public
65 Cocaine adulterant may cause brain damage
66 More black South Africans are donating blood
67 A new pharmacological molecule improves the safety of canine sedation and anaesthesia
68 Ultrasensitive toxic gas detector
69 Eco-friendly waterproof polymer films synthesized using novel method
70 Are we losing one of our biggest CO2 sinks?
71 Reproducing pediatric kidney disease from human iPS cells
72 A fully human system to cultivate skin cells for grafting
73 Cooling 'brains on fire' to treat Parkinson's
74 Chirality of vitamin-D derivative affects the protonation states of its receptor protein
75 Two-cells-in-one combo therapy could bolster leukemia treatment
76 Relapsed leukemia flies under immune system's radar
77 Breakthrough neurotechnology for treating paralysis
78 A comprehensive 'parts list' of the brain built from its components, the cells
79 Unique type of skeletal stem cells found in 'resting zone' are actually hard at work
80 Babies born at home have more diverse, beneficial bacteria, study finds
81 Study: Denosumab effective in treating osteoporosis in transfusion dependent thalassemia
82 Minimally invasive surgery associated with worse survival for women with cervical cancer compared to open hysterectomy
83 Cold therapy offers promising prevention against taxane-induced dermatologic events
84 Fertilizers' impact on soil health compared
85 Strong ability to detect and perceive motion may prevent pilot disorientation
86 New research recovers nutrients from seafood process water
87 Naturally occurring 'batteries' fueled organic carbon synthesis on Mars
88 Potential markers identified for early detection and prevention of liver cancer
89 For early cervical cancer, open hysterectomy is safer than minimally invasive surgery
90 UMass Medical School study safely delivers RNAi-based gene therapy for ALS in animal model
91 European workers fail to maintain water balance
92 What happened in the past when the climate changed?
93 Don't underestimate the force
94 Flexy, flat and functional magnets
95 Artificial intelligence bot trained to recognize galaxies
96 Karate kicks keep cockroaches from becoming zombies, wasp chow
97 Good news! Study says life span normal when Parkinson's does not affect thinking
98 Decoding how brain circuits control behavior
99 Changes to RNA aid the process of learning and memory
100 Dinosaurs put all colored birds' eggs in one basket, evolutionarily speaking
101 Small association between early antibiotic exposure and weight gain in young children
102 Minimally invasive surgery for early-stage cervical cancer may increase risk of death
103 3 percent of children hit daily activity target
104 Infants of older fathers are more likely to be less healthy at birth
105 Can bacteria colonies be good neighbors?
106 Most detailed observations of material orbiting close to a black hole
107 'Game-changing' skin sensor could improve life for a million hydrocephalus patients
108 Appendix removal tied to decreased Parkinson's disease risk in about 20 percent of cases
109 Single women freeze their eggs to avoid 'panic parenting,' study finds
110 Common medications taken during pregnancy are not associated with risk for autism