File Title
1 Mosses used to evaluate atmospheric conditions in urban areas
2 Researchers identify estrogen receptor stem cells in the in the mammary gland
3 Biophysics explains how immune cells kill bacteria
4 Mars 2020 mission to use smart methods to seek signs of past life
5 Trying to resist the urge to splurge? Ditch the smartphone
6 Combination of traditional chemotherapy, new drug kills rare cancer cells in mice
7 Raising the minimum wage would reduce child neglect cases
8 Researchers discover fundamental pathology behind ALS
9 What does music mean? Sign language may offer an answer, new research concludes
10 Print no evil: Three-layer technique helps secure additive manufacturing
11 Elevated testosterone causes bull market trading
12 Poll: Senate ACA replacement bill failure related to divisions among Republicans and parties
13 Cell cycle-blocking drugs can shrink tumors by enlisting immune system in attack on cancer
14 Toxic formaldehyde is produced inside our own cells, scientists discover
15 Survey examines pubic hair grooming-related injuries
16 Study examines initial events linked to sustained opioid use
17 Acupuncture, electrotherapy after knee replacement associated with reduced and delayed opioid use
18 Genetic variants found to play key role in human immune system
19 Therapeutic cocktail could restore motor skills after spinal cord injury, stroke
20 Scientists develop blood test that spots tumor-derived DNA in people with early-stage cancers
21 Telemedicine as effective as in-person care for Parkinson's disease
22 Depression overshadows the past as well as the present
23 Using barcodes to trace cell development
24 Children who skip breakfast may not be getting recommended nutrients
25 Study identifies a new way to prevent a deadly fungal infection spreading to the brain
26 Popular immunotherapy target turns out to have a surprising buddy
27 Study solves mystery of how first animals appeared on Earth
28 Why the definition of polycystic ovary syndrome harms women
29 Drug-delivering micromotors treat their first bacterial infection in the stomach
30 For post-menopausal women, vaginal estrogens do not raise risk of cancer, other diseases
31 New research shows promise for improving vascular access for hemodialysis patients
32 Increased support could reduce attrition rates among general surgery residents
33 Heart failure patients, clinicians have differing perceptions of risk level
34 Zika pandemic study shows health authorities can improve communication and monitoring
35 Supermassive black holes feed on cosmic jellyfish
36 Defeating cyberattacks on 3-D printers
37 Broader definition of polycystic ovary syndrome risks 'fear and anxiety' warn experts
38 Study shows improved survival among premature babies, risk of developmental delay remains high
39 The irresistible fragrance of dying vinegar flies
40 Supervolcanoes: A key to America's electric future?
41 Pig-to-person spread of flu at fairs a continued concern
42 Is Parkinson's care via telemedicine as effective as going to the clinic?
43 Cenozoic carnivore from Turkey may have evolved without placental competitors
44 Tropical trees maintain high carbon accumulation rates into old age
45 The environmental injustice of beauty
46 Impaired DNA replication can cause epigenetic changes inherited for several generations
47 Starting opioid addiction treatment in the ED is cost-effective
48 Study reveals the evolutionary history of imperiled salmon stocks
49 Soil microbes persist through National Mall facelift
50 New test differentiates between Lyme disease, similar illness
51 Online education boosts proper use of drugs that prevent blood clots
52 Monash helps address superbug resistance with Phage therapy
53 UCI study uncovers possible roots of schizophrenia
54 How friction evolves during an earthquake
55 The key to drought-tolerant crops may be in the leaves
56 Chapman University publishes research on substance use among transgender students in California
57 Which research results in mice will help humans with MS? Now there's a way to tell
58 Study reveals seven complete specimens of new flower, all 100 million years old
59 Frogs that adapt to pesticides are more vulnerable to parasites
60 Eating habits affect skin's protection against sun
61 Compounds in desert creosote bush could treat giardia and 'brain-eating' amoeba infections
62 A moth and its flame: Mate selection found to evolve from response to flower odors
63 Cosmic magnifying lens reveals inner jets of black holes
64 Empowering patients effectively improves physician hand hygiene
65 Electroconvulsive therapy for depression in older patients may not relieve their insomnia
66 NIAID herpesvirus study in mice leads to discovery of potential broad-spectrum antiviral
67 White matter connectome with cortical lesion map clarifies temporal auditory comprehension
68 NASA, ESA spacecraft track solar storm through space
69 Adding silicon to soil to strengthen plant defenses
70 Detecting a concealed weapon or threat is not easy, even for experienced police officers
71 Child's home learning environment predicts 5th grade academic skills
72 Tracking a solar eruption through the solar system
73 Therapeutic fusion protein could mitigate blood vessel damage from cardiovascular disease
74 Marijuana use amongst youth stable, but substance abuse admissions up
75 Smartphone app may help older adults manage serious mental illness and chronic health conditions
76 Climate change projected to significantly increase harmful algal blooms in US freshwaters
77 High-quality online video with less rebuffering
78 Gaining distribution in small retail formats bring big payoffs even for major brands
79 Archeologists uncover new economic history of ancient Rome
80 A metabolic treatment for pancreatic cancer?
81 Cell economics 101
82 Now you can levitate liquids and insects at home
83 Relativistic self-focusing gives mid-IR driven electrons a boost
84 Gaining influence over others does not increase autonomy
85 Does intracranial pressure monitoring improve outcomes in severe traumatic brain injury?
86 New Machine Learning program shows promise for early Alzheimer's diagnosis
87 Study: Long-term testosterone therapy improves urinary, sexual function and quality of life
88 Signs of distracted driving--pounding heart, sweaty nose
89 Liquid biopsies find distinct genomic profiles in most patients with carcinoma of unknown primary
90 Rhapsody in red violet
91 Look ma, no hands: Researchers use vacuum for hands-free patterning of liquid metal
92 'Organismic learning' mimics some aspects of human thought
93 Soft and spherical: Researchers study dynamics of drop impact
94 Understanding antibiotic resistance
95 Same-sex couples do not influence their adoptive children's gender identity
96 A new method for the 3-D printing of living tissues
97 Russian scientists deny climate model of IPCC
98 Will ketamine treat your depression? Check your activity monitor
99 What does it take to thrive in elite sports?
100 Don't get mad--it's only a game!
101 Two new beetle genera and 4 new species from the Australopacific in a new monograph
102 Study gives first proof that the Earth has a natural thermostat
103 Deep-UV probing method detects electron transfer in photovoltaics
104 Mercury is altering gene expression
105 Development of nanosensor capable of detecting herbicide and its target enzyme binding
106 How tolerance for incivility affects political participation
107 An immune signaling pathway for control of Yellow Fever Virus infection
108 Precision medicine opens the door to scientific wellness preventive approaches to suicide
109 Unique imaging of a dinosaur's skull tells evolutionary tale
110 Scientists identify gene that controls immune response to chronic viral infections