File Title
1 A boost for permanent magnets
2 Physicists provide support for retrocausal quantum theory, in which the future influences the past
3 A future without fakes thanks to quantum technology
4 New laser design offers more inexpensive multi-color output
5 New production method for 2-D materials could lead to smarter devices
6 How do you build a metal nanoparticle?
7 Powerful new photodetector can enable optoelectronics advances
8 Researchers develop tumor-targeting MRI contrast based on human protein
9 Nanoscale motion sends light into overdrive
10 Lighting the way to optimal photocatalysis
11 Scientists manipulate light to make flat surfaces appear as 3-D objects
12 2-D layered devices can self-assemble with precision
13 Three-dimensional chip combines computing and data storage
14 Your brain on mesh: Injectable flexible probe melds with neurons, causes little or no chronic immune response
15 Molecular electronics scientists shatter 'impossible' record
16 Nano-sized drug carriers could be the future for patients with lung disease
17 Researchers develop simple way to fabricate micro-supercapacitors with high energy density
18 Hands-off approach to silicon chips
19 Optical nanomotors: Tiny 'motors' are driven by light
20 Scientists produce dialysis membrane made from graphene
21 Nanostructures taste the rainbow
22 Injectable plant-based nanoparticles delay tumor progression
23 A levitated nanosphere as an ultra-sensitive sensor
24 Hacking the human brain--lab-made synapses for artificial intelligence
25 Ruthenium rules for new fuel cells
26 Researchers create very small sensor using 'white graphene'
27 Cotton candy capillaries lead to circuit boards that dissolve when cooled
28 Novel platform uses nanoparticles to detect peanut allergies
29 Strength of bacterial adhesion does not depend on size of contact area
30 Synthetic ferrimagnet nanowires make more efficient memory devices
31 Nanoparticles take a bite out of infections
32 Nanoparticles coated with antibiotic eliminate drug-resistant bacteria
33 Killing cancer in the heat of the moment
34 Zero gravity: Graphene for space applications
35 Majorana highway on a chip
36 'Nanolock' detects cancer mutation; could lead to early diagnoses, personalized therapies
37 The comeback kid--black phosphorus and its new potential
38 Quantum dots make the leap from TVs to antibacterial eye drops
39 Discovery of nanosheets with the highest-ever hydroxyl ion conductivity
40 Wiping out bacteria with nanoparticle-cotton fibers
41 Insights into the thermal behavior of metal nitride nanowires could open new avenues in optical electronics
42 Colon cancer nuclear pore dynamics are captured by HS-AFM
43 Guinness World Records names graphene aerogel as world's least dense 3-D printed structure
44 Graphene and terahertz waves could lead the way to future communication
45 Controlled rupturing of thin films can make low-cost nanopatterned arrays for solar cells and biomolecular detection
46 Nanopipette technology wins first place in NIH 'Follow that Cell' challenge
47 Archaeologists: Idomeni has always been an important north-south route in Greece
48 Sound-reflecting shelters inspired ancient rock artists
49 A Very Old Canoe Was Found in Louisiana
50 Polish Egyptologist identified fragments of a lost Egyptian a storage
51 Prehistoric stone fish trap discovered on Alaska island
52 Rare archaeological find could be the first time unique pottery seen in the South West
53 Researchers document early, permanent human settlement in Andes
54 Golden crown and wreath presented for first time by Lesvos Archaeological Museum in Greece
55 England's first prehistoric stone 'circles' may have been square
56 In Turkey, Carved Skulls Provide the First Evidence of a Neolithic "Skull Cult"
57 Evidence of Plant Dyes Found in King Solomon Era Textiles
58 Animals, not drought, shaped our ancestors' environment
59 Buried in Beads 4,000 Years Ago, this Chiefly Family Lives Again
60 One of Britain's oldest churches discovered on Holy Island of Lindisfarne
61 China unearths 1700-yr-old 'best preserved' mummy
62 Tiny lead ball confirms archaeologists are digging in right place for Charleston Revolutionary War trench
63 Bulgarian Archaeological Expedition Will Try to Find the Largest Early Christian Monastery
64 One of Africa's best kept secrets--its history
65 Peru reconstructs face of woman who ruled 1,700 years ago
66 Ancient Roman Skulls Reveal Local Groups' Distinctive Facial Features
67 Breakthrough in dating Viking fortress
68 Sixth century medical recipe uncovered in St. Catherine's Monastery
69 New studies of ancient concrete could teach us to do as the Romans did
70 Researchers Discover Earliest Evidence of Wild Potato Use in North America
71 1,800-year-old ruins of Roman army officer's home discovered in Rome
72 Tower of human skulls found by archaeologists in Mexico, throwing Aztec history into doubt
73 Massive Chinese Sun Altar Provides Clues About Country's Mysterious Past
74 Bodies in Urns Among Artifacts Found in 1,000-Year Old Cemetery
75 Mexican archaeologists find dwelling for Aztec survivors of Spanish conquest
76 New rooms discovered at Constantine's mother's house
77 Sultans' bath a surprising find atop Takkeli Mountain
78 We may have mated with Neanderthals more than 219,000 years ago
79 Archaeologists put sound back into a previously silent past
80 Archaeological Find Reveals New Side to Life at Angkor
81 Bone tools shed light on daily life 1,000 years ago at prehistoric village
82 Archaeologists Unearth 'Grave of Giants' in China
83 Greek archaeologist unearths ancient buildings and bridge in Alexandria, Egypt
84 Pearls, Viking swords, spears and shields among hundreds of items excavated in N. Iceland
85 Pin-drop test pops Greek amphitheater's acoustic claims
86 Ancestors of Stonehenge people could be buried inside uncovered 'house of the dead'
87 Scientists know more about women from the pre-Inca tomb
88 Easter Island not victim of 'ecocide,' analysis of remains shows
89 Ancient Greek theaters used moveable stages more than 2,000 years ago
90 One of the most important buildings in history of Christianity discovered off Scottish coast
91 More holiday, please! New haul of Roman letters reveals army life near Hadrian's Wall
92 Excavation works resume on 2,100-year-old marble statue of Cybele in northern Turkey
93 Roman writing tablets found at Vindolanda
94 Greek Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Buildings in Alexandria, Egypt
95 Forensic Dogs Locate Spot Where Amelia Earhart May Have Died
96 'Striking' Face of 4,500-Year-Old English Man Revealed
97 200,000-Year-Old 'Baby Tooth' Reveals Clues About Mysterious Human Lineage
98 Amazon Prime Day: Best Deals for Science Lovers
99 'True Blood' Actor Dead at 39: What Causes Heart Failure?
100 Why NASA Says It's OK that VP Mike Pence Touched Orion Cover
101 Some of Earth's 1st Big Animals Were Shape-Shifters
102 US Military Seeks Neural Implants to Restore Hearing, Sight
103 Reference: Wolf Facts: Gray Wolves, Timber Wolves & Red Wolves
104 Reference: Clindamycin: Uses & Side Effects
105 'Brain Training' Games May Be No Better than Video Games, Study Finds
106 Satellite Spots Bolivian Salt Plain from Space
107 Can You Open a Plane Door Midflight? If You Can Lift Elephants
108 Why Does the Holy Communion Wafer Need Gluten?
109 I Know Your Next Move: Game Reveals How the Brain Strategizes
110 Beer and Birthdays: Personal Roman Letters Unearthed Near Hadrian's Wall