File Title
1 NASA protects its super heroes from space weather
2 Researchers make surprising discovery about how neurons talk to each other
3 Vitamin C may encourage blood cancer stem cells to die
4 Discovery could lead to new catalyst design to reduce nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust
5 Outdoor light at night linked with increased breast cancer risk in women
6 Visual impairment among older adults associated with poor cognitive function
7 Hemorrhagic fevers: Countering inflammation to prevent circulatory failure
8 Contraceptive pill linked to lowered risk of rheumatoid arthritis
9 First evidence that e-cigarettes may be prompting UK teens to try the real thing
10 Scientists identify central neural circuit for itch sensation
11 Study shows cigarette makers shifted stance on nicotine patches, gum
12 Bird-brained? Not at all: Reed warblers reveal a magnetic map
13 Families bear most of the costs related to dementia care
14 Schoolchildren who use e-cigarettes are more likely to try tobacco
15 How we recall the past
16 Community health workers lead to better health, lower costs for Medicaid patients
17 Higher rural suicide rates driven by use of guns
18 Only two-thirds of trainee GPs plan to work in NHS general practice
19 New terahertz imaging approach could speed up skin cancer detection
20 Simulation shows the high cost of dementia, especially for families
21 Researchers show how particular fear memories can be erased
22 Mind flex
23 Breaching the sexual differentiation paradigm for reproductive tract development
24 Cloudy water linked to gastrointestinal illnesses
25 Genome analysis with near-complete privacy possible, say Stanford researchers
26 Slippery liquid surfaces confuse mussels
27 Pioneering research reveals how altered brain networks can lead to seizures
28 Energy dense foods may increase cancer risk regardless of obesity status
29 New technique overcomes genetic cause of infertility
30 In search of Edwards' pheasant
31 Worm atlas profiles gene readouts in every cell type in the animal
32 What's the best strategy to increase living kidney donation?
33 Reduced kidney function linked to an increased risk of community-acquired infections
34 Tuberculosis drug may work better than others in its class
35 Male fruit flies can smell a good mate based on her metabolism
36 Researchers describe gene that makes large, plump tomatoes
37 No direct flights for memory retrieval
38 Disrupted gut microbiome makes children more susceptible to amoebic dysentery
39 Reed warblers have a sense for magnetic declination
40 Whales turn tail at ocean mining noise
41 Eye patterns in children: The development of anxiety and emotion
42 Cardiac ICU patient composition is changing over time
43 Smoking raises risk of aneurysm recurrence after endovascular treatment
44 Study: Opioids overused in migraine treatment, regardless of race
45 In a nutshell: Walnuts activate brain region involved in appetite control
46 VA targets healthcare equity for all veterans--new research on reducing health disparities presented in Medical Care
47 Fizzy soda water could be key to clean manufacture of flat wonder material: Graphene
48 Subarachnoid hemorrhage and the need for expert treatment
49 Daily e-cigarette users had highest rates of quitting smoking
50 Comparing the jaws of porcupine fish reveals three new species
51 Injecting manure instead of spreading on surface reduces estrogen loads
52 Scientists discover powerful potential pain reliever
53 New strategy to treat aggressive lung cancer
54 Changing tides: Lake Michigan could best support lake trout and steelhead
55 Molecule increases pregnancy rate and number of offspring in cattle
56 Study calls for action to help adolescents with diabetes transition to adult care
57 Larvaceans provide a pathway for transporting microplastics into deep-sea food webs
58 Sex ads linked to Bitcoin data in a step toward fighting human trafficking
59 Heavily used pesticide linked to breathing problems in farmworkers' children
60 Boron nitride foam soaks up carbon dioxide
61 Spray-on electric rainbows: Making safer electrochromic inks
62 Researchers clarify mystery about proposed battery material
63 Computer scientists use music to covertly track body movements, activity
64 Modern genetic sequencing tools give clearer picture of how corals are related
65 Scientists use magnetic fields to remotely stimulate brain--and control body movements
66 Harnessing rich satellite data to estimate crop yield
67 City College researchers produce smart fabric to neutralize nerve gas
68 Superconductivity research reveals potential new state of matter
69 UMass Amherst researchers find 'switch' that turns on immune cells' tumor-killing ability
70 How future volcanic eruptions will impact Earth's ozone layer
71 Harvard researchers develop tough, self-healing rubber
72 Why teens take risks: It's not a deficit in brain development
73 Moving beyond nudges to improve health and health care policies
74 CU Anschutz and UC San Diego researchers find creosote bush could treat deadly infections
75 A new critically endangered tree species depends on unique habitat found only on Kaua'i
76 Hypothermia after stroke reduces dynamin levels and neuronal cell death
77 Study: Stop thinking your wife is bad with money
78 The nerve-guiding 'labels' that may one day help re-establish broken nervous connections
79 New tool aims to make surgery safer by helping doctors see nerves
80 Blood biopsy reveals unique, targetable genetic alterations in patients with rare cancer
81 Domestic abuse 'workshops' reduce repeat offending and harm to public--study
82 Expert panel reviews neuraminidase inhibitors for the prevention and treatment of influenza
83 Multicolor MRIs could aid disease detection
84 Could olfactory loss point to Alzheimer's disease?
85 Understanding how fish grow their hearts could help humans, professor finds
86 Study: Playing smartphone app aids concussion recovery in teens
87 Now and Zen: Lower prenatal stress reduces risk of behavioral issues in kids
88 A decade of monitoring shows the dynamics of a conserved Atlantic tropical forest
89 Deafness in farmed salmon linked to accelerated growth
90 Popular sungazer lizards under threat from poaching
91 Scientists give star treatment to lesser-known cells crucial for brain development
92 Going 'green' with plant-based resins
93 Follow the Bitcoin to find victims of human trafficking
94 Gold shines through properties of nano biosensors
95 Fish database could help eliminate the ultimate bait and switch
96 Specialists make breakthrough in the treatment of anal cancer
97 Blood-filtering organs fight infections that enter through the skin
98 New report outlines research agenda for microbiomes, indoor environments, and human health
99 Greenland ice flow likely to speed up: New data assert glaciers move over sediment, which gets more slippery as it gets wetter
100 Voter behavior influenced by hot weather
101 HIIT helps combat high insulin resistance--a warning sign for diabetes
102 Candy cane supercapacitor could enable fast charging of mobile phones
103 Antifreeze to improve airplanes, ice cream and organ transplants
104 Smart electrical grids more vulnerable to cyber attacks
105 University of Stirling team discovers new plant in Shetland
106 Telling people not to 'down' drinks could make them drink more
107 Modeling human psychology
108 Researchers map brain tumor cells' adaptation to oxygen deprivation
109 Predators preserve existing animal species
110 129I waste used to track ocean currents for 15,000 km after discharge from nuclear plants