File Title
1 Acupuncture relieves pain in emergency patients: Study
2 Among farmworkers, immigrants are less likely to use SNAP
3 New approach improves ability to predict metals' reactions with water
4 New medication guidelines for rheumatic disease patients having joint replacement
5 In Medicaid patients, fatal overdose risk rises with opioid dose and sedative-hypnotic use
6 Research finds common household chemicals lead to birth defects in mice
7 Nickel for thought: Compound shows potential for high-temperature superconductivity
8 Building a better alligator: Researchers develop advanced 3-D models of bite data
9 Bangladesh's heavy rainfall examined with NASA's IMERG
10 Investigating emotional spillover in the brain
11 New prospects for universal memory--high speed of RAM and the capacity of flash
12 MAVEN's top 10 discoveries at Mars
13 Obamacare key to improving access in Mexican-American patients with hypertension
14 I can hear you now: Clinic provides free hearing aids for low-income adults
15 Genes and the environment? Factors, patterns that lead to childhood obesity risk
16 Shaking Schroedinger's cat
17 New web calculator to more accurately predict bowel cancer survival
18 Education a top priority
19 Is it ok for parents to be supportive to children's negative emotions?
20 Mathematicians deliver formal proof of Kepler Conjecture
21 Biologists have explored how testate amoebae survive in peat fires
22 Study casts doubt about link between eczema, cardiovascular disease
23 Increase in ciguatera fish poisoning cases in Europe
24 Researchers use light to manipulate mosquitoes
25 Radon increases risk for malignant skin cancer
26 Quality of early family relationships predicts children's affect regulation
27 Broccoli in focus when new substance against diabetes has been identified
28 New approach to unlock the genetic potential of plant cell wall
29 Excess risk of cardiovascular events in RA patients decreased since start of 21st century
30 Scientists solve 30-year old mystery on how resistance genes spread
31 Education for people with RMDS and employers can improve ability to work
32 New study shows for first time link between passive smoking in childhood and rheumatoid arthritis
33 Biosimilar concerns of rheumatology patients being addressed by national program
34 New relapse prediction tool reduces cost of rheumatoid arthritis treatment
35 Genes explain higher prevalence of CVD in chronic IMID patients
36 New effective treatments for psoriatic arthritis patients
37 Gout hospitalization exacerbated by failure to prescribe recommended urate-lowering treatment
38 Distant brain regions selectively recruit stem cells
39 Skin disease caused by sperm cell transmission of keratin mutation
40 Chinese urbanization 2050: SD modeling and process simulation
41 Viral vectors for gene transfer travel longer distances in the brain than thought
42 Faster performance evaluation of 'super graphs'
43 The coupling relationship between urbanization and the eco-environment in urban agglomeration
44 Older adults can improve movement by using same motor strategy as babies
45 Researchers find way to reduce environmental impact of idling buses and delivery trucks
46 Why is one twin smaller than the other? Answer could lie in the placenta
47 Bacteria free themselves with molecular 'speargun'
48 New data shows low risk nicotine product snus is 95 percent safer than smoking
49 Novel approach may improve valve function in some patients
50 Antibiotics promote resistance on experimental croplands
51 Researchers send DNA on sequential, and consequential, building mission
52 Rates of marijuana use, heavy use, and cannabis use disorder depend on where you live
53 Massachusetts General researchers explore why those with autism avoid eye contact
54 Penn/CHOP team gains insights into cause of infant and treatment-related leukemias
55 Drill holes in fossil shells point to bigger predators picking on small prey
56 Analysis sheds light on how metaphors like 'sheds light' evolved
57 Cytokine profile differentiating Old World and New World hantaviral infections
58 Old school meets new school: Flight deck Ouija boards go digital
59 Southern California mountain lions' genetic connectivity dangerously low
60 Bee antennae offer links between the evolution of social behavior and communication
61 Icy moons, galaxy clusters, and distant worlds selected targets for Webb Telescope
62 19-year-olds as sedentary as 60-year-olds, study suggests
63 Evidence lacking to estimate local government savings from California crime reform measure
64 Penn engineers show key feature for modeling how cells spread in fibrous environments
65 Optimizing feeding is necessary to maintain milk production in organic herds
66 Development of low-dimensional nanomaterials could revolutionize future technologies
67 Research on crucial cutting enzyme maps sites of DNA damage in leukemias and other cancers
68 Elder abuse research yields new evidence on incidence, risks, outcomes
69 Targeting immune cells that help tumors stay hidden could improve immunotherapy
70 Women who focus negatively, magnify chronic pain, more likely to be taking prescribed opioids
71 FDA rule improves labeling of medications used during pregnancy and lactation
72 Modeling the brain with 'Lego bricks'
73 How does a frog heal wounded skin without scarring?
74 How to educate future therapists more effectively
75 Dynamic DNA helps ward off gene damage, study reveals
76 'Magic' alloy could spur next generation of solar cells
77 Casualty care guidelines developed by the military are directly transferable to improve the practice of wilderness medicine
78 Knowing HIV levels are 'undetectable' may affect sexual behavior
79 Cardiac stem cells from heart disease patients may be harmful
80 More brain activity is not always better when it comes to memory and attention
81 Giving children a voice in clinical trials
82 Jerusalem tower younger than thought
83 Newly discovered cellular pathway may lead to cancer therapies
84 Smart materials used in ultrasound behave similar to water, Penn chemists report
85 Science shows how faces guide, and reflect, our social lives
86 High prevalence of CRE in Washington, D.C. healthcare facilities
87 An alternative hypothesis on the faunal colonization of the Himalayas?
88 First few millimeters of the leaf margin identify palm species in a new key to Syagrus
89 Inhibitor drug improves overall survival in older radioiodine resistant thyroid cancer
90 Gap in health care for Alzheimer's disease patients who live alone
91 Taking circular economy to the next level
92 Secret of why jewel scarab beetles look like pure gold, explained by physicists
93 Vaccination: Main prevention measure to address hepatitis A outbreaks among MSM
94 Special efforts are needed to address trauma in refugee youth
95 Persistent pain shows up inefficiency of current psoriatic arthritis (PsA) treatment
96 The newly discovered Russian dinosaur named after Mongolian spirit
97 Nurses crucial in improving uptake of potentially life-saving vaccine in vulnerable RMD patients
98 New blood test detects stroke and heart attack risk in lupus patients with no CVD symptoms
99 Low-dose CT scanning improves assessment of ankylosing spondylitis patients
100 Cognitive behavior therapy significantly reduced depression and anxiety in chronic pain patients
101 Biological DMARD guidelines associated with a reduced need for knee and hip replacements in RA
102 New screening tool helps ID heart surgery patients at risk of malnutrition
103 New flu test: One drop of blood could save your life
104 When healthy cells stimulate the migration of tumor cells
105 Celebrating a high performing new journal in quantum information
106 Face recognition system 'K-Eye' presented by KAIST
107 Induced Cell Turnover: A proposed modality for in situ tissue regeneration & repair
108 Diets rich in polyunsaturated fats may alter appetite hormones among millennials
109 Tracking the build-up to volcanic eruptions
110 A mechanical trigger for toxic tumor therapy