File Title
1 AI coach will train hopeless chatbots to pass the Turing test
2 Laws of mathematics don't apply here, says Australian PM
3 Ravens can plan for future as well as 4-year-old children can
4 Large carnivores have lost more than 90 percent of their range
5 Find your next must-play game by flying through a virtual galaxy
6 Prenatal test spots genetic anomalies linked to miscarriage
7 UK government wants only 12 percent of adults to smoke by 2022
8 At least 75 percent of our DNA really is useless junk after all
9 Never-before-seen photos of leopard cub being raised by a lion
10 Tanzanian volcano blast could destroy ancient hominin footprints
11 Rising life expectancy in England has slowed since recession
12 What is chemsex and why is the UK government worried about it?
13 Why fast birds, fish and animals are never too small or big
14 Buzz of drones is more annoying than any other kind of vehicle
15 Earth's underwater dunes help explain Venus's weird surface
16 First Australians may have arrived much earlier than we thought
17 First dogs may have been extremely sociable wolves
18 Robot physical therapist helps people walk again after a stroke
19 Bioinspired tube robot can sneak round corners and turn on taps
20 Plastics made fireproof thanks to mother-of-pearl mimic
21 How the dark web's gunrunners covertly ship US weapons to Europe
22 Adderall might improve your test scores--but so could a placebo
23 Mud eel's wonky body may help it ambush prey
24 Trump's plan to cut global health research may cost US billions
25 Bitcoin study reveals how early adopters influence our decisions
26 Dark web crackdown as two biggest markets are taken offline
27 Elon Musk seems to have ditched Red Dragon lander plan for Mars
28 The cosmic dance of three dead stars could break relativity
29 Giant deep-sea worms may live to be 1000 years old or more
30 Baby salmon with 'old' DNA more likely to survive epic migration
31 Spider's web uses optical illusion to lure nocturnal moths
32 Quantum simulator with 51 qubits is largest ever
33 US ranked worst healthcare system, while the NHS is the best
34 AI suggests recipe for a dish just by studying a photo of it
35 Restoring Estonian alvar grasslands to save unique species
36 Tides on exoplanets could drive alien biological clocks
37 Australia to expand commercial fishing in marine sanctuaries
38 Screaming gel balls reveal a way to power soft but noisy robots
39 Your eardrums move in sync with your eyes but we don't know why
40 Fake duck test shows drones and AI beat humans at bird census
41 Our brains always plan one step ahead of our bodies when we walk
42 Monthly injections could replace daily pills for people with HIV
43 Blood test detects Alzheimer's plaques building up in brain
44 See inside the 580-million-year-old creature no one understands
45 We could build a galactic internet but it may take 300,000 years
46 Yellowstone National Park hit by 1400 earthquakes in six weeks
47 Sperm count has fallen by nearly 60 percent in richer countries
48 Maths explains how bees can stay airborne with such tiny wings
49 Fungi use water droplet cannons to fling spores into the breeze
50 Mysterious mega-swan once waddled through New Zealand
51 Robot spots signs of melted fuel at submerged Fukushima reactor
52 Lasers reactivate 'lost' memories in mice with Alzheimer's
53 Tiny robots swim the front crawl through your veins
54 Oldest mass animal stranding revealed in Death Valley fossils
55 The games that build playgrounds out of impossible physics
56 Donald Trump tweets plan to ban transgender people from military
57 Donate your voice so Siri doesn't just work for white men
58 Stem cells in the brain's hypothalamus help mice stay young
59 Smallest satellite ever paves way for planned interstellar fleet
60 Human embryo gene editing has taken place in US, claims report
61 First exomoon might have been spotted 4000 light years away
62 Clinic 'turkey baster' method may be worth trying before IVF
63 Men's sweet tooth may increase risk of anxiety and depression
64 DNA of long-dead cows read from pages of Medieval books
65 Sneaky attacks trick AIs into seeing or hearing what's not there
66 Tardigrade genomes help explain how they survive without water
67 First proof that Facebook dark ads could swing an election
68 US healthcare repeal law struck down at the eleventh hour
69 Keep having nightmares? You may be getting too much sleep
70 First proof that Facebook dark ads could swing an election
71 US healthcare repeal law struck down at the eleventh hour
72 Keep having nightmares? You may be getting too much sleep
73 Half the atoms inside your body came from across the universe
74 Bronze Age DNA helps unravel true fate of biblical Canaanites
75 Smart glasses let you turn off the lights in the blink of an eye
76 Flatworms can still 'see' even after they are decapitated
77 Building blocks of alien cells found on Saturn's largest moon
78 North Korea launches ICBM with potential to reach New York
79 Fish can't recognise faces if they're upside down--just like us
80 HIV testing at some GP surgeries would save lives and NHS money
81 Long Baseline Neutrino Facility Breaks Ground
82 Neutrons Peer into a Running Engine
83 Clothbound Cheddar Conceived at Cornell, Finished in NYC Caves
84 Milky Way's Origins Are Not What They Seem
85 Predicting and Preventing Power Outages Using Big Data
86 ALMA Confirms Complex Chemistry in Titan's Atmosphere
87 Maryam Mirzakhani, quantum teleportation and the Great Red Spot
88 Vaccines promoted as key to stamping out drug-resistant microbes
89 The strange topology that is reshaping physics
90 Quantum teleportation is even weirder than you think
91 Big Bang gravitational effect observed in lab crystal
92 Uganda trial shows why it's worth paying people to preserve trees
93 US defense agencies grapple with gene drives
94 Iceland drilling project aims to unearth how islands form
95 Giant radio telescope scaled back to contain costs
96 President of troubled French funding agency resigns
97 Budding UK innovation agency gains cash--and clout
98 Australia cuts conservation protections in marine parks
99 China's quest to become a space science superpower
100 HIV milestone, discrimination suit and China's AI plans
101 Cell engineering: How to hack the genome
102 Brain's stem cells slow aging in mice
103 Big names in statistics want to shake up much-maligned P value
104 'True blue' chrysanthemum flowers produced with genetic engineering
105 Huge landslide triggered rare Greenland mega-tsunami
106 Why astronomers reluctantly announced a possible exomoon discovery
107 Clues emerge in mystery of flickering quasars
108 Put cult online games to the test
109 The digital native is a myth
110 More universities must confront sexual harassment
111 Don't run biomedical science as a business
112 Solve Antarctica's sea-ice puzzle
113 Metrology is key to reproducing results