File Title
1 A New Search for Extrasolar Planets from the Arecibo Observatory
2 Molecular Outflow Launched Beyond Disk Around Young Star
3 Astronomers Track the Birth of a 'Super-Earth'
4 Odd planetary system around fast-spinning star doesn't quite fit existing models of planet formation
5 First discovery of an exoplanet with SPHERE VLT
6 Re-making planets after star-death
7 New branch in family tree of exoplanets discovered
8 Astronomers Explain Formation of Seven Exoplanets Around TRAPPIST-1
9 Flares May Threaten Planet Habitability Near Red Dwarfs
10 Citizen scientists uncover a cold new world near sun
11 Giant Ringed Planet Likely Cause of Mysterious Eclipses
12 The race to trace TRAPPIST-1h
13 Radio Detection of Lonely Planet Disk Shows Similarity with Stars
14 ALMA eyes icy ring around young planetary system
15 New 'styrofoam' planet provides tools in search for habitable planets
16 NASA's Scientific Balloon Program Reaches New Heights
17 NASA Completes Balloon Technology Test Flight
18 Russian engineers develop new surveillance, missile defense airships
19 Super Pressure Balloon Flight Enables Pioneering Infrasound Study
20 China to build first Mars simulation base
21 Space Race: NASA Faces Competition from SpaceX for First Mars Mission
22 Elon Musk's vision of a self-sustaining city on Mars published in New Space
23 Collateral damage from cosmic rays increases cancer risks for Mars astronauts
24 HI-SEAS Mission V Mars simulation marks midway point
25 Engineers investigate simple, no-bake recipe to make bricks on Mars
26 Humans May Quickly Evolve on Mars, Biologist Claims
27 UCI celestial census indicates that black holes pervade the universe
28 Primordial black holes may have helped to forge heavy elements
29 Spiral arms allow school children to weigh black holes
30 Shocking case of indigestion in supermassive black hole
31 Groundbreaking discovery confirms existence of orbiting supermassive black holes
32 Scientists make waves with black hole research
33 RIT study suggests dying stars give newborn black holes a swift kick
34 The world's most powerful X-ray laser beam creates 'molecular black hole'
35 Do stars fall quietly into black holes, or crash into something utterly unknown?
36 Collapsing Star Gives Birth to a Black Hole
37 VLA reveals new object near supermassive black hole in famous galaxy
38 Mapping supermassive black holes in the distant Universe
39 Discovery in the Early Universe Poses Black Hole Growth Puzzle
40 Merging galaxies have enshrouded black holes
41 Supermassive black holes found in 2 tiny galaxies
42 Peering into Black Holes Using an Earth-sized Telescope
43 Seeing Black Holes and Beyond
44 Stars born in winds from supermassive black holes
45 Gravitational wave kicks monster black hole out of galactic core
46 Breaking the supermassive black hole speed limit
47 NASA's swift mission maps a star's 'death spiral' into a Black Hole
48 Scientists identify a black hole choking on stardust
49 Hubble dates black hole's last big meal
50 Rapid changes point to origin of ultra-fast black hole 'burps'
51 Exploring Colliding Black Holes and Neutron Stars
52 Stars Regularly Ripped Apart by Black Holes
53 Changes of supermassive black hole in the center of NGC 2617 galaxy
54 Black hole is producing its own fuel for star-making
55 Black-hole-powered jets forge fuel for star formation
56 A middleweight black hole is hiding at the center of a giant star cluster
57 Middleweight Black Hole Hiding in Giant Star Cluster
58 Black Hole Meal Sets Record for Duration and Size
59 Our galaxy's black hole is spewing out planet-size 'spitballs'
60 LIGO expected to detect more binary black hole mergers
61 Deepest X-ray image ever reveals black hole treasure trove
62 NASA Guide Outlines Deep Space Rocket's Unprecedented Capabilities
63 Navy completes testing fixes on electro-magnetic launch systems
64 Russia to Supply Largest Ever Number of Space Rocket Engines to US this Year
65 Spiky ferrofluid thrusters can move satellites
66 Aerojet Rocketdyne tests Advanced Electric Propulsion System
67 On the road to creating an electrodeless spacecraft propulsion engine
68 ArianeGroup starts production of VINCI engine combustion chamber
69 SLS Core Stage Production Continues for Rocket's First Flight
70 Developing Landing Tech for Space
71 NASA and Industry Team Successfully Test Orion Launch Abort Motor
72 India's Kerosene-Based Semi-Cryogenic Engine to Be Flight Test Ready by 2021
73 India shows off space prowess with launch of mega-rocket
74 Colossal rocket-launching plane rolls toward testing
75 NASA's Space Launch System Engine Testing Heats Up
76 Russia to create new Super-Heavy Class rocket after 2025
77 Neptune: Neutralizer-free plasma propulsion
78 Aerojet Rocketdyne tests 3D-printed rocket
79 Washington Still Has No Engine to Replace Russian-Made RD-180
80 Sunshield layers fully integrated on James Webb Space Telescope
81 Chandra Peers into a Nurturing Cloud
82 NASA's Webb Telescope 'Hangs Out' in Houston
83 Dazzling spiral with an active heart
84 Chandra Samples Galactic Goulash in Arp 299
85 China launches its first X-ray space telescope
86 The VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz large project
87 Jackpot! Cosmic magnifying-glass effect captures universe's brightest galaxies
88 NASA Team Takes on a New Optical Challenge--the Lyman Alpha Limit
89 China's space telescope to observe "big eaters" in universe
90 First Stone Ceremony for ESO's Extremely Large Telescope
91 Secondary Mirror of European Extremely Large Telescope Cast
92 ASKAP telescope to rule radio-burst hunt
93 First array release of images taken with MeerKAT 32
94 NASA delivers detectors for ESA's Euclid spacecraft
95 China offers over million dollars for someone to operate world's largest radio telescope
96 India Eyes Big Business with Africa in Space Exploration
97 Calls for peace on eve of tense Kenya election
98 Rwanda's Kagame in landslide poll win with around 98% of votes
99 European support for Sahel 'mutually reinforcing': Germany
100 Adama Barrow: how do you solve a problem like The Gambia?
101 China warns Botswana over Dalai Lama visit
102 Peace deal eludes Senegal's Casamance, 35 years on
103 Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection
104 Active machine learning for the discovery and crystallization of gigantic polyoxometalate molecules
105 Ferroelectric phenomenon proven viable for oxide electrodes, disproving predictions
106 UBC research unearths Canadian sapphires fit for a queen
107 Scientists discover new magnet with nearly massless charge carriers
108 Making telescopes that curve and twist
109 A plastic planet
110 Nature-inspired material uses liquid reinforcement