File Title
1 Safety-net and non-safety-net hospitals deliver similar PCI outcomes
2 Compound derived from marijuana interacts with antiepileptic drugs
3 New approach makes it easier to find novel drugs
4 Breakthrough device heals organs with a single touch
5 Study reveals higher opioid use among cancer survivors
6 Computer program developed to spot signs of depression from social media photos
7 Early term babies are at greater risk for diabetes and obesity-related diseases
8 NCI study identifies essential genes for cancer immunotherapy
9 New look at archaic DNA rewrites human evolution story
10 Some land conservation measures unpopular among property owners
11 Playing action video games can actually harm your brain
12 Fluctuations in home-monitored blood pressure may raise dementia risk
13 Study links malaria rapid diagnostic tests to more antibiotic use and finds ignored results
14 Osteoporosis medications improve bone health in men being treated for prostate cancer [et al.]
15 Brain lays foundation for reason in childhood
16 In the August Health Affairs: In China, health insurance coverage rates rebound
17 Mutation in prostate tumors shown to change epigenetic identity, the make-up of DNA
18 Scientists reveal role for lysosome transport in Alzheimer's disease progression
19 Big data yields surprising connections between diseases
20 Side effect to blood pressure drugs is genetically determined for some patients
21 Manipulating brain network to change cognitive functions: New breakthrough in neuroscience
22 When you're blue, so are your Instagram photos
23 Early diagnostic imaging to prevent kidney disease
24 Assembling nanomachines in bacteria
25 Post-glacial history of lake of the woods
26 Opto-mechanical technique circumvents mechanical losses using the action of light
27 Not all glaciers in Antarctica have been affected by climate change
28 Can AI prevent the spread of HIV in homeless youth?
29 NYITCOM researcher discovers potential cancer treatment breakthrough
30 The mystery of the yellowing sugarcane
31 New study discovers 'killer peptide' that helps eliminate resistant cancer cells
32 Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection
33 One fall too many
34 New genes discovered regulating brain metastases in lung cancer
35 Magnetic fields turn up the heat on bacterial biofilms
36 Amateur collectors in Japan discover country's first and oldest fossil diving bird
37 New ultrafast method for determining antibiotic resistance
38 Calcium in arteries influences heart attack risk
39 An updated classification for freshwater crayfishes
40 First-in-class drug holds promise for therapy-resistant breast cancer
41 Extreme heat linked to climate change may adversely affect pregnancy
42 Extreme melt season leads to decade-long ecosystem changes in Antarctica's Dry Valleys
43 Distributed wind power keeps spinning, growing
44 Machine learning could be key to producing stronger, less corrosive metals
45 Annual wind report confirms tech advancements, improved performance, low wind prices
46 Where there's a will
47 Laser mapping project shows effects of physical changes in Antarctica's Dry Valleys
48 New scanning process allows unprecedented look inside live insects
49 Researchers identify recommendations in new effort to improve surgical patients' recovery
50 One step closer in explaining MS relapse during upper respiratory infection
51 Relieving antibiotic resistance: Researchers take steps toward new treatment for E. coli
52 Dino hips discovery unravels species riddle
53 A taste cell encyclopedia
54 Playing with your brain
55 Clinical trial shows ready-to-use cells are safe and effective to treat viral infections
56 Like father like son? How we balance work and family life may be learned from our parents
57 Smoking is on the rise among pregnant women with depression
58 Four new fruit fly species from the Himalaya and information about their flower visitation
59 Turning homes into power stations could cut household fuel bills by more than 60 percent--report
60 'Ego-dissolving' psychedelic drugs could assist with mental health
61 Dopaminergic neurons derived from iPSCs in non-human primate model
62 Newly discovered pathway for pain processing could lead to new treatments
63 Bush and Obama's gifts to Trump: More war-making powers
64 Violent news videos can be a moral motivator, says UB researcher
65 Regular energy drink use linked to later drug use among young adults
66 Asian hornet to colonize UK within 2 decades without action
67 New theory on the origin of dark matter
68 No longer water under the bridge, statistics yields new data on sea levels
69 NI former-paramilitaries can help deter future generations
70 Sleep makes it possible for babies to associate words with content--and not with noise
71 New battery is activated by your spit
72 CCP program in Nigeria increases modern contraceptive use, study suggests
73 You are how you play: Some video games are better for your brain than others
74 Protein critical to early stages of cellular HIV infection identified
75 New research reveals failure of World War One loan scheme
76 Controlled manipulation
77 Highly skilled workers more likely to have control over their working day
78 Drug hope for acute myeloid leukemia
79 Multi-nutrient rice against malnutrition
80 Are learning and unlearning bedfellows?
81 Mainz-based researchers stabilized gold in very rare oxidation state +II
82 Development of molecular container with caps that can regulate uptake/release of objects
83 Swedish researchers and global fishing companies form coalition for sustainable seas
84 Eradicating exotic pests with 'infertility genes' may be possible
85 Warm periods in the 20th century are not unprecedented during the last 2,000 years
86 Scientists restore youthful plasticity to the brains of adult mice
87 Biological bypass shows promise in coronary artery disease
88 High quality early intervention for children with autism quickly results in costs savings
89 UCI celestial census indicates that black holes pervade the universe
90 Blocking enzyme linked to Alzheimer's may reverse memory loss
91 Fitness technology increases satisfaction, lowers perceived exertion in new exercisers
92 MPFI researchers make significant advance in understanding calcium channel function
93 Prostate cancer cells become 'shapeshifters' to spread to distant organs
94 State crime researchers uncover role of Western companies in Uzbek corruption scandal
95 JCU scientist finds alcohol-free solution works
96 Human gut microbe may lead to treatment for multiple sclerosis
97 New research shows indigenous peoples are much more likely to be infected by hepatitis B and/or C
98 Cherokee Nation American Indian Tribe showing it is possible to eliminate hepatitis C
99 Sleep disorders linked to preterm birth in large California study
100 Racial differences for trends in colorectal cancer mortality rates
101 Music therapy for children with autism does not improve symptoms
102 Online team-based game helps patients with diabetes lower blood glucose
103 Hormone shows promise as cognition enhancer
104 Amniotic sac in a dish: Stem cells form structures that may aid of infertility research
105 Local collaboration key to protecting pollinators while managing ticks, mosquitoes
106 Colorectal cancer death rates rising in people under 55
107 Longevity hormone klotho boosts memory and protects against brain aging in mice
108 Scientists prevent neurodegeneration-associated protein clumping in lab study
109 New microscope technique reveals internal structure of live embryos
110 Researchers discover potentially harmful nanoparticles produced through burning coal
111 Penguin forensics
112 New noninvasive method of intracranial pressure monitoring
113 How to trick your heart into thinking you exercise
114 MRI reveals striking brain differences in people with genetic autism
115 Even bacteria have baggage--and understanding that is key to fighting superbugs