File Title
1 Researchers produce new map of seismic hazards
2 Hidden river once flowed beneath Antarctic ice
3 Heart Safe program boosts CPR and AED use in participating communities
4 Postnatal identification of Zika virus peptides from saliva
5 Johns Hopkins materials scientists probe a protein's role in speeding Ebola's spread
6 Once invincible superbug squashed by 'superteam' of antibiotics
7 Can 'reading' leaves lead to more drought-tolerant crops?
8 A tougher tooth
9 Researchers find an alternative mode of bacterial quorum sensing
10 CRI scientists discover vitamin C regulates stem cell function, curbs leukemia development
11 People favor highly reviewed products, even when they shouldn't
12 Plants under heat stress must act surprisingly quickly to survive
13 Gut microbes may talk to the brain through cortisol
14 Research reveals potential target for alcohol liver disease
15 Searching for the 'signature' causes of BRCAness in breast cancer
16 Collaborative effort aims to replace rabbit test for personal lubricant products
17 McLean researchers uncover security issues with health apps for dementia patients
18 Mechanism that impairs production of bovine embryos is revealed
19 80 percent of Ebola survivors suffer disabilities one year after discharge
20 Do video game players make the best unmanned pilots?
21 Computer algorithm automatically recognizes soccer formations and defensive strategies
22 A good read: AI evaluates quality of short stories
23 How a non-coding RNA encourages cancer growth and metastasis
24 Understanding brittle crack behaviors to design stronger materials
25 Our brains do change from early to mid-adulthood
26 Harvard-Osher integrative medicine's mind-body partnership with JACM
27 Overcoming the last line of antibiotic resistance against bacterial infections
28 Spaser can detect, kill circulating tumor cells to prevent cancer metastases, study finds
29 New meta-analysis shows peer influence doubles smoking risk for adolescents
30 CHEO researchers identify practices leading to safer outcomes in procedural sedation for children
31 Both chimpanzees and humans spontaneously imitate each other's actions
32 CAMH study shows global estimates of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder among children
33 Claim lines with diagnoses of anaphylactic food reactions climbed 377 percent from 2007 to 2016
34 Newly developed nomograms provide accurate predictions for patients with oropharyngeal cancer
35 Research could help robots to correct errors on-the-fly and learn from each other
36 When fish swim in the holodeck
37 Many young cancer patients do not receive adequate fertility information and support
38 'Lost city' used 500 years of soil erosion to benefit crop farming
39 Chronic stress induces fatal organ dysfunctions via a new neural circuit
40 A&E attendance for people with dementia is common and increasing
41 In Neptune, it's raining diamonds
42 Heating quantum matter: A novel view on topology
43 Nagoya physicists resolve long-standing mystery of structure-less transition
44 Biochemical 'fingerprints' reveal diabetes progression
45 Before the flood: What drives preparedness?
46 Systematically studying slippery surfaces
47 Post-whaling recovery of Southern Hemisphere
48 'Electronic skin' takes wearable health monitors to the next level
49 Evolutionary arms 'chase'
50 Targeted forest regeneration: A blueprint for conserving tropical biological diversity?
51 Back-to-school worries for parents? 1 in 3 very concerned about bullying, cyberbullying
52 Warmer waters from climate change will leave fish shrinking, gasping for air
53 Researchers identify key compounds to resolve abnormal vascular growth in AMD
54 Shocking gaps in basic knowledge of deep sea life
55 Our hairy insides
56 Racial stereotypes influence perception of NFL quarterbacks
57 Virus reprograms ocean plankton
58 Rare resistance mutation reduces treatment choices for urinary tract infections
59 Immune cells contribute to treatment resistance in aggressive breast cancers
60 Have flowers devised the ultimate weapon of distraction?
61 Repairing damaged hearts with self-healing heart cells
62 Link between cells associated with aging and bone loss
63 Behavior theory may offer key to ensuring infants are put to sleep safely
64 Are there racial differences in cognitive outcomes based on BP targets?
65 What hours are worked by women, men in dual-physician couples with kids?
66 New tool identifies diabetes patients at risk for low blood sugar emergencies
67 Polarization for controversial scientific issues increases with more education
68 Analysis of a 'rusty' lunar rock suggests the moon's interior is dry
69 Research reveals 'exquisite selectivity' of neuronal wiring in the cerebral cortex
70 Scientists create 'diamond rain' that forms in the interior of icy giant planets
71 Study sheds light on why some breast cancers have limited response to immunotherapy
72 Antarctic salt-loving microbes provide insights into evolution of viruses
73 Dino-killing asteroid could have thrust Earth into 2 years of darkness
74 CRC screening with flexible sigmoidoscopy reduces risk for death [+ other topics]
75 Chemicals from gut bacteria maintain vitality in aging animals
76 Comparison of screening recommendations indicates annual mammography
77 Cholesterol-lowering drugs may fight infectious disease
78 Zebrafish larvae could be used as 'avatars' to optimize personalized treatment of cancer
79 FANTOM5 releases first integrated atlas of microRNA expression in human primary cells
80 Sedentary behavior increases risk of death for frail, inactive adults
81 Afternoon slump in reward response
82 A holodeck for flies, fish and mice
83 Into the wild for plant genetics
84 Comprehensive genomic analysis offers insights into causes of Wilms tumor development
85 Zika virus stifles pregnant women's weakened immune system to harm baby, USC study finds
86 Smart label could one day let you know when to toss food and cosmetics (video)
87 Clay-based antimicrobial packaging keeps food fresh
88 New vaccine could someday fight the effects of opioid combinations
89 Sopping up sunblock from oceans to save coral reefs (video)
90 Avocado seed husks could be a gold mine of medicinal and industrial compounds
91 Remarkable artistry hidden in ancient Roman painting revealed
92 Licorice is a hot trend in hot flashes, but could interact with medications
93 Key protein to regulate synapse formation
94 3-D particle tracking? There's an app for that
95 Sugars in human mother's milk are new class of antibacterial agents
96 People who hear voices can detect hidden speech in unusual sounds
97 Mussel-inspired glue could one day make fetal surgery safer
98 Silk could improve sensitivity, flexibility of wearable body sensors
99 No guts no glory: Harvesting the microbiome of athletes
100 Sugars in some breast milk could help protect babies from group B strep
101 Testing TVs and tablets for 'green' screens
102 Energized fabrics could keep soldiers warm and battle-ready in frigid climates
103 Wood frogs research clarifies risks posed to animals by warming climate
104 Few women with history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer take a recommended genetic test
105 Novel approach to track HIV infection
106 Ocean channel in Bahamas marks genetic divide in Brazilian free-tailed bats
107 OU astrophysicist predicts detached, eclipsing white dwarfs to merge into exotic star
108 To reduce postoperative pain, consider sleep--and caffeine
109 New bioimaging technique is fast and economical
110 Research reveals how physical exercise protects the heart