File Title
1 Iqaluit could start running out of fresh water by 2024
2 Insomnia genes found
3 Musical mystery: Researchers examine science behind performer movements
4 Concentration spans drop when online ads pop up
5 More scientific productivity despite scarcity of resources in Spanish university R&D&i
6 Previously unpublished trial data explain effects and side effects of key MS drug
7 Uncovering the biology of a painful and disfiguring pediatric disease
8 Islands and coastal regions are threatened the most
9 Vegetarian diets almost twice as effective in reducing body weight, study finds
10 Volcanic 'plumerang' could impact human health
11 Scientists develop computer-guided strategy to accelerate materials discovery
12 Zig-zagging device focuses high-energy radiation emissions
13 Imaging helps to spot fake ancient daggers
14 Acting and thinking--are they the same for our brain?
15 Structural analysis of relevant drug targets for Alzheimer's disease
16 NUS study: Older adults are good Samaritans to strangers
17 ALMA hears birth cry of a massive baby star
18 Animal models can't 'tune out' stimuli, mimicking sensory hypersensitivity in humans
19 Study: Underweight female runners more likely to get stress fractures
20 Researchers find a surprise just beneath the surface in carbon dioxide experiment
21 Technology unlocks mold genomes for new drugs
22 Licensing, motor vehicle crash risk among teens with ADHD
23 Using enticing food labeling to make vegetables more appealing
24 Detailed new genome for maize shows the plant has deep resources for continued adaptation
25 Is educational attainment associated with lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease?
26 Microbes give meerkat gangs their signature scents
27 Study discovers proteins which suppress the growth of breast cancer tumors
28 Risk, benefit or cost: What stops patients from receiving a diagnostic test?
29 Ontarians still skeptical of flu shot
31 E-cigarettes potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, UConn study shows
32 How bile duct cancer develops and how it can be prevented
33 Genetic testing can pick out men at increased risk of testicular cancer
34 Screening for genetic diseases & chromosomal defects with a single biopsy improves pregnancy rates
35 Epigenetic changes at birth could explain later behavior problems
36 Global hotspots of established alien plants and animals revealed
37 Mysterious gene transcripts after cancer therapy
38 Major study heralds new era in treatment of type 2 diabetes
39 Burden of physical health conditions linked to increased risk of suicide
40 How do preemies perform in school?
41 Motor vehicle crash risk for teens with ADHD much lower than previously reported
42 Oral communication provides better outcomes for children with cochlear implants
43 Identifying underlying causes of immune deficiencies that increase shingles risk
44 Uncovered: 1,000 new microbial genomes
45 Study: Use of prefabricated blood vessels may revolutionize root canals
46 Drug developed for arthritis could be first to stop heart valve calcification
47 Peatlands, already dwindling, could face further losses
48 Study reveals treatment gap in patients suffering from an irregular heartbeat
49 inflammatory molecule essential to muscle regeneration in mice, Stanford researchers find
50 Irregular sleeping patterns linked to poorer academic performance in college students
51 Spouses' daily responses to partners' pain linked with later functioning
52 Genetic differences across species guide vocal learning in juvenile songbirds
53 Traditional Chinese medicine may benefit some heart disease patients
54 Evaluating greenhouse gas emissions in an irrigated cropping system
55 Bats are the major reservoir of coronaviruses worldwide
56 ASTRO issues guideline for use of stereotactic radiation in early-stage lung cancer
57 Regenerating damaged nerves with 'Pac-Man' cells
58 Penn Professor refutes groupthink, proving that wisdom of crowds can prevail
59 New study finds more than 2 billion people overweight or obese
60 A single molecule is missing and the cell world is empty
61 Scientists propose method to help keep new grid components operational and safe
62 Common autism symptom observed in mice
63 Western diet increases Alzheimer's pathology in genetically predisposed mice
64 Scientists tie heart patients' increased shingles risk to glucose-gobbling immune cells
65 Drug costs vary by more than 600% in study of 10 high-income countries
66 HbA1C overestimates mean glucose in black persons compared with whites [+ another topic]
67 How blows to the head cause numerous small swellings along the length of neuronal axons
68 Blue Brain team discovers a multi-dimensional universe in brain networks
69 Researchers find cellular sweet spot in skin-cancer battle
70 Bats are the major reservoir of coronaviruses worldwide
71 Chemical composition and microhardness of human enamel treated with fluoridated whintening agents
72 PET imaging of atherosclerosis reveals risk of plaque rupture
73 Targeted photodynamic therapy shown highly effective against prostate cancer
74 Neuro-receptor PET could provide an early warning for alcoholic relapse
75 Fasting glucose as a marker for greater weight loss on a high-fiber, low-glycemic diet
76 Short regulatory gene spotted
77 A changing climate affects plankton populations
78 Short duration of breastfeeding and maternal obesity linked to fatty liver in adolescents
79 Lianas stifle tree fruit and seed production in tropical forests
80 Fasting plasma glucose and insulin are determinants of dietary weight loss success
81 Investigators examine the relationship between pain and opioid abuse
82 Journal AAS publishes first data description paper: Data collection and sharing
83 Is the finger-stick blood test necessary for type 2 diabetes treatment?
84 Home monitoring of blood sugar did not improve glycemic control after 1 year
85 UNIST researchers engineer transformer-like carbon nanostructure
86 Worldwide consensus on the terminology that supports research into sedentary behavior
87 Mass. General study finds potential mechanism for BCG vaccine reversal of type 1 diabetes
88 Three-year study says new contact lens therapy slows myopia progression in children by 59 percent
89 Balance and movement improved in animal model of Parkinson's disease
90 Clemson graduate uncovers link between toxicants and lipid metabolism
91 New cancer drug tested in mice may benefit certain leukemia patients
92 Distance patients must travel illustrates growing inaccessibility of abortion
93 Hubble applauds waltzing dwarfs
94 Fractal planting patterns yield optimal harvests, without central control
95 Radiation therapy vital to treating brain tumors, but it exacts a toll
96 Parasitic nematodes that cause greatest agricultural damage abandoned sex
97 New report: Social, behavioral, and economic sciences contribute to advancing NSF mission
98 Batteries from scrap metal
99 Prednisone may improve effectiveness of AAV-based gene therapy by reducing immune response
100 New study design holds promise for drug safety research
101 New blood test uses nanotechnology to predict aggressive prostate cancer accurately
102 Study shows Cesarean patients sent home with more narcotic pain medications than needed
103 Flaws in a tumor's genetic mending kit drive treatment response to immunotherapy
104 Study shows texting as good as medication at improving type 2 diabetes management
105 IUPUI study finds risk for binge drinking differs by race, income and changes with age
106 New way to weigh a white dwarf: Use Hubble Space Telescope
107 Mussels add muscle to biocompatible fibers
108 Physicists use numerical 'tweezers' to study nuclear interactions
109 Male farmers at highest risk of contracting 'monkey malaria' in Malaysia
110 The first nanometrically-sized superelastic alloy