File Title
1 How to Pee a Brick (And Help Save the Planet While You Do It)
2 Creepy AI-Created Portrait Fetches $432,500 at Auction
3 Ancient Travelers Created These Sprawling Circular Structures During Pit Stops
4 'Painted People' in Scotland Developed Written Language 1,700 Years Ago
5 'Does it Fart?' Authors Drop Book Number Two, 'True or Poo?'
6 This Week's Strangest Science News
7 Hawaiian Island Vanishes Overnight
8 A Baby Fly Burrowed into a Woman's Skin During Belize Honeymoon. She Noticed It 2 Months Later.
9 750-Year-Old Wooden Idols, Some Wearing Masks, Uncovered in Peru
10 There Are 18 Volcanoes that Pose a 'Very High Threat' to American Life
11 Military Mystery Solved: Two Guys Out-Googled Google for an Image of Secretive US Base
12 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
13 Why Are There So Many Pigeons?
14 Social Inequality Left Its Mark on 5,000-Year-Old Alpine Village
15 Why Is Laughter Sometimes Scary?
16 Why Believing in Ghosts Can Make You a Better Person
17 Why Do Some People Feel More Pain than Others?
18 Hidden Monuments and Cookie-Cutter 'Suburbs' Discovered in Ancient Izapa Kingdom
19 Want to Be a Bat Hero this Halloween? Don't Visit the Batcave. (Op-Ed)
20 The US Is Throwing Out Donor Kidneys that Could Be Given to Patients, Study Says
21 'Unprecedented' Number of Dead Whales Have Washed Up in Scotland and Ireland
22 Are Anti-Vaxxers to Blame for Europe's Current Measles Outbreak?
23 Rare Leftovers of 'Vampire' Fish, Favored by Medieval Foodies, Found in London
24 Banned Ozone-Depleting Chemical Was Used Illegally in China
25 Robbers Tried to Steal an ATM, but Instead Helped Uncover Lost Medieval Artifacts
26 Ghostly Dumbo Octopus Makes Rare Appearance in Dazzling Deep-Sea Video
27 Why Do People like Pumpkin Spice So Much?
28 Nearly Half of Americans Think Alternative Medicine Can Cure Cancer. It Can't.
29 High Vitamin D Levels Linked with Better Fitness
30 'Alien Invasion' Radio Broadcast Terrified Listeners 80 Years Ago. Would E.T. Contact Cause Panic Today?
31 The Parachute that Will Help Gently Plop the Rover Down on Mars also Broke a World Record on Earth
32 Here Are the Real (and Freaky) Experiments that Inspired 'Frankenstein'
33 Tiny Beetle Entombed in Amber 99 Million Years Ago Reveals How Continents Shifted
34 A NASA Spacecraft Just Broke the Record for Closest Approach to Sun
35 These Duck-Billed Dinosaurs Wore Their Instruments on Their Heads
36 Study uncovers key parts of mechanism for activating T cells to fight cancer and other diseases
37 Lifespan and sexual maturity depends on your brain more than your body
38 Life-changing intersection between big data and therapeutic pipeline in neuromuscular disease
39 When silence acts as a mirror
40 Becoming more sensitive to pain increases the risk of knee pain not going away
41 Laser technique may open door to more efficient clean fuels
42 New and better marker for assessing patients after cardiac arrest
43 Tiny light detectors work like gecko ears
44 Solving a 100-year mystery in blood pressure research
45 Droplet Digital PCR enables precise detection and quantification of a promoter mutation prevalent in many cancer types
46 Reducing methane emissions can play a key role in reducing ozone worldwide
47 Facial Asymmetry Increases with Age
48 Do psychiatric symptoms remain stable over time? New reviews
49 The Indians of the Ecuadorian Amazon were using cocoa 5300 years ago
50 Antibiotic resistance increases relapse in urinary tract infections
51 UC researchers developing test for early breast lesions
52 Research sheds light on conspiracy theory elements
53 Novel technique can potentially improve success of ovarian cancer treatment, study reveals
54 Single protein controls thousands of genes essential for sperm development
55 Brain-inspired methods to improve wireless communications
56 Preventing sudden cardiac death with genome editing
57 Making a transparent flexible material of silk and nanotubes
58 UMN Medical School researchers contribute to important neurological discovery
59 Flood of genome data hinders efforts to ID bacteria
60 Effective treatments for urticarial vasculitis
61 Scientists call for unified standards in 3D genome and epigenetic data
62 Universities begin redesigning principal preparation programs
63 Effective treatments for urticarial vasculitis
64 Scientists call for unified standards in 3D genome and epigenetic data
65 Universities begin redesigning principal preparation programs
66 Flexible, stable and potent against cancer
67 Russian scientists obtain new results in the study of inorganic pigments with apatite structure
68 Mount Sinai researchers find wheat oral immunotherapy to be therapeutic for allergic patients
69 Next generation of watch springs
70 Advertising in mobile apps for young children--Study raises concerns about frequency and content
71 How will Texas law HB 810 impact stem cell-based intervention clinics?
72 Young men more likely to die in summer, older people in winter despite local climate
73 How the world's fastest muscle created four unique bird species
74 Researchers have assembled Eurasian perch genome
75 Dopamine drives early addiction to heroin
76 University of Barcelona researchers describe a new anatomic structure in the ankle
77 New species of Swallowtail butterfly discovered in Fiji
78 When the Syrians bathed like the Romans
79 Fermented dairy products may protect against heart attack
80 How LSD changes perception
81 An end to arachnophobia 'just a heartbeat away'
82 AAFP releases new how to feed a cat consensus statement to the veterinary community
83 Are we immune to the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing scissors?
84 Balloon measurements reveal dust particle properties in free troposphere over desert
85 High stability of the hepatitis B virus
86 Tianhe-2 supercomputer works out the criterion for quantum supremacy
87 Scientific breakthrough: Promising new target for immunotherapy
88 Simple, mass production of giant vesicles using a porous silicone material
89 These new techniques expose your browsing history to attackers
90 APA Stress in America: Generation Z stressed about issues in the news but least likely to vote
91 Discovery of Zika virus in monkeys suggests disease may also have wild cycle
92 Researchers find correlation between showerhead bacteria and lung infections
93 Suicide more prevalent than homicide in US, but most Americans don't know it
94 Study: Increasing frequency of ocean storms could alter kelp forest ecosystems
95 Researchers teach 'machines' to detect Medicare fraud
96 Not just for children: Study shows high prevalence of atopic dermatitis among US adults
97 Bigger brains associated with greater cancer risk
98 Tests show integrated quantum chip operations possible
99 Pedestrian fatalities increase on Halloween, particularly among children
100 Giant killers
101 Spay and neuter for dogs: Avoiding the health consequences
102 Study uncovers high levels of previously unsuspected pollutant in homes, environment
103 The 10-foot-tall microscopes helping combat world's worst diseases
104 How some heart cells cope with high blood pressure
105 Report outlines priorities to improve the lives of cancer survivors and caregivers
106 Owls help JHU scientists unlock secret of how the brain pays attention
107 Tiny beetle trapped in amber might show how landmasses shifted
108 Research uncovers key differences in brains of women and men with schizophrenia
109 Study reconstructs Neandertal ribcage, offers new clues to ancient human anatomy
110 Your blood pressure and heart rate change to meet physical and social demands
111 Vitamin D levels in the blood linked to cardiorespiratory fitness
112 One month of abstinence from cannabis improves memory in adolescents, young adults
113 Advertising in kids' apps more prevalent than parents may realize
114 Pseudarthrosis following single-level ACDF is five times more likely when a PEEK interbody device is used