File Title
1 Nursing home workers often fail to change gloves, risking spread of infection: New study
2 Hepatocellular carcinoma: Resection vs. transplantation
3 Separating septic and aseptic operating areas is unnecessary
4 Why it's difficult to predict evolutionary fate of a new trait
5 Young birds suffer in the city
6 Blocking sweet taste receptors can help body fight off sinus infections
7 New guidelines discourage use of brain imaging as a 'lie detector' for chronic pain
8 'Triggers': A new tool to assess cancer patients' palliative needs
9 Internal mechanism found to be responsible for the limitless growth potential of epithelial tumors
10 Pembrolizumab: promising response rate in pretreated metastatic gastric cancer
11 New data confirms superiority of docetaxel based triplet therapy in gastric cancer
12 LORELEI: Taselisib boosts breast tumor shrinkage
13 Patients with high risk prostate cancer may benefit 'equally' from two new treatments
14 Rucaparib boosts progression-free survival in BRCA mutant recurrent ovarian cancer
15 An emergency method for measuring strontium levels in milk can be used in routine studies
16 How to draw electricity from the bloodstream
17 Under-reporting of vertebral fractures by radiologists: A missed opportunity
18 High-speed quantum memory for photons
19 Are we being watched? Tens of other worlds could spot the Earth
20 Immune cells help fat deal with environmental challenges
21 An officer and a gentlewoman from the Viking army in Birka
22 Lung cancer: Scientists find answer to resistance
23 A-MUD: A method for automatically detecting mouse song
24 Who is the chief culprit of dust concentrations over East Asia?
25 NUS scientists unravel new insights into promising semiconductor material
26 Eye changes may signal frontotemporal lobe degeneration
27 Scientist finds secret to thriving
28 When electrons ride a wave
29 Patients feel psycho-social impact of chemo more acutely than physical side effects
30 Number of Europeans exposed to secondhand smoke at work rising to more than 1 in 4
31 Folic acid may mitigate autism risk from pesticides
32 What mediates the beneficial effects of exercise on breast cancer outcomes?
33 Medicaid expansion linked to lower uninsured rates
34 Endobronchial valve treatment appears to improve lung function in patients with severe emphysema
35 New software can detect when people text and drive
36 Do we need to reform international drug treaties as more countries legalize cannabis?
37 Machine learning enabled mobile microscope for monitoring air quality
38 New treatment on the horizon for type 1 diabetes sufferers
39 Frailty and older men: Study identifies factors that speed/slow progression
40 New treatment significantly improved bladder activity after spinal cord injury
41 From bed to bench and back to bed: Mimicking how HPV-positive cancer responds to treatment
42 Are you barking up the wrong tree by sleeping with your dog?
43 Algorithm uses Instagram posts to advise tourists on attractions most favoured by locals
44 New porcelain crab species from Colombia named
45 Extreme weather has limited effect on attitudes toward climate policies
46 Science: Sharpest image of Alzheimer's fibrils shows previously unknown details
47 How tails help geckos and other vertebrates make great strides
48 Better understanding of 'one of the most complex organs' for better lung treatments
49 Cilia: 'The bouncer' of bacteria
50 Alcohol industry misleading the public about alcohol-related cancer risk
51 UT Austin study raises question: Why are fossilized hairs so rare?
52 Ship exhaust makes oceanic thunderstorms more intense
53 Curious properties
54 Critical Materials Institute develops new acid-free magnet recycling process
55 Study: SNAP benefits aren't enough to afford a healthy diet
56 New method for producing malaria treatment at large scales
57 UCI, JPL investigators find direct evidence of sea level 'fingerprints'
58 Research team discovers 'rubber material' that could lead to scratch-proof paint for car
59 Tweet life vs. street life: Exploring the gap between content and feelings
60 Chemical hot spots
61 Many ICU survivors depressed: IU study finds young and African-Americans at highest risk
62 UTA researchers discover connection between low oxygen levels and a human gene
63 Study: Biomarkers as predictive of sepsis as lengthy patient monitoring
64 Using antidepressants during pregnancy may affect your child's mental health
65 Link between positive emotions and health depends on culture
66 Researchers develop 3-D-printed biomaterials that degrade on demand
67 Nutrition has benefits for brain network organization, new research finds
68 Double targeting ligands to identify and treat prostate cancer
69 What makes alcoholics drink? Research shows it's more complex than supposed
70 Pluto features given first official names
71 Climate change for aliens
72 A cellular tango: Immune and nerve cells work together to fight gut infections
73 Long-term opioid prescription use jumps threefold over 16-year period, study suggests
74 Exchanges of identity in deep space
75 Study finds length of stay critical factor in readmission rates at hospitals
76 Fifty-fifty split best for children of divorce
77 Individuality drives collective behavior of schooling fish
78 A fair wage for global garment industry workers?
79 Life expectancy trends tied to 2016 voting choices
80 A new way to directly convert methane to methanol using gold-palladium nanoparticles
81 New facial recognition findings could help develop new treatments for conduct disorder
82 Intermittent electrical brain stimulation improves memory
83 Want your question answered quickly? Use gestures as well as words
84 DNA sequencing could open up new drug indications for patients with rare cancers
85 Research shows links between explicit material and early sexual behaviour
86 Australian Magpie 'dunks' its food before eating, researchers find
87 Paint by numbers
88 The doubly magic nucleus of lead-208--it spins, though it shouldn't!
89 Trigger for fatty liver in obesity
90 New research disputes claims that climate change helped spark the Syrian civil war
91 Fast magnetic writing of data
92 Sometimes you shouldn't say sorry
93 Hip fracture often deadly, Australian study shows
94 Ultraviolet light from superluminous supernova key to revealing explosion mechanism
95 Hidden Inca treasure: Remarkable new tree genus discovered in the Andes
96 Drivers don't ignore a ringing phone but do ignore the risk
97 Neuroscientists explore the risky business of self-preservation
98 Big data may amplify existing police surveillance practices, study shows
99 Mediterranean-style diet may eliminate need for reflux medications
100 Link established between a molecular driver of melanoma & novel therapeutic agent
101 Children exposed to chemicals in 9/11 'dust' show early signs of risk of heart disease
102 Interrupting Parkinson's disease
103 City kids with asthma suffer less if they live near a park
104 Researchers find shortened telomeres linked to dysfunction in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
105 Scientists make methanol using air around us
106 New dental imaging method uses squid ink to fish for gum disease
107 Penn researchers closer to uncovering a new feature in heart failure
108 Johns Hopkins Health System Reduces Unnecessary Transfusions with New Blood Management Program
109 Private payments for hospital care in Indiana are high relative to Medicare, study finds
110 Potentially lifesaving implantable cardioverter defibrillators underutilized in eligible patients