File Title
1 High-dose flu vaccine reduces hospital visits for nursing home residents
2 Library of CRISPR targeting sequences increases power of the gene-editing method
3 Loma Linda University researchers finds links between meal frequency and BMI
4 High levels of antibiotic-resistance in Indian poultry farming raises concerns
5 First direct observation and measurement of ultra-fast moving vortices in superconductors
6 Why sugary drinks and protein-rich meals don't go well together
7 NIH-supported scientists elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV in calves
8 Surgery is a low risk treatment option for patients with pectoralis major tendon ruptures
9 Youth patellar dislocations may pose risk for future injuries later in life
10 Self-proclaimed slackers may be sabotaging own health
11 Risk factors identified for elbow and shoulder injuries in professional baseball pitchers
12 Faulty support cells disrupt communication in brains of people with schizophrenia
13 Curbing deforestation
14 Experts: 1 in 3 cases of dementia preventable, nonmedical therapies ideal for dementia
15 Researchers improve method to identify aquatic species using environmental DNA
16 3-D printing sweeps toy manufacturing off the shelves
17 fMRI, EEG may detect consciousness in patients with acute, severe traumatic brain injury
18 Alzheimer's drug cuts hallmark inflammation related to metabolic syndrome by 25 percent
19 Gene drives likely to be foiled by rapid rise of resistance
20 Patients may be at risk after discharge from the ER with acute kidney injury
21 Donor-recipient tissue mismatch analysis may help personalize treatment after transplant
22 Study provides insights on preeclampsia
23 Elephant seals recognize each other by the rhythm of their calls
24 Google searches can be used to track dengue in underdeveloped countries
25 Use of cognitive abilities to care for grandkids may have driven evolution of menopause
26 Heart toxin reveals new insights into HIV-1 integration in T cell genome
27 Climate change and sugarcane expansion expected to boost hantavirus cases
28 Scientists reveal how patterns of brain activity direct specific body movements
29 Report links USGov global health funding to thousands of US jobs, millions lives saved
30 Team traces masculinization in mice to estrogen receptor in inhibitory neurons
31 Russia's use of the 'energy weapon' against Western European countries a strategic threat
32 New study reveals contrasts in how groups of neurons function during decision making
33 Penn researchers engineer macrophages to engulf cancer cells in solid tumors
34 High-fat ice cream may not necessarily mean tastier ice cream
35 Imaging of Scar Tissue Formation
36 Here's a tip: Indented cement shows unique properties
37 Skin vaccination with microneedle patch, influenza fusion protein improves efficacy of flu vaccines
38 New algorithm, metrics improve autonomous underwater vehicles' energy efficiency
39 A common underlying genetic basis for social behavior in dogs and humans
40 CU Boulder discovery could lead to better results for patients undergoing radiation
41 Despite lack of efficacy data, surprising consensus in pediatric anti-epilepsy med scripts
42 Study: Supreme Court decision complicates prosecuting child abusers
43 Are magnets the secret to Elastigirl's powers?
44 Damming and lost connectivity for fish in northeastern ecosystems
45 New treatment guidelines for pediatric acute onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS/PANDAS)
46 Cornell researchers uncover fresh role for nitric oxide
47 High-tech sensing illuminates concrete stress testing
48 Heat tweet: Users flock to Twitter when temperatures rise
49 Lunatic fringe gene plays key role in the renewable brain
50 Why are dogs such doting companions? It's in their genes
51 Nanoparticles could spur better LEDs, invisibility cloaks
52 Goodbye HERA, hello sleep
53 Indestructible virus yields secret to creating incredibly durable materials
54 Kent State researcher examines vaccine rejection and hesitancy, calls to promote vaccination
55 Individual insight into brain networks
56 Social interaction affects cancer patients' response to treatment
57 Shark scavenging helps reveal clues about human remains
58 Dust deposits give new insights into the history of the Sahara
59 Researchers create new technique for manipulating polarization of terahertz radiation
60 Brains are more plastic than we thought
61 Supramolecular materials with a time switch
62 Human in vitro fertilization could evolve thanks to piglet study
63 New study provides BRCA mutation carriers guidance for when surgery has greatest impact
64 PETA journal article lays out steps to end flea/tick infestation tests on dogs and cats
65 Major communication gaps between doctors and home health care nurses revealed
66 Saliva as good as blood for diagnosing hepatitis E, study suggests
67 New animal models for hepatitis C could pave the way for a vaccine
68 Simulation reveals universal signature of chaos in ultracold reactions
69 Soil filters out some emerging contaminants before reaching groundwater
70 Aging power plants provide Trump administration with risks and opportunities
71 Stem cell clinics registering for-profit, pay-to-participate studies on
73 Privacy, please: Why surveiling shoppers can inhibit sales, and how to fix it
74 Despite a great grip, geckos sometimes slip
75 Smart toys without the batteries
76 How off-line retailers can fight back
77 Jefferson researchers identify new target for chronic pain
78 Treated hydraulic fracturing wastewater may pollute area water sources for years
79 Robotics-based study provides insight into predator-prey interactions
80 'Shadow network' keeps communities safe from deadly volcano
81 Hot dogs: Is climate change impacting populations of African wild dogs?
82 Manipulating electron spins without loss of information
83 Are sugary drink interventions changing people's behavior?
84 Many pet owners unable to spot an out of hours vet emergency
85 Titanium dioxide nanoparticles can exacerbate colitis
86 A new application for enhanced oil recovery has been developed by university scientists
87 Pangolins at huge risk as study shows dramatic increases in hunting across Central Africa
88 New treatment options for common debilitating skin disease Hidradenitis suppurativa
89 Dundee-China linkup uncovers secrets of our cellular 'energy sensor'
90 Innovative nanosensor for disease diagnosis
91 Scientists reveal new connections between small particles and the vast universe
92 Birds avoid crossing roads to prevent predation
93 Evidence of the Higgs particle's decay in quarks
94 Antiaromatic molecule displays record electrical conductance
95 Hitting the bull's eye on crop nutrient requirements
96 Teaching without training
97 UBC researchers test 3-D-printed water quality sensor
98 Artifacts suggest humans arrived in Australia earlier than thought
99 Destruction of wetlands linked to algal blooms in Great Lakes
100 New way found to boost immunity in fight cancer and infections
101 Steering an enzyme's 'scissors' shows potential for stopping Alzheimer's disease
102 Conserve intact forest landscapes to maximize biodiversity, reduce extinction risk
103 Study finds obese patients don't need to lose weight before total joint replacement
104 No battery, no wire, no problem
105 Why some women are more likely to feel depressed
106 Researchers find path to discovering new topological materials
107 Sea temperature changes contributing to droughts
108 Smart walk assist improves rehabilitation
109 Too many bats are being killed for research
110 The dangers of driving after restricted sleep and moderate alcohol intake