File Title
1 How this researcher's risky idea could mean big things for regenerative medicine
2 Modern slavery and climate change are in a vicious cycle of degradation, according to experts
3 Does your dog have a bacterial infection? This test could tell you in two minutes.
4 Itchy Dog Project extended to all breeds of dog
5 Labrador retrievers at risk of various health problems
6 Can schools of fish be identified without human intervention?
7 Two rhinos die in Chad after being relocated from S. Africa
8 China-backed hydro dam threatens world's rarest orangutan
9 Researchers find genomic evidence of rapid adaptation of invasive Burmese pythons in Florida
10 Albatrosses to spy out illegal fishing
11 Breaching dams to save Northwest orcas is contentious issue
12 With the right help, bears can recover from the torture of bile farming
13 Shark washes up dead on Florida shore with old hat wrapped around head
14 Invasive forage grass leads to grassland bird decline
15 Invasive forage grass leads to grassland bird decline
16 New study may provide clues to how birds began to fly
17 Mystery of how black widow spiders create steel-strength silk webs further unravelled
18 Ancient enzymes the catalysts for new discoveries
19 Researchers wake-up DNA from soil bacteria to discover novel acid antibiotic
20 Secondary building units (SBUs)--the turning point in the development of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
21 Study describes cellular factories in greater detail
22 One more reason to love the striped bass: Antimicrobials
23 New algorithm can more quickly predict LED materials
24 Producing defectless metal crystals of unprecedented size
25 Nanodiamonds as photocatalysts
26 Scientists solve 3-D structure of cystic fibrosis protein in active, inactive states
27 Researchers unfold secret stability of bendy straws
28 A new cermet that could provide a better heat exchange for solar power plants
29 Pathogens may evade immune response with metal-free enzyme required for DNA replication
30 Research gives new insight into the evolution of the nervous system
31 Shining light on the separation of rare earth metals
32 Placing atoms for optimum catalysts
33 A chemical criterion for rating movies
34 Electrical enhancement: Engineers speed up electrons in semiconductors
35 Combined X-ray and fluorescence microscope reveals unseen molecular details
36 Cellular clean-up crews linked to how body handles sugar
37 Chemists test a new nanocatalyst for obtaining hydrogen
38 Tuning the electrocatalytic performance of bifunctional catalysts
39 New, durable catalyst for key fuel cell reaction may prove useful in eco-friendly vehicles
40 This RNA-based technique could make gene therapy more effective
41 A stabilizing influence enables lithium-sulfur battery evolution
42 Japanese Nobel chemistry laureate Shimomura dies at 90
43 Scientists report technique to prolong lifespan of perovskite solar cells
44 Src regulates mTOR, a major player in cancer growth
45 Chemist obtains a nanocatalyst base from rice husk
46 Chemists develop method to obtain catalyst-, surfactant- and template-free polymeric nanoparticles
47 Uncovering secret structure to safer explosives
48 Valuable insights into the modeling, application, and production of bioactive materials
49 Controlling organic semiconductor band gaps by electron-acceptor fluorination
50 Cellular stress defense
51 Engineers report a new method for producing new flexible LCD screens
52 Computer model for designing protein sequences optimized to bind to drug targets
53 Fluorine flows in, makes material metal
54 New test rapidly identifies antibiotic-resistant superbugs
55 Modification of amino acids provides new starting point for development of medical treatments
56 Antilock brake system in arteries protects against heart attack
57 How scientists are fighting infection-causing biofilms
58 Biomaterials with 'Frankenstein proteins' help heal tissue
59 Building a better battery, layer by layer
60 Musk says LA Hyperloop tunnel to be unveiled December 10
61 Monitoring electromagnetic signals in the brain with MRI
62 Origami cushions protect drones from collisions
63 Origami, 3-D printing merge to make complex structures in one shot
64 Artificial intelligence--parking a car with only 12 neurons
65 BinaryGAN: a generative adversarial network with binary neurons
66 Samsung 7nm EUV LPP spells out new day for its chip-making future
67 3-D bioprinting technique could create artificial blood vessels, organ tissue
68 Patent talk shows Samsung's ideas for future phone design
69 Americans lose confidence they can sniff out social media bots
70 Researchers demonstrate 120-kilowatt wireless charging for vehicles
71 Clapping Music app reveals that changing rhythm isn't so easy
72 A new strategy to correct imperfections in occupancy grid maps
73 How your little email server puts you in charge
74 Neural network that securely finds potential drugs could encourage large-scale pooling of sensitive data
75 Researchers put forward a roadmap for quantum internet development
76 First proof of quantum computer advantage
77 3D-printed supercapacitor electrode breaks records in lab tests
78 Researchers show what can happen when a drone collides with an airplane
79 SLAP: Simultaneous Localization and Planning for autonomous robots
80 MELT 3-D printer designed for use in microgravity
81 Qualcomm unwraps chipsets, talks up 60GHz WiFi solutions
82 Carbon fiber can store energy in the body of a vehicle
83 'DAWG' system aims to prevent attacks made possible by Meltdown and Spectre
84 3D-printed lithium-ion batteries
85 Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe joins exodus from Facebook
86 Netflix to borrow another $2 billion to pay its programming bills
87 Industrial robots increase wages for employees
88 Turning 'big brother' surveillance into a helping hand to the homeless
89 Some cybersecurity apps could be worse for privacy than nothing at all
90 Ryanair's Dutch-based cabin crews to strike Tuesday
91 Offshore wind farms to test business in deep water
92 Japan orders Facebook to improve data protection
93 Japan firms fined $3.4 million over maglev bid-rigging
94 AI and human creativity go hand in hand
95 Fiat sells auto parts unit to Japan's Calsonic for 6.2 billion euros
96 Electronics giant Philips posts mixed results in Q3
97 Ryanair first-half profits fall 7% after widespread strikes
98 Germany urges global minimum tax for digital giants
99 Facebook does, indeed, want to track your calls on device
100 Facebook hires British ex-deputy PM as global affairs head
101 Hydrogen car prototype
102 Virtual learning robot for youngsters