File Title
1 Certara paper shows viral kinetic modeling grows flu knowledge, advances drug development
2 Voting vulnerability
3 Yoga and meditation improve brain function and energy levels
4 Why US battery startups fail--and how to fix it
5 Not adhering to recommended exams for severe narrowing of the aortic valve associated with increased heart failure
6 Health insurance changes, access to care by patients' mental health status
7 UCLA biologists slow aging, extend lifespan of fruit flies
8 Synthetic version of popular anticoagulant poised for clinical trials
9 Mislabeled moisturizers create problems for skin disorder sufferers
10 People who use drugs require prioritization, not exclusion, in HCV elimination
11 Defects in next-generation solar cells can be healed with light
12 New microscopy method for quick and reliable 3-D imaging of curvilinear nanostructures
13 Chronic bronchitis new insights could lead to first diagnostic test and better treatments
14 Handheld 'pen' may bring real-time cancer diagnosis to surgeons' fingertips
15 Older adults who are frail more likely to have negative outcomes after trauma
16 Study finds association between antidepressant use in pregnancy and diagnosis of psychiatric disorde
17 Statins reduce deaths from heart disease by 28 percent in men, says longest ever study
18 Bacterial in-fighting provides new treatment for hospital infections
19 Some stroke survivors may have underlying cancer
20 New diagnostic tool spots first signs of Parkinson's disease
21 Flip-flop qubits: Radical new quantum computing design invented
22 Due to climate change, one-third of animal parasites may be extinct by 2070
23 Predatory journals a global problem
24 For some, smell test may signal Parkinson's disease up to 10 years before diagnosis
25 Scientists discover the 'adrenaline' of the immune system
26 Black teens from Great Recession may have higher risk factors for heart disease, diabetes
27 Discovery of genes linked to preterm birth in landmark study
28 Unneeded medical care is common and driven by fear of malpractice, physician survey concludes
29 Parkinson's severity assessed through drawing
30 'Weekend effect': Risk of dying higher if admitted to intensive care units at the weekend
31 Eighteenth century nautical charts reveal coral loss
32 People synchronize their walking gaits when carrying a stretcher-like object together
33 Pollen stays on bee bodies right where flowers need it for pollination
34 Listening to happy music may enhance divergent creativity
35 Water-based lithium-ion batteries without explosive risks now a reality
36 John Deutch on realistic projections of economic growth and carbon emissions
37 Scientists: New device accurately identifies cancer in seconds
38 Will mallards hybridize their cousins out of existence?
39 Tracking the spread of a deadly fish virus in the Pacific Northwest
40 The protein TAZ sends 'mixed signals' to stem cells
41 Sharp rise in common ownership
42 Research dog helps scientists save endangered carnivores
43 Team finds way to measure key cell regulator's activity
44 Engineer develops key mathematical formula for driving quantum experiments
45 Contributions to veterans in the US criminal justice system identified
46 Heparin stimulates food intake and body weight gain in mice
47 New strategy for vaccinating pregnant mothers against malaria holds promise for protecting infants
48 Study identifies new metabolic target in quest to control immune response
49 Longtime antidepressant could slow Parkinson's
50 Vaccine to prevent most cervical cancers shows long-term effectiveness
51 On a quest to improve treatments for inflammatory bowel disease
52 Superhuman 'night' vision during the total eclipse?
53 Deforestation long overlooked as contributor to climate change
54 Newly-discovered semiconductor dynamics may help improve energy efficiency
55 Split-brain fruit fly research gives new insight into autism
56 NYU Bluestone Center discovers that skin color affects skin sensitivity to heat, mechanical stimuli
57 Researchers develop Lassa fever treatment effective eight days after infection
58 NASA's SDO captures image of mid-level flare
59 Longer, stronger summers in the Gulf of Maine
60 Stanford professor tests a cooling system that works without electricity
61 New app replaces ultrasound with smartphone camera to measure heart health
62 Aeroices: Newly discovered ultralow-density ice
63 Swings in dad's testosterone affect the family--for better or worse--after baby arrives
64 Research shows how DNA molecules cross nanopores
65 Physical activity can lead to difference in diet preferences between males, females
66 Engineers develop tools to share power from renewable energy sources during outages
67 Opioid abuse can be treated successfully in primary care settings, study finds
68 Oregon's marijuana legalization prompted big drop in sales in Washington's border counties
69 Mystery solved: How thyroid hormone prods red blood cell production
70 More durable, less expensive fuel cells
71 Study suggests simple way to predict preterm births
72 Could switchgrass help China's air quality?
73 Midwestern University researchers discover previously unknown cause of nTOS
74 Unplanned Fox News viewing influences likelihood of voting for Republican presidential candidates
75 Invasive plants change ecosystems from the bottom up
76 Eating meat linked to higher risk of diabetes
77 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake: Results from seismic reflection data
78 Birds choose mates with ornamental traits
79 New, ultra-rare gene mutations implicated in eating disorders
80 Newly identified growth factor inhibitors selectively target the cells that cause fibrosis
81 'Extreme' telescopes find the second-fastest-spinning pulsar
82 Dig, dive, survive
83 Warmer world may bring more local, less global, temperature variability
84 Protein shown to be predictor of kidney damage in children
85 Glowing cancer tool illuminates benign, but dangerous, brain tumors during pituitary surgery
86 FDG-PET/CT predicts melanoma patients' response to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy
87 High-flying ducks cross Himalayas
88 Discovery of boron on Mars adds to evidence for habitability
89 Surgeons create 'vacuum' procedure to remove infected pacemaker
90 Foundations: A remedy, with shortcomings, to the journalism crisis
91 Adding commercial soy in developing countries brings unique challenges
92 Aspirin-like pain reliever diflunisal blocks hearing protein
93 New insights into bacterial toxins
94 Childhood socioeconomic status associated with arterial stiffness in adulthood
95 Side effects of antidepressants used for chronic pain relief
96 Scientists find new evidence about how to prevent worsening pneumonia
97 Spotting risky behavior crucial in cutting road accidents
98 Studies call for expansion and digitization of Arctic museum collections
99 A revolution in lithium-ion batteries is becoming more realistic
100 Rice U. solubility study could impact energy, biology, environment
101 Getting hook bending off the hook
102 Rare footage of a new clearwing moth species from Malaysia reveals its behavior
103 'Waves' of neural activity give new clues about Alzheimer's
104 Man-made reefs: A compelling diving alternative--Ben-Gurion U. study
105 How to implement Advance Care Planning for patients
106 The sniff test of self-recognition confirmed: Dogs have self-awareness
107 Preventing exercise-induced bronchospasm
108 Study shows transgender students are at significant risk for suicidal thoughts
109 How receptors for medicines work inside cells
110 Global 'community' rallies for the Reef