File Title
1 Space-traveling flatworms help scientists enhance understanding of regenerative health
2 Harnessing computational intelligence to improve the management of health emergencies
3 Chemists brought mixed folded proteins to life
4 Mind the liquid gap: Liquids are capable of supporting waves with short wavelengths only
5 Drug combination benefits patients with tophaceous gout
6 Biodiversity is 3-D
7 UNIST engineers robotic device helping stroke survivors recover
8 Removal of aging cells could extend human life
9 Researchers compute their way toward cleaner coal plants
10 UNIST improves remote detection of hazardous radioactive substances
11 The largest virtual Universe ever simulated
12 Graphene enhancing our vision of the infinitely small
13 Unraveling the mysteries of Nipponosaurus
14 Cash for weight loss
15 University of Iowa study examines link between obesity, food container chemical subsitutes
16 New form of carbon that's hard as a rock, yet elastic, like rubber
17 New findings aim to improve global medical device standard on auditory alarms
18 Retina may be sensitive gauge of blast-wave pressure injury
19 NIH-led workshop addresses opioid misuse during pregnancy
20 Soft shelled turtles, food in China, likely spread cholera
21 Infants born preterm may lack key lung cells later in life
22 It's a breeze: How to harness the power of the wind
23 World's first success in asymmetric borylation of ketones
24 Distinct wiring mode found in chandelier cells
25 Simulations pinpoint atomic-level defects in solar cell nanostructures
26 Your smile gives you away
27 The world's most powerful X-ray laser beam creates 'molecular black hole'
28 Heroin's use rising, costing society more than $51 billion
29 Tiny glow sticks
30 Balance, gait negatively impacted after chemotherapy treatment
31 Lost ecosystem found buried in mud of southern California coastal waters
32 New international guidelines issued on dementia with Lewy bodies
33 Human brain tunes into visual rhythms in sign language
34 Researchers identify how class of drugs blocks Hepatitis C virus replication
35 Obesity increases risk of complications after shoulder joint replacement surgery
36 Hubble astronomers use a century-old relativity experiment to measure a white dwarf's mass
37 OU astrophysicist identifies composition of Earth-size planets in TRAPPIST-1 system
38 How the brain recognizes what the eye sees
39 Simple tasks don't test brain's true complexity
40 Improving adolescents' social and emotional lives must go beyond teaching them skills
41 Not so elementary
42 Research targets PFOA threat to drinking water
43 Study finds failure to sustain reductions in carcinogens in cigarettes
44 Neutrons zero in on the elusive magnetic Majorana fermion
45 New study shows setting stretch goals can undermine organizational performance
46 Where climate change is most likely to induce food violence
47 Male sexual behavior linked to elevated male sex hormone receptors in muscles of sex-changing fish
48 Nepal: 15 years after legalizing abortions, gaps in access, equity, quality continue to exist
49 Study of sisters helps explain dad's influence on risky sexual behavior
50 Scientific advances in thoracic oncology in 2016 highlighted by the IASLC
51 Carotid artery gives away human biological age
52 Researchers identify immune component up-regulated in brain after viral infection
53 Culprit hidden in plain sight in Alzheimer disease development
54 Nanotechnology reveals hidden depths of bacterial 'machines'
55 Study reveals sweetened drinks during pregnancy puts infants at higher risk for obesity
56 Why the marijuana and tobacco policy camps are on very different paths
57 Study finds delayed food introduction increases risk of sensitization
58 Fatherhood factors influence how dads spend time with children
59 Breast cancer risk reduced in women with diabetes who take low-dose aspirin
60 Autonomous machines edge towards greater independence
61 New cellular imaging paves way for cancer treatment
62 Inherited, rare skin disease informs treatment of common hair disorders, Penn study finds
63 X-ray study reveals way to control molecular vibrations that transmit heat
64 Fat tissue may impede radiotherapy for breast cancer patients
65 Does your name match your face?
66 Bitter taste receptors may hold the key to managing preterm labor
67 Quantum nanoscope
68 Growth mechanism of fungi decoded
69 Study examines adolescents' responses to racism in school
70 Cost-effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions in South Africa
71 The role of the protein Rrm3 in the repair of breaks in DNA during replication
72 New waterproofing and antifouling materials developed by Swansea Scientists
73 Cosmic inflation: Higgs says goodbye to his 'little brother'
74 How plants prevent oxidative stress
75 Optical communication using solitons on a photonic chip
76 The mysterious bend in the Hawaiian-Emperor chain
77 Nature: Optical communication at record-high speed
78 From the somatic cell to the germ cell
79 Lost your appetite? Try inviting yourself to dinner
80 New approach in T-cell therapy to treat cancer
81 Control of material crystallization by agitation
82 Synthetic nanochannels for iodide transport
83 New leukemia treatment outperforms standard chemotherapies
84 World first: Stem cell treatment for lethal STAT1 gene mutation--shows 'disappointing' but promising results
85 A fish of all flavors
86 Research for an oil (palm) change
87 California Academy of Sciences advancing hope for reefs in the Philippines
88 Kidney graft success--does age and sex matter?
89 Behavioral 'nudges' offer a cost-effective policy tool
90 Unprofitable subsidiaries becoming new tax haven for multinational corporations
91 Competitive football players have superior vision, study suggests
92 Sensitivity to inequity is in wolves' and dogs' blood
93 Overriding the urge to sleep
94 Report looks at liver cancer, fastest-growing cause of cancer deaths in US
95 Opioids following cesarean delivery may be over-prescribed
96 Organic compound found in early stages of star formation
97 The road not taken: Do stress-specific mutations lead down different evolutionary paths?
98 ALMA finds ingredient of life around infant Sun-like stars
99 Pet dogs could help older owners be more active
100 Why do Americans own handguns? Fear of crime and a broader sense of danger
101 Mind changing can be risky
102 Making vessels leaky on demand could aid drug delivery
103 Snake venom might provide a safer antiplatelet drug
104 Investigational vaccine protected monkeys from HIV-like virus
105 The brain's hippocampus can organize memories for events as well as places
106 Researchers uncover new instruction manual to repair broken DNA
107 Calculator estimates success of kidney transplants with particular donor-recipient pairs
108 Extinct early whales listened like their relatives on land, fossil evidence shows
109 Brain imaging reveals neural roots of caring
110 Developing fetuses react to face-like shapes from the womb