File Title
1 Study of California kidney cancer shows declining incidence, end of a trend
2 Discovered: A quick and easy way to shut down instabilities in fusion devices
3 Make way for hemoglobin
4 Paper: Clinical signs best predictors of mortality in critically ill calves
5 Smokers 20 percent more likely to quit when cigarettes cost $1 more
6 ASTRO supports US Nuclear Regulatory Commission final rule
7 GIST tumors linked to NF1 mutations, genetic testing needed
8 Despite benefits, half of parents against later school start times
9 Hot spot at Hawaii? Not so fast
10 Can Twitter aid disaster response? New IST research examines how
11 A map of the cell's power station
12 Researchers discover new chemical process that could reduce nitrogen oxides from diesel exhaust
13 Population health impact of infants born small for gestational age in low- and middle-income countries
14 Mechanisms explaining positional diversity of the hindlimb in tetrapod evolution
15 Scientists from the MSU studied new liquid-crystalline photochrom
16 Organ crosstalk: Fatty liver can cause damage to other organs
17 Virus with an eggshell
18 Special issue of Future Medicinal Chemistry explores immunotherapy edit article
19 Smart computers
20 New study rebuts the claim that antidepressants do not work
21 How whip-like cell appendages promote bodily fluid flow
22 Drug resistance in an intestinal parasite of piglets confirmed for the first time
23 Yemen's Saudi-led coalition is responsible for the 'worst cholera outbreak in the world'
24 Initial preliminary assessment of the health risks posed by longer-term consumption of foods contaminated with fipronil
25 Lasers used to detect risk of heart attack and stroke
26 A heart made of spider silk
27 Fipronil in foods containing eggs: Estimations of maximum tolerable daily consumption
28 Identifying individual atmospheric equatorial waves from a total flow field
29 Allergies: Cross-reactivity between cypress pollen and peaches/citrus fruits explained
30 Right kind of collaboration is key to solving environmental problems
31 CAS scientists make autism advance using monkey model
32 The power of perovskite
33 Gene variant activity is surprisingly variable between tissues
34 The Western Ghats of India revealed two new primitive species of earthworm
35 Seeking the secret ingredient in the original smallpox vaccine
36 Histone 1, the guardian of genome stability
37 Doctors exploring how to prescribe income security
38 Mount Sinai identifies mechanism for resilience in people with high risk of bipolar disorder
39 Citrus: From luxury item to cash crop
40 Climate change and habitat conversion combine to homogenize nature
41 Researchers unlock cheesemaking secret
42 Solutal Marangoni flows of miscible liquid drive transport without surface contamination
43 Archaeologists uncover ancient trading network in Vietnam
44 The laws of attraction: Pheromones don't lie, fruit fly research suggests
45 Cholesterol crystals are sure sign a heart attack may loom
46 Journalists successfully used secure computing to expose Panama Papers, researchers say
47 New gene catalog of ocean microbiome reveals surprises
48 AI implications: Engineer's model lays groundwork for machine-learning device
49 UMass Amherst computer scientists offer new techniques to measure social bias in software
50 Gold nanostars and immunotherapy vaccinate mice against cancer
51 Noninvasive eye scan could detect key signs of Alzheimer's years before patients show symptoms
52 Study validates East Antarctic ice sheet to remain stable even if western ice sheet melts
53 Astrophysicists explain the mysterious behavior of cosmic rays
54 Engineering team images tiny quasicrystals as they form
55 Antibiotics found to weaken body's ability to fight off disease
56 Female mouse embryos actively remove male reproductive systems
57 Potato waste processing may be the road to enhanced food waste conversion
58 Early rotator cuff surgery yields good long-term outcomes
59 Study of nervous system cells can help to understand degenerative diseases
60 Lab tests show molecule appears to spur cell death in tumors, inflammation
61 Army researcher's paper named 'Editor's Pick' in journal Optics Letters
62 Older users like to snoop on Facebook, but worried others might snoop on them
63 University of Florida, US Army develop model for lighter armor
64 Should I stay or should I leave?
65 Smithsonian manatee count informs policy recommendations
66 Smells like queen spirit
67 Ray of hope for more abundant wheat crops
68 Two-step process leads to cell immortalization and cancer
69 Do occupational factors affect reproductive health and chronic disease risk for nurses?
70 Scientists have transferred an office scanner into a new tool for soil color evaluation
71 When Russian teenagers start drinking
72 Scientists compare soil microbes in no-till, conventional tilling systems of Pacific Northwest farms
73 Slowing dangerous bacteria may be more effective than killing them, researchers report
74 Researchers printed graphene-like materials with inkjet
75 Peroxisomes identified as 'fighters' in the battle against bacterial infections
76 College freshmen who weighed themselves daily lost body fat
77 First successful wild whale shark health assessments performed
78 Young people with chronic illness more likely to attempt suicide
79 Scientist emphasizes importance of multi-level thinking
80 Digging in the dirt
81 Wistar scientists develop novel immunotherapy technology for prostate cancer
82 Kids learn moral lessons more effectively from stories with humans than human-like animals
83 NASA's ICESat-2 preps for laser tests
84 New study reassures women about the safety of vaginal estrogen
85 How the genome sets its functional micro-architecture
86 Poisonings went hand in hand with the drinking water in Pompeii
87 Collagen in cartilage tissues behaves like liquid crystals in a smart phone screen
88 Federal snack program does not yield expected impacts, Virginia Tech researchers find
89 Bacteria stab amoebae with micro-daggers
90 Gender norms are still important for women's choice of college major
91 New proposal for a subspecies definition triggered by a new longhorn beetle subspecies
92 Experiences of stroke survivors with visual impairments examined
93 Coronary artery disease in patients undergoing coronary angiography
94 Early Indian Ocean trade routes bring chicken, black rat to eastern Africa
95 Are stem cells the link between bacteria and cancer?
96 Data revealed under FOI shows benefits of MS drug currently blocked by regulators
97 Researchers develop dissolvable, easy-to-use milk capsules
98 Latency of seizures determined by diet
99 Recently discovered brain chemical 'NPGL' controls appetite and body fat composition
100 Super-photostable fluorescent labeling agent for super-resolution microscopy
101 Artificial womb raises hope for premature babies
102 Communicating in a foreign language takes emotion out of decision-making
103 Algal blooms cost Ohio homeowners $152 million over six years
104 Florida flood risk study identifies priorities for property buyouts
105 UBC researcher looks to the future of bone replacements
106 Computer approaches human skill for first time in mapping brain
107 Noninvasive retinal imaging may improve early detection of Alzheimer's disease
108 A better way to measure mortality trends?
109 Ocean exploration uncovers one of Cuba's hidden natural treasures
110 Smoking linked to frailty in older adults