File Title
1 The USA threatened by more frequent flooding
2 New method for monitoring fetal heartbeat
3 The evolutionary origin of the gut
4 KEYNOTE-040 evaluates pembrolizumab in head and neck cancer
5 Adjuvant nivolumab superior to ipilimumab in surgically resected stage III/IV melanoma
6 Combination targeted adjuvant therapy doubles relapse-free survival in stage III melanoma
7 MSU biologist learned what Przewalski's horse ate more than a century ago
8 Revolutionary process could signal new era for gene synthesis
9 Using mirrors to improve the quality of light particles
10 A biosensor detects adulteration of horse in beef meat within 1 hour
11 Desert locusts: New risks in the light of climate change
12 Report identifies key policies to address health inequities
13 Ancient wetlands offer window into climate change
14 Cold region 'tipping point' now inevitable
15 Muscle nuclei: May the force be with you
16 Brain Composer: 'Thinking' melodies onto a musical score
17 Sleep apnea common in atrial fibrillation patients
18 Correlation between height and risk of thrombosis
19 Coral loss on Palm Islands long precedes 2016 mass bleaching on Great Barrier Reef
20 Air pollution cuts 3 years off lifespans in Northern China
21 Modulating T-cell metabolism uncovers new technology for enhancing immunotherapy
22 Long sitting periods may be just as harmful as daily total
23 Hints from hemoglobin lead to better carbon monoxide storage
24 Penn: How openings in Antarctic sea ice affect worldwide climate
25 Scientists track the brain-skull transition from dinosaurs to birds
26 Mitochondrial metastasis suppressor pathway controls tumor cell metabolic reprogramming
27 Savings less than expected for generic oral chemotherapy
28 Self-assembling nanoparticle arrays can switch between a mirror and a window
29 Study: Individuals with developmental disabilities experience health care disparities
30 Clinical trials often unregistered, unpublished
31 ERC frontier research leaves its mark: 73 percent breakthroughs or major advances
32 Fire ant venom compounds may lead to skin treatments
33 New research shows people of black or mixed ethnicities less likely to be monitored for diabetes and complications
34 Variation in genetic risk explains which people develop type 1 diabetes in later life
35 Hospital admission with common liver disease puts people with type 2 diabetes at much greater risk of cardiovascular disease and death
36 New FAT score technique may allow for better targeting of obesity surgery
37 Studies on UK couples suggest they share the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes
38 HRT can slow decline in lung function for middle-aged women
39 Offspring of female mice exposed to e-cigarettes have increased risk of allergic asthma
40 Asthma linked to increase in fertility treatment
41 Chronic cell death promotes liver cancer
42 Connecting up the quantum internet
43 A novel and practical fab-route for superomniphobic liquid-free surfaces
44 Coffee and bees: New model of climate change effects
45 New study reveals hidden burden of lupus among Hispanic and Asian women in Manhattan
46 Study estimates R&D spending on bringing new cancer drug to market
47 The turbulent healing powers of plasma
48 Cell surface protein may offer big target in treating high-risk childhood cancers
49 Gut microbes may influence multiple sclerosis progression
50 Reports reveal racial and ethnic disparities in lupus rates
51 Does health insurance status affect childhood cancer survival?
52 New recommendations aim to help pregnant women with HIV make informed choices
53 'Epigenetic' changes from cigarette smoke may be first step in lung cancer development
54 Researchers find 'internal clock' within live human cells
55 Metabolically healthy obese, underweight individuals still susceptible to heart disease
56 Looking stressed can help keep the peace
57 People with disabilities face major hurdles accessing health care in UK
58 Man develops cyanide poisoning from apricot kernel extract
59 Evidence for potential harms of light drinking in pregnancy 'surprisingly' limited
60 Mixing and matching yeast DNA
61 Proteins keep a grip on cells
62 When ancient fossil DNA isn't available, ancient glycans may help trace human evolution
63 Clouds like honeycomb
64 Study shows so-called 'healthy obesity' is harmful to cardiovascular health
65 Smoking slowly changes lung cells to increase the odds for cancer
66 Climate change a buzzkill for coffee lovers
67 Watch out for hype--science 'spin' prevalent, researchers warn
68 Successful transcatheter treatment of severe cardiac failure, a world first
69 Science spin prevalent, researchers warn
70 New guideline for screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms
71 Massachusetts off-road-vehicle law significantly reduces injuries, hospitalizations in children
72 Childhood maltreatment may change brain's response to threat
73 Study confirms that sedentary time is a significant risk factor for all-cause mortality
74 A new genetic marker for schizophrenia
75 Beverage industry capitalizing on countries with fewer health regulations
76 Eleven new studies suggest 'power poses' don't work
77 Emergency doctors evaluate chest pain quickly and safely
78 Incidence of acute myocardial infarction may increase the day after Asian dust exposure
79 'Triggers': A new tool to assess cancer patients' palliative needs
80 Mature results favor pembrolizumab as second-line treatment for bladder cancer
81 Ramucirumab plus docetaxel improves progression-free survival in urothelial cancer
82 Debate on duration of colon cancer adjuvant chemotherapy takes centre stage at ESMO 2017
83 Children with asthma are being prescribed unnecessary antibiotics
84 E-cig refills contain irritants, and people who smoke and use e-cigs suffer more symptoms
85 E-cigarettes linked to increased arterial stiffness, blood pressure and heart rate in humans
86 Nurses' regular use of disinfectants is associated with developing COPD
87 Explosive birth of stars swells galactic cores
88 Neck mass in adults: Guideline for evaluation provides framework for timely diagnosis
89 Study confirms chemoradiation is best treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer
90 Abemaciclib initial therapy improves outcome in endocrine-sensitive advanced breast cancer
91 Osimertinib improves progression-free survival in patients with EGFR mutated lung cancer
92 Durvalumab improves progression-free survival in stage III lung cancer
93 Cancer patients struggle with key aspects of clinical trial methodology
94 Abdominal fat a key cancer driver for postmenopausal women
95 Respiratory tract infections in young children linked to asthma and worse lung function
96 Study challenges perception that empathy erodes during medical school
97 Who is eating who? How climate change is modifying fish predator prey interactions
98 South Asians with family history of heart disease at greater risk
99 Study on climate change shows how cities can prioritize public health
100 A sweeter way to make green products
101 Lazy ants make themselves useful in unexpected ways
102 Team led by graduate student at PPPL produces unique simulation of magnetic reconnection
103 Bariatric surgery associated with semen abnormalities and reduced fertility in men
104 Animal welfare: Potential new indicator of chronic stress in horses
105 Improving cervical cancer screening rates for transgender men
106 Study identifies factors that limit work ability of young adult cancer survivors
107 Meeting a microbe in the morning or in the evening: Is it all the same?
108 Later circadian timing of food intake is associated with increased body mass index
109 Polio-like disease in children
110 NASA flights map summer melt of Greenland Ice Sheet