File Title
1 New research could help humans see what nature hides
2 Where are the new therapies for heart disease?
3 Study: Lack of sleep + spat with spouse = potential health problems
4 Air pollution casts shadow over solar energy production
5 Belief in free will predicts criminal punishment support, disapproval of unethical actions
6 A little place for my stuff
7 Mount Sinai researcher identifies best practices for cochlear implant hearing preservation
8 Ten million tons of fish wasted every year despite declining fish stocks
9 Review: Insomnia medication may wake up some patients from vegetative state
10 Study: Exposure to light causes emotional and physical responses in migraine sufferers
11 New method to rapidly map the 'social networks' of proteins
12 'Own-point-of-view' video method leverages power of perception to improve emergency care
13 Taking photos of experiences boosts visual memory, impairs auditory memory
14 The beach time capsule
15 Computer model simulates sense of touch from the entire hand
16 Young American Latinos report the most discrimination
17 Report reveals improvements and persistent inequities in college access and success in NYC
18 Taking pictures of sentimental goods may help people declutter, donate more
19 Predicting future outcomes in the natural world
20 Hydraulic fracturing rarely linked to felt seismic tremors
21 Endocrine Society issues Scientific Statement on obesity's causes
22 New gonorrhea treatment targets enzyme needed for respiration
23 Drones that drive
24 Does socioeconomic status affect women's decisions not to continue breastfeeding?
25 Early antiretroviral therapy linked with bone loss in patients with HIV
26 Premature infants at greater risk of SIDS
27 Detecting diluteness
28 Microplastics from the washing machine
29 When kids talk to robots: Enhancing engagement and learning
30 Rising seas could result in 2 billion refugees by 2100
31 Scientists use algorithm to peer through opaque brains
32 Are activity monitors fit for exercise research? Getting there, but further steps needed
33 Readily available drug cocktail may help prevent sepsis shock and death
34 Moisture-responsive 'robots' crawl with no external power source
35 Study describes changes to structural brain networks after radiotherapy for brain tumors
36 Fluid in the knee holds clues for why osteoarthritis is more common in females
37 Beyond bananas: 'Mind reading' technology decodes complex thoughts
38 Significant racial disparities persist in hospital readmissions
39 Amazon basin deforestation could disrupt distant rainforest by remote climate connection
40 Topsy-turvy motion creates light switch effect at Uranus
41 100 years on from the Russian revolution--special report
42 Hot cities spell bad news for bees
43 Large-scale production of living brain cells enables entirely new research
44 Neuron-integrated nanotubes to repair nerve fibers
45 Imprecise iron supplementation can spur increase in Salmonella
46 NAWI Graz researchers measure light fields in 3-D
47 Different origins of Cu-Pb-Zn-bearing and W-bearing granites
48 Twitter-monitoring system detects riots far quicker than police reports
49 Hunting microbes or smelling poison: A matter of evolution
50 Mitochondria targeting anti-tumor compound
51 Formation of artificial cells with a skeletal support reinforcement to withstand application realized
52 Combination approach improves power of new cancer therapy
53 Regular brisk walks and a daily longer one help lower office workers' blood lipids
54 Greater muscle strength--better cognitive function for older people
55 How AI helped auction off $19 billion worth of radio spectrum
56 Panda love spreads to benefit the planet
57 Cedars-Sinai team develops risk assessment score to predict, help prevent sudden cardiac arrest
58 How to stay sane when your child can't sleep
59 2-D material's traits could send electronics R&D spinning in new directions
60 People living at home with dementia at risk of potentially dangerous antipsychotic usage
61 Mechanism shown to reverse disease in arteries
62 Could this strategy bring high-speed communications to the deep sea?
63 Could humans ever regenerate a heart? A new study suggests the answer is 'yes'
64 Gays and lesbians who feel supported are more certain about retirement prospects
65 Thwarting metastasis by breaking cancer's legs with gold rods
66 Scientists find clever way to help you de-clutter your home
67 New class of 'soft' semiconductors could transform HD displays
68 Catalyst for genetic kidney disease in black people identified
69 Dementia patients may die sooner if family caregivers are mentally stressed
70 Study: Most families in low-income countries don't have soap at home
71 Novel viral vectors deliver useful cargo to neurons throughout the brain and body
72 One billion suns: World's brightest laser sparks new behavior in light
73 Previously unknown extinction of marine megafauna discovered
74 Cosmetic complaints climb but products still on market
75 Physician heal thyself: Simple coping strategies for pervasive physician burnout
76 Talking science
77 Characterizing the mouse genome reveals new gene functions and their role in human disease
78 Study reveals how sex 'blindspot' could misdirect medical research
79 Discovery of a new mechanism for bacterial division
80 Study reveals mysterious equality with which grains pack it in
81 Monitoring changes in wetland extent can help predict the rate of climate change
82 Vinegar: A cheap and simple way to help plants fight drought
83 Medicaid restrictions linked to increased late-stage breast cancer diagnoses
84 Biodiversity loss from deep-sea mining will be unavoidable
85 New tool to identify and control neurons
86 Eating more vegetable protein may protect against early menopause
87 Steelhead trout population declines linked with poor survival of young fish in the ocean
88 Is there an association between socioeconomic status in childhood and the heart?
89 How many adverse events are reported to FDA for cosmetics, personal care?
90 Magnetic implants used to treat 'dancing eyes'
91 Cancer hijacks natural cell process to survive
92 Peanut family secret for making chemical building blocks revealed
93 Night shifts may hinder body's ability to repair DNA damage
94 Persistent mental distress linked to higher risk of death in heart patients
95 Childhood asthma may lead to thickening of left ventricle in adulthood
96 Using 'sticky' nanoparticles, researchers develop strategy to boost body's cancer defenses
97 Evidence review shows that having health insurance saves lives
98 More funding for heart disease research crucial for health of patients and the economy
99 Study highlights need for education and training to help human trafficking victims
100 Cloning thousands of genes for massive protein libraries
101 New insights into the toxin behind tetanus
102 Sequencing healthy patients reveals that many carry rare genetic disease risks
103 Water exists as two different liquids
104 Study reveals lung changes in mice exposed to second-hand smoke in utero
105 Microscope can scan tumors during surgery and examine cancer biopsies in 3-D
106 Animals, not drought, shaped our ancestors' environment
107 Alzheimer's gene associated with failure to adapt to cognitive challenge in healthy adults
108 Microbe mystery solved: What happened to the Deepwater Horizon oil plume
109 The brain's fight and flight responses to social threat
110 Ultrasound imaging of the brain and liver