File Title
1 Movie Shows Ceres at Opposition from Sun
2 Dawn Observing Ceres; 3rd Reaction Wheel Malfunctions
3 Landslides on Ceres Reflect Ice Content
4 Close call: When asteroids whisk past Earth
5 Upcoming asteroid flyby will help Planetary Defense Network
6 Ancient, massive asteroid impact could explain Martian geological mysteries
7 Are asteroids humanity's 'greatest challenge'?
8 Impact Threat from Asteroid Apophis Cannot Be Ruled Out
9 ESA boss urges action on 'ticking timebombs' in Earth orbit
10 Upper Atmospheric Mission SPORTs an Aerospace Sensor
11 NASA Solves a Drizzle Riddle
12 Manmade aerosols identified as driver in shifting global rainfall patterns
13 North American monsoon storms fewer but more extreme
14 Great Plains to see more dust storms in second half of the 21st century
15 Extreme low-oxygen eddies in the Atlantic produce greenhouse gases
16 Sea spray losing its sparkle?
17 Comb and Copter system maps atmospheric gases
18 A smokestack to the Northern Hemisphere stratosphere
19 Earth's atmosphere more chemically reactive in cold climates
20 First space-based sodium LIRDAR will study poorly understood Mesosphere
21 In measuring gas exchange between water and air, size matters
22 NASA team pursues blobs and bubbles with new PetitSaturday, mission
23 AIRS: 15 Years of Seeing What's in the Air
24 NASA to measure greenhouse gases over the mid-Atlantic region
25 Heavy precipitation speeds carbon exchange in tropics
26 Banned industrial solvent sheds new light on methane mystery
27 Scientists link California droughts and floods to distinctive atmospheric waves
28 As CO2 levels increase, airplane rides get bumpier
29 Monitoring pollen using an aircraft
30 Extreme weather events linked to climate change impact on the jet stream
31 Northern oceans pumped CO2 into the atmosphere
32 Optical fingerprint can reveal pollutants in the air
33 Study shows US grasslands affected more by atmospheric dryness than precipitation
34 Lockheed Martin Will Build New Space Instrument Focused on Vegetation Health and Carbon Monitoring
35 Nickel key to Earth's magnetic field, research shows
36 Quantum mechanics inside Earth's core
37 NOAA's GOES-S and GOES-T satellites coming together
38 Vega orbits two Earth observation satellites
39 Aalto-1 satellite sends first image back to VTT Finland
40 New clue to solving the mystery of the sun's hot atmosphere
41 Two weeks in the life of a sunspot
42 Running out of gas: Gas loss puts breaks on stellar baby boom
43 First observation of the hyperfine splitting in antihydrogen
44 Quasars may answer how starburst galaxies were extinguished
45 Quantum mechanical particles travel backwards, study confirms
46 NASA listens in as electrons whistle while they work
47 A unique data center for cosmological simulations
48 Galaxy alignments traced back 10 billion years
49 The largest virtual Universe ever simulated
50 Cosmic inflation: Higgs says goodbye to his 'little brother'
51 Heavy particles get caught up in the flow
52 MPIA: Fast-Growing Galaxies Could Solve Cosmic Riddle
53 Astronomers make the largest map of the Universe yet
54 What drives the accelerating expansion of the universe
55 Mapping the edge of reality
56 Detector delivery marks another Euclid milestone
57 Dark Energy Survey reveals most accurate measurement of universe's dark matter
58 Dark matter is likely cold not fuzzy
59 Flashes of light on the dark matter
60 Does dark matter annihilate quicker in the Milky Way?
61 Seeing the Beginning of Time Features the Dark Energy Survey
62 CAST project places new limitations on dark matter
63 First Result from XENON1T Dark Matter Detector
64 Is Dark Matter "Fuzzy"
65 Simulated Galaxies Provide Fresh Evidence of Dark Matter
66 Penn researchers provide new insight into dark matter halos
67 Waterloo Researchers Capture First "Image" of a Dark Matter Web that Connects Galaxies
68 Satellite galaxies at edge of Milky Way coexist with dark matter
69 Explaining the accelerating expansion of the universe without dark energy
70 New portal to unveil the dark sector of the universe
71 Dark Matter Detection Receives 10-Ton Upgrade
72 A new look at the nature of dark matter
73 Yale-led team puts dark matter on the map
74 Substantial leap forward in quest for dark matter
75 Clever experiment documents multiscale fluid dynamics
76 Physicists design ultrafocused pulses
77 CCNY physicists master unexplored electron property
78 Most precise measurement of the proton's mass
79 Spontaneous system follows rules of equilibrium
80 Simulating splash at the microscopic level
81 China teleports quantum information to space, a first
82 A future without fakes thanks to quantum technology
83 I tried ingesting rat tapeworm parasites and my poo turned green
84 Parasitic worm eggs may soon be legally sold as food in Germany
85 Watching others wash their hands may relieve OCD symptoms
86 Nano aluminium offers fuel cells on demand--just add water
87 You could finally control your Facebook data if UK law is passed
88 New sky survey shows that dark energy may one day tear us apart
89 Self-propelling droplets creep towards heat to cool microchips
90 Tackling resistant malaria may fuel antimicrobial resistance
91 People in north England are 20 percent more likely to die young
92 Largest ever wildfire in Greenland seen burning from space
93 Mars's surface hosts millions of towering dust devils every day
94 Americans already feeling effects of climate change, says report
95 Largest ever dinosaur may have been as long as 7 elephants
96 Penguin tail feathers reveal secrets of where they swim for food
97 Church floodlights are driving away the bats that roost there
98 Bees are first insects shown to understand the concept of zero
99 Over-mothered puppies more likely to fail guide dog training
100 Hot yoga classes reduce emotional eating and negative thoughts
101 Ancient skull belonged to a cousin of the ape common ancestor
102 'Three parent' technique must not be marketed in US, says FDA
103 DeepMind dojo will train AI to beat human StarCraft players
104 Type 1 diabetes may be halted by experimental immunotherapy
105 Moon's magnetic field lasted twice as long as we thought it did
106 Tethered satellites could see the moon's weird swirls up close
107 No, North Korea (probably) won't nuke the US territory of Guam
108 First implants derived from stem cells to 'cure' type 1 diabetes
109 Viking hordes dined on frozen Norwegian cod shipped to Germany
110 We can stop hacking and trolls, but it would ruin the internet