File Title
1 New hydrocarbon fuel cells with high efficiency and low cost
2 Genome therapy could lead to new treatment for life-threatening blood disorders
3 New study finds that lymph node removal isn't necessary for all melanoma patients
4 Record-breaking marine heatwave powered by climate change cooks Tasmania's fisheries
5 New study of brain circuits finds key links to symptoms of depression
6 Screening those at risk of psychosis may help prevent violence, reduce stigma
7 Restaurant placemats can help promote healthy eating among children
8 Newly identified genetic marker may help detect high-risk flu patients
9 Ebola virus can persist in monkeys that survived disease, even after symptoms disappear
10 Tiny particles increase in air with ethanol-to-gasoline switch
11 New model projects an increase in dust storms in the US
12 CAR T-cell therapy for leukemia leads to remissions in clinical trial
13 Scientists name new species of dinosaur after Canadian icon
14 Teens may be missing vaccines because parents aren't aware they need one
15 Adrenal gland activity change under severe stress causing abnormal release of glucocorticoid stress
16 'No solid evidence' for biopesticide-diarrhea link
17 Why Tyrannosaurus was a slow runner
18 Daily crosswords linked to sharper brain in later life
19 Immune system found to control eye tissue renewal in zebrafish
20 A new ligand extends the half-life of peptide drugs from minutes to days
21 Research in the emergency room helps predict organ failure in critically injured patients
22 First experimental observation of new type of entanglement in a 2-D quantum material
23 Exclusion of mothers-to-be from clinical studies unfair and potentially harmful
24 Unbalanced wind farm planning exacerbates fluctuations
25 Stronger winds heat up West Antarctic ice melt
26 Invasive plant species can enhance coastal ecosystems
27 Cerebrospinal fluid of survivors of Ebola virus disease examined
28 Which infants exposed to Zika virus infection in pregnancy should have eyes examined?
29 Harnessing the right amount of sunshine
30 Quantifying effectiveness of treatment for irregular heartbeat
31 Climate impacts of super-giant oilfields go up with age, Stanford scientists say
32 What makes red algae so different and why should we care?
33 Microscopy technique could enable more informative biopsies
34 Not all plant-based diets are created equal
35 Combining genomics with farmers' traditional knowledge to improve wheat production
36 Fake news: Study tests people's ability to detect manipulated images of real-world scenes
37 Newly discovered gene variants link innate immunity and Alzheimer's disease
38 Ozone pollution connected to cardiovascular health
39 Oil impairs ability of coral reef fish to find homes and evade predators
40 Breathable, wearable electronics on skin for long-term health monitoring
41 Canada should continue with separate medical stream after cannabis is legalized for recreational use
42 Artificial sweeteners linked to risk of weight gain, heart disease and other health issues
43 Brain connectivity after 30 may predict psychological problems
44 Hyperacute immune response to traumatic injury precedes serious organ failure
45 UNC study advances the ability to expose latent HIV
46 The Breivik terrorist attacks in Norway led to mental illness in Denmark
47 A firefly's flash inspires new nanolaser light
48 A prescription of activities shown to improve health and well-being
49 UK not ready for Brexit's impact on food, report warns
50 Drug combined with care program better at reducing Alzheimer's symptoms than drug alone
51 Concerns over side effects of statins stopping stroke survivors taking medication
52 9/11 survivors may be at increased risk of heart and lung disease years later
53 One social hour a week in dementia care improves lives and saves money
54 Agent clears toxic proteins and improves cognition in neurodegeneration models
55 New target could soothe the itch of inflammatory skin conditions
56 Fossil site shows impact of early Jurassic's low oxygen oceans
57 NASA analyzes US midwest heavy rainfall, severe storms
58 Teen girls at higher risk OK with emergency department offering pregnancy prevention info
59 Helping robots learn to see in 3-D
60 ASU-TGen led study identifies source of cell-specific change in Alzheimer's disease
61 Females with autism show greater difficulty with day-to-day tasks than male counterparts
62 Advance furthers stem cells for use in drug discovery, cell therapy
63 Mica provides clue to how water transports minerals
64 Study identifies new target to preserve nerve function
65 Feinstein Institute identifies potential cause for lupus
66 Walking like ants gives spiders a chance
67 New limits to functional portion of human genome reported
68 Strong friendships among women in the workplace reduce conflict, according to new study
69 Researchers make improbable discovery
70 Immunosuppression underlies resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy
71 Scientists create first laboratory generation of astrophysical shock waves
72 Researchers identify potentially safer substitutes for BPA
73 Decline in financing could undermine malaria efforts
74 Prior dengue infection does not increase Zika disease severity
75 Climate change: Biodiversity rescues biodiversity in a warmer world
76 FSU researcher makes deep-sea coral reefs discovery in depths of the North-Pacific
77 Unabated climate change would reverse the development gains in Asia: Report
78 Not all muscle building supplements are equal
79 COPD--changes in the lungs, changes in the microbiome
80 Scientists discovered one of the brightest galaxies known
81 New gene therapy treatment routes for motor neurone disease uncovered in new study
82 Peptide complex formed in the brain is responsible for Alzheimer's disease
83 Bacteria never swim alone
84 How protein interactions drive cellular death
85 New gene mutation associated with Fanconi anemia
86 Shh! Proven security for your secrets
87 When life gives you lemons, make bioplastics!
88 Fermented red clover extract stops menopausal hot flushes and symptoms
89 FSU researchers discover an ugly truth about attractiveness
90 Ecological underpinnings of rural poverty
91 Researchers find first genomic biomarkers in extracellular vesicles in veterinary patients
92 Coupling a nano-trumpet with a quantum dot enables precise position determination
93 Study links restless legs syndrome to poor sleep quality, impaired function in pregnancy
94 Fluorine grants white graphene new powers
95 Afghans with disabilities lack access to quality health care
96 Synchrotron light used to show human domestication of seeds from 2000 BC
97 The last survivors on Earth
98 Hamburg researchers develop new transistor concept
99 Singapore scientists pave way for better juvenile arthritis diagnosis & treatment outcome prediction
100 New research uses satellites to predict end of volcanic eruptions
101 Stand Up to Cancer, St. Baldrick's Foundation hail green light for CAR T cell therapy
102 Cancer cells force normal cells to mimic viruses to help tumors spread, resist treatment
103 Mountaintop coal mining causes Appalachian rivers to run 'consistently saltier'
104 Diet rich in tomatoes cuts skin cancer in half in mice
105 Using a microRNA to shift the makeup of glioblastoma subtypes
106 Experimental Zika virus vaccines restrict in utero virus transmission in mice
107 Optimizing hydrogen-powered passenger ferries focus of Sandia Labs study
108 Researchers revolutionize vital conservation tool with use of gold nanotechnology and lasers
109 Cancer may metastasize without lymph node involvement
110 Newly discovered elovanoids called a 'transformative new concept of biology'