File Title
1 How Much Should We Spend on Miracle Drugs? (Op-Ed)
2 Kinect Scans of T. Rex Skull Shed Light on Mysterious Holes
3 Calm Seas on Titan: Saturn Moon's Waves Less than 1 Inch High
4 Follow Wild Animals in Real Time in Nat Geo Special this Weekend
5 Snortable Chocolate Claimed to Boost Energy: Is It Safe?
6 Furry 'Harry Potter' Spider Discovered in Mountain Burrow
7 How Bad Is Gonorrhea's Resistance to Drugs? Some Cases Are Untreatable
8 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
9 The Larsen C Iceberg Is Expected to Have Company
10 Uranus May Have Odd, Strobe-Like Magnetic Field
11 'Screen Time' Is About More than Setting Limits
12 'Striking' Face of 4,500-Year-Old English Man Revealed
13 200,000-Year-Old 'Baby Tooth' Reveals Clues About Mysterious Human Lineage
14 'True Blood' Actor Dead at 39: What Causes Heart Failure?
15 Why NASA Says It's OK that VP Mike Pence Touched Orion Cover
16 Some of Earth's 1st Big Animals Were Shape-Shifters
17 US Military Seeks Neural Implants to Restore Hearing, Sight
18 Reference: Wolf Facts: Gray Wolves, Timber Wolves & Red Wolves
19 Reference: Clindamycin: Uses & Side Effects
20 'Brain Training' Games May Be No Better than Video Games, Study Finds
21 Satellite Spots Bolivian Salt Plain from Space
22 Understanding why loneliness exists can help ease it, say scientists
23 New study shows ancients cats traveled the world with their human owners
24 Kepler telescope discovers new batch of 'just right' planets that could foster life
25 Unbreakable: China doubles down on quantum internet
26 How information overload helps spread fake news
27 As space junk soars, science turns to nature for ideas
28 Newly discovered particle outshines protons, neutrons with double the charm
29 Through citizen science projects, anyone can be a scientist
30 Bears Ears rift reveals monumental federal-county chasm
31 Boston's bid for zero waste: when less really is more
32 Global religious and indigenous leaders warn against deforestation
33 Heat waves expected to increase, says study: Can adaptation outpace climate changes?
34 Canadian oil sands industry faces innovation or bust
35 Excitement for solar eclipse builds, but are small towns in prime viewing locations ready for the crowds?
36 Mali hires dogs to sniff out ivory trade
37 Spain forest fire encroaches on renowned national park, threatening endangered species
38 Utah representative claims logging could have lessened forest fire damage
39 China spent $100 billion on reforestation. So why does it have 'green deserts'?
40 Women take southern India's drought into their own hands--one shovel at a time
41 In Ethiopia, drought shoves the ordinary--even marriage--just out of reach
42 People, planet, and the path ahead
43 Fire crews report better containment in California, Western US blazes
44 New cyber threat to electric grid uncovered by security firms
45 Google escalates their efforts against online terrorism
46 Facebook wants to shift its focus to 'meaningful' online communities and connections
47 In terror fight, tech companies caught between US and European ideals
48 Autonomous vehicle legislation soon to appear in House
49 Cyberwar's new front: What we know about latest global attacks
50 Germany considers law to enforce free speech restrictions on social media
51 Can we restore civility to Washington policy debates?
52 Cyberattack may be more than mere moneymaker, evidence suggests
53 North Korea missile test: How big a technological breakthrough?
54 Should a self-driving car ever run people over on purpose?
55 Bad behavior is normalized online, spreading 'digital nastiness'
56 Method determines cell age more accurately, could help elderly patients
57 Faster diagnosis of inherited and lethal nerve disease could advance search for new treatments
58 Women and men may have different bipolar disorder biomarkers
59 New method shortcut in drug development
60 Experimental 'enhancer' drug may boost conventional therapies for deadly pediatric brain cancers
61 Drug reverses memory failure caused by traumatic brain injury
62 Cannibal cells may limit cancer growth
63 One step closer to a gonorrhoea vaccine?
64 Depression affects the brains of males and females differently
65 Barrier to autoimmune disease may open door to HIV, study suggests
66 One virus may protect against type 1 diabetes, others may increase risk
67 Scientists discover treatment target for pulmonary fibrosis
68 Low iron levels linked with increased risk of heart disease
69 How your risk of heart disease stems back to your time in the womb
70 Drinking coffee could lead to a longer life, research says
71 More evidence shows natural plant compound may reduce mental effects of aging
72 New technology to manipulate cells could help treat Parkinson's, arthritis, other diseases
73 Stem cell-based therapy for targeting skin-to-brain cancer
74 Sleep, Alzheimer's link explained
75 Hidden herpes virus may play key role in multiple sclerosis, other brain disorders
76 Stem cell advance brings bioengineered arteries closer to reality
77 Oxytocin improves social abilities in some kids with autism, study finds
78 Brain training has no effect on decision-making or cognitive function: study
79 Glioblastoma 'ecosystem' redefined for more effective immunotherapy trials
80 Drinking coffee reduces risk of death from all causes, study finds
81 Aphasia recovery via speech therapy related to structural plasticity of the ventral stream
82 Brain responds differently to food rewards in bulimia nervosa
83 Age and obesity conspire to damage the tiny blood vessels that feed the heart, causing heart failure
84 NEJM case reports show promise of cancer immunotherapy to treat rare lymphoma
85 Why strength depends on more than muscle
86 Scientists find high prevalence of antibiotic resistance in Kenya
87 Researchers find genetic factors that cause muscle weakness, wasting disorder
88 USPSTF recommendation regarding behavioral counseling for cardiovascular disease prevention
89 Study: Early home health worker visit lowers risk of hospital readmission
90 Use of osteoporosis drug with anti-inflammatory medication linked to lower risk of hip fracture
91 Pulse rate monitoring before a C-section can improve maternal health
92 Study compares switching meds vs. an additional med for patients unresponsive to an antidepressant
93 Researchers describe novel reporter proteins for long term expression of therapeutic genes
94 Guidance for metrics to improve patient care
95 ECDC report: Ten-fold increase of hepatitis E cases in the EU/EEA between 2005 and 2015
96 Understanding why some female teachers sexually abuse pupils
97 UN health agency: Measles has killed 35 children in Europe
98 Heart failure is associated with loss of important gut bacteria
99 Study of premature babies has implications for future treatment
100 Structural insights into the modulation of synaptic adhesion by MDGA for synaptogenesis
101 Britain to hold inquiry into contaminated blood scandal
102 New species of ancient bird discovered in New Mexico
103 Let them be equal, but not too equal: study
104 Study: Being near colleagues helps cross-disciplinary research on papers and patents
105 A fourth Denisovan fossil has been identified
106 The maths behind memes--why numbers could help us predict an internet sensation
107 The surprising trend in extramarital sex in America
108 DNA of early Neanderthal gives timeline for new modern human-related dispersal from Africa
109 Gigantic crocodile with T. rex teeth was a top land predator of the Jurassic in Madagascar
110 What's in a name? Big Data reveals distinctive patterns in higher education systems